Carolina Shop Hop – and some additional fun stops

Every summer, some of the quilt stores in western NC get together for a shop hop.  The hop runs 10 days, begins this Friday the 21st and will run to the following weekend.   For those planning to do the hop, there are a couple of stores that aren’t on the participating list that are right on the way to shops on the tour, so you can get even more shopping and fun in while you are out.  I thought I show you those two stores, then show you my two favorites that are on the hop.

Angie's Shop 3

First, up in Weaverville just north of Asheville, my friend Angie has opened a wonderful shop called 5 Little Monkeys Quilt and Sew  It is located in an old part of downtown, and the shop is light and airy. I didn’t get a picture of the front, but there are directions and parking information on her website.  The five monkeys are Angie’s five kids, now old enough that she can run a business outside of the house.  Angie moved her longarm here and provides longarming services too.

Angie's Shop 1

Wood floors and antiques decorate the shop, filled with wonderful fabrics.  Cozy and comfortable with great selections.

Angie's Shop 4

Angie also has a unique spin on the average shop, she puts a group of fabrics on sale each week at a good discount!  So there is always something on sale, as well as a nicely stocked show floor of regular price fabrics.

Angie's Shop 2

All of the shops in this post are part of the Row by Row Experience this year too!  See all the NC shops participating at the North Carolina Row by Row Experience website.


Another shop not on the hop list is Quilter’s On The Go, located on Hendersonville Road in Fletcher across the side street from Foam and Fabric (another huge fabric store not on the list). Their fun shop van is easily recognizable anywhere.

Quilters On The Go Shop 1

There is a nice selection of more modern prints, with bright colors and a clean look.

Quilters On The Go Shop 3

QOTG has lots of precuts and notions as well.

Quilters On The Go Shop 4

My favorite two stores on the hop are both frequented regularly.  You can get a schedule and a passport at the Carolina Shop Hop website HERE. As you go around, you can register for prizes at each shop, plus there is a Shop Hop group with prizes and a grand prize drawn from the passports that have every shop visited. This is fun to do, plus many of the shops are also participating in Row By Row patterns, so you can get a lot done in one visit.

Carolina Shop Hop

At Beginnings in Hendersonville, Lynn has a wonderful selection of fabrics and notions, fabulous classes, and a monthly club for block quilt alongs and show and tell.

Beginnings Quilt Shop 1

This is the shop that is doing the Be My Neighbor blocks that I have been working on. It is wonderful to be able to get with a group for quilting fun since I no longer belong to any guilds. I get the fun and friendship I miss.

Beginnings Quilt Shop 3

There is a fantastic selection of fabrics and notions, rulers and patterns, plus a huge classroom with design walls.  She has a longarm service attached to her shop, too.

Beginnings Quilt Shop 2

Lynn is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. Not only is she a wonderful person, and a business owner, she is mom to 18 children (yes, that is right eighteen!!), many special needs adopted kids with a lot of issues. But she dedicates her life to making other’s lives better, whether in raising special needs children, spreading love and encouragement, or providing a gathering place for quilters to socialize.

Beginnings Quilt Shop 4

Last but certainly not least, Asheville Cotton on Hendersonville Road in far south Asheville is just up the road north of QOTG, so easy to hit both in a trip.

Asheville Cotton 3

Robin has her shop stuffed with fabrics of all kinds, sorted by colors or seasons.  She hosts an annual customer quilt show each year for charity that is always well attended.

Asheville Cotton 5

Be sure to check out the back tables where the sale fabrics are on display. There is usually something you need for a backing there

Asheville Cotton 6

One more note, for those running out to Franklin, the shop Sassy Stitches is the new name by a new owner for Deb’s Cats and Quilts.  Deb sold her store to Lindy last year.  While you are in Franklin, don’t miss the other cute shop called A Stitch In Time in Macon center, east of Hwy 23 as you get to the outskirts of town.  Turn left at 441.  I haven’t been there yet this year, so I don’t have pictures, but it makes the drive out to Franklin worthwhile.

Need longarming services?  See the Carolina Mountain Longarm Association site for a longarm services provider near you.   Many of our members will ship as well for out of area customers.  Want your binding done for you?  Contact me, I’d love to bind your quilt for you.  I make the binding using your fabric, sew to the front by machine and hand stitch to the back.

The Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt final reveal is in two days!!  Are you ready? Are you gathering Row by Row patterns, or going on shop hops this summer?

15 thoughts on “Carolina Shop Hop – and some additional fun stops

  1. Great post Carole…..makes me wish I lived close enough to visit this shop hop with all these amazing shops available. One of our granddaughters has a college friend who lives and teaches school in Ashville, and is now visiting her here in Illinois. I really love the fact that your posts are always filled with photos of the beautiful area in which you are fortunate enough to live.

  2. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole! I sure wish that I lived close to you and could visit all of these great fabric stores with you! I think we would have a lot of fun. Until that happens, I will settle with all the great fabric stores available in my area! I am looking forward to the big reveal on the Mystery Quilt! So thrilled that I finally did get all caught up! Have a great day!

  3. sheila Scott

    I love Beginnings quilt shop. I live in SC, an hour away from there and have a couple shops near me but Beginnings is where I go whenever I need some fabrics or quilting/embroidery supplies. I’ve visited a lot of shops across the US and Beginnings is by far the friendliest. Looking forward to the shop hop.

  4. Ranchwife

    Goodness! It looks as if you are surrounded by wonderful quilt shops! They are few and far between in my neck of the woods.

  5. Phyllis Smith

    Hello there,

    Love to go on the shop hops, so much fun. Had to laugh at the Five Monkey Shop name but can understand the name if one has 5 children, so cute. Quilters on the go sounds like so much fun. I always had some kind of sewing to do when we would go the Miami to get my father-in-law to do while I was in the back seat and could spread out my work while my better half drove. Love the front porch with the rocking chairs and quilts displayed, so homey looking and welcoming. I wish my mother would have had a love to make quilts but she was more interested in making me clothes to wear and I was so proud to say my mother made my clothes. We didn’t have a lot of money back in those days so I was proud of her accomplishments and loved the envy of the other girls but kept that to myself.

    I’m so happy mama taught me to sew.


  6. Rosemaryflower

    I am drooling too. Is that a sign of some kind of addiction? I think so.
    Oh my, what a heavenly place.
    I love these row a longs. I hope to join one some time.
    I know you are much cooler that we are. Here it is very hotttt☀️🔥

  7. I think I need a trip to your area to explore these wonderful shops. .thank you for the tour…what joy having so many shops within reach. They all look amazing.

  8. Hi Carole,
    These shops look fabulous! I think I have family that lives near Asheville . . . maybe I need to visit them AND these quilt shops. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. dezertsuz

    Sounds like a great hop and some wonderful shops. You are a good cheerleader for your favorite shops. =) Maybe I’ll come over next year and do it! I’m visiting KY and OH this year.

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