Summer Luncheon

Last week I wanted to have some friends over for lunch and chat time.  It has been a while since I had some gal time, so I planned a nice day for the veranda.  The pots were all planted, flowers blooming all over, and I thought it would be nice to have a meal on the outdoor table.  So I invited some friends, planned a menu, decided on a color scheme for a tablescape and got excited about two new recipes I was developing.  And then, it decided to rain on the day of the luncheon.  So, instead of setting up outside, I set the table in the library in front of the sliding doors so we could have a view.  Better to have the meal inside than not at all!  So, I  spread a tablecloth over the table, brought the pots with the pink flowers inside, and cut some pink hydrangeas for vases to complete a centerpiece.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

I wanted pink and green to be the main colors.  The green napkins I have were either too dark or too yellow, so I decided to go with white.  Pulling out the white ones, I found I only had four.  But, I can sew, and I have white fabric.  I went down to the basement and whipped up six white napkins on my serger.  Do you need to do this sometime?  I have a tutorial on Serging Perfect Napkins for you (and also tells how to do it with a sewing machine). These only took me a half hour to run up.

Serging White Napkins for Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

I tied pink ribbons to the acrylic napkin rings to add a bit more pink to the table.

Serging White Napkins for Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

The colors were pulled from these wonderful salad/soup plates that I got at the thrift store. They are deep enough for a light serving of soup or salad, yet shallow enough for use as a lunch plate.  I love the design and the scalloped edge.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Green chargers were set on the table, topped with my white stoneware and the pink salad plates. Individual salt and pepper shakers go at each setting, along with everyday flatware and pretty wine glasses.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Can you tell that it is raining outside?  At least it was light enough to get some pictures of the table.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Place cards had a small bird, and a sentiment “Your friendship is like a song of spring”, from a Stampin’ Up set.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

The wine glasses were a thrift store score, Gorham lead crystal for 25 cents each, and they came with the little wine charms too.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Our luncheon began with a new recipe I developed for a chilled corn crab soup.  Recipe shared HERE.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Spinach salad was one of the main course salads, with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, tomatoes and blueberries.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Blueberry vinaigrette for the salad is another new recipe, but that one will have to wait as I am going to enter it in the State Fair competition. I’ll share it after the competition is over.  Ranch was also provided so guests had their choice.  I use this cut crystal sugar and creamer set more often for dressings and condiments than I do for their intended purpose.   I set the blueberry vinaigrette in a depression glass dish to keep the drips off my white tablecloth.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Asian chow mein noodles were passed in a separate dish so my gluten free friends could skip the crunchies, but the others could add them to their salads if they liked.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

The other main course salad was a pasta salad with bacon, cheese and tomatoes (not gluten free). This lovely glass bowl was my mother’s, one of her favorite dishes for serving. It holds memories as well as food.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Dessert was a frozen strawberry treat made with fresh strawberries, strawberry yogurt, and bourbon. I found the recipe on the internet, and it was nice to do once, but I doubt I’ll do it again.  I added fresh whipped cream and a chocolate dipped strawberry on top to make it a bit more special.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

The hydrangeas stayed fresh for several days past the luncheon.  We’ve enjoyed them on the pub table since the luncheon.

Summer Luncheon at From My Carolina Home

Have you had a fun day with friends recently?



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29 thoughts on “Summer Luncheon

  1. Fran Dixon

    How rude it was for the weather not to cooperate–HA! How elegant you made it and yet so simply! Loved it and thanks for sharing.

  2. Shirley

    Your table is so inviting! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite summer flowers. I’m hosting a good friend for brunch today who hasn’t had electricity since late Thursday! We had straight line winds here in southwest Michigan with lots of power outages.

  3. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Beautiful table setting, loved the pink bowls, they look so nostalgic. The menu sounds scrumptious, are you going to share your chilled crab soup? That brings coolness to the body on these hot hot days.

    Had my yard sale Fri. & Sat. it was so hot and humid here those two days, nobody wanted to get out. Wont be having any more sales this summer, waiting till the Fall and then whats left over will go to the thrift stores, I’m getting to old to do this anymore.

    Just finished making up a bird cage with silk yellow and white daisies to hang on my front porch and it looks so cute. Lots more I would like to do but its so hot I don’t have the energy seems like. Meant to mention

    To your sweet little friendship verse with the little bird you stamped is so adorable and the message is fantastic. Have a terrific day.


  4. Dian

    Your tablescape is wonderful and the food sounds delicious. It’s fun to see what you so creatively do with thrifty finds. This makes the “hunt” fun and satisfying.

  5. Rosemaryflower

    Wow, so pretty and so sweet. I adore this little lunch gathering idea.
    I love your plates, and the napkin rings, yummy dessert, oh the soup.

    There is not much of this going on up here in the crazy suburbs far far off from the Cesspool.
    Yesterday we did have my youngest baby’s baby shower (Lizzie) and my oldest daughter Christina, and I used real china and glasses, and yes, we each loaded up our cars and brought the party to Alexandria, 35 miles involving Beltway
    We worked with most of Lizzie’s friends that put the affair together and it was so fun.
    I came home exhausted

  6. I love how you used such pretty dishes for the color scheme of your tablescape. I just saw a recipe for Sweet Corn Gazpachoin the J/A issue of House Beautiful that tempted me to save it – will just have to keep my eye out for yellow tomatoes and sweet peppers. No cooking, either!

  7. lois92346

    I always love seeing your tablescapes but this one a favorite of mine. I’m a sucker for crystal ware be it glasses or plates or bowls. I have no idea why I’m so drawn to them but I have a little of this and a little of that – Waterford, Mikasa, Princess House.

  8. What a lovely tablescape and luncheon for your friends! The hydrangeas are gorgeous and I love the bird place cards! Blessings, Cecilia

  9. Jennifer Rauch

    Simply sweet & lovely. . . except now I crave similar dishware! Shh! For some reason, the little ribbon on the napkin rings just rang my bell – such a tiny, delicate touch! Brava!

  10. I so enjoy seeing your tablescapes. I am lunching with friends on the coming Friday, but we shall visit a local hotel for our repast. I wanted to host a brunch, but someone twisted my arm to relax and let others wait on our little group.

  11. Melanie

    Your tablescape is charming with your thrifty finds (lucky you!), special dishes that have lived in the family for years, and spending time with good friends is always wonderful. You have a knack for combining so many wonderful items and fun to see. Will look forrward to your recipes! Good luck at the fair this year. It’s been about a year since I’ve done a luncheon when one of our quilt club gals was moving away. Didn’t realize so much time had passed, so maybe time to do it again. :o)

  12. How fun Carole! That chilled soup looks divine and I LOVE your table decor! My friends and I stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast in Natchez called Blueberry Hill Cottage. I need to write a blog post with photos. We had such a great time. Your decorations reminded me of it. The hydrangeas are a gorgeous centerpiece! ❤️

  13. Connie

    I would love to have your recipe for the pasta salad whether you post it online or send it to my email. I would greatly appreciate it.:)

    1. It was nothing special really. Just cooked shell pasta (about 1/3 of the box), 4 strips cooked crumbled bacon, 2 chopped green onions, some cherry tomatoes and dressed with the Hidden Valley Ranch you make with the mix, mayo and sour cream. Everything prepped the day before. I let the pasta sit overnight to chill thoroughly, with just a drizzle of olive oil tossed through. Right before serving, I dumped everything together, dressed it with the ranch and put it in the serving bowl. It was yummy, and simple. Hope that gives you what you need. Thanks for asking!

  14. Kristi B

    Your plates are just gorgeous! I have a soft-spot for special dishes. I don’t do many luncheons/dinner parties at the moment with a rambunctious kid at home (we have playdates with other boys! 🙂 ). Your ideas have inspired me for when I have more ‘mommy time’!

  15. dezertsuz

    My fun friend days always involve either quilting together or meeting somewhere out for lunch. LOL You are a wonderful hostess who sets a beautiful table and puts a lot of thought in to making something nice for your guests. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I DO love those plates! You must have far better thrift shops than we do. =)

  16. Your table setting was fresh, lovely and very inviting, Carole! The food looked really good too. I’ll bet you ladies had a wonderful time 🙂


  17. OMG — You made your own cloth napkins? Very clever. Your table setting is elegant and lovely. I like the pink, lavender, and green accents. And, the wine glasses thrifted for 25 cents each — what a spectacular find! You really put a great deal of effort into every detail. It’s beautiful! Your friends are lucky.
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

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