Quilting the On-Point Quilt

Quilting this violet and green on-point setting quilt was finished on a rainy afternoon.  Outside is so much green now, and getting more green by the day.  I usually unplug the longarm during thunderstorms as I don’t fully trust the surge protector, but a light gentle rain makes for a cozy day in the basement to sew.

Quilting On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I did have a fix to make on the backing. I picked a big piece of dark green out of the stash, cut it in half and seamed it together  lengthwise to make it wide enough. Unfortunately, there was this little bite out of one edge.  Naturally I didn’t find it until the other side and the rest of this side was pinned to the leaders.

Quilting On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

This is a problem when loading a backing on a longarm. That unsecured edge will allow the backing edge to sag and create an uneven pull across the backing, that might result in puckers or pleats on the back. So, I pinned a bit of fabric in the open space to allow the edge to be secured to the leader. Pinning was enough, I didn’t need to take it off and sew this little patch in.

Quilting On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

So all loaded, and now to do the stand and stare. I was thinking that it would really be special to quilt feather wreaths in the solid purple print squares, and some other freehand motifs in the four patches.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Ultimately I went with a pantograph again.  I had two more quilts in the queue and needed to get this one done and off the frame.  The pantograph has a feather design, and looked nice in the border squares.  I used a darker thread to make the quilting pop in the light areas.  An adjustment to the bobbin tension after this row tightened up the stitches.

Quilting On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Then in the purple print, it made a nice texture.  I used polyester thread on the top in a golden brown, and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The batting is Warm and Natural.  The pantograph is called Feelin’ Groovy designed by Michelle Wyman and Terri Watson of Heart and Soul Quilts, and sold by Willow Leaf Studio.

Quilting On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The darker thread color shows nicely in the white.  I like the density of this pantograph too.

Quilting On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Finishing up the quilting, the feather design quilts up nicely.

On Point Charity Quilt Finish at From My Carolina Home

Cutting off the excess after the quilting was complete, the dark green had enough left over to make binding.

Quilting On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

And, all done, ready to donate.

On Point Charity Quilt Finish at From My Carolina Home

Now, I just need to decide where it will go. It is lap quilt size, so it could go to either the senior center or the chemo center. It might come down to which friend comes over next, LOL!!

On Point Charity Quilt Finish at From My Carolina Home

I have another QOV to do, and one for a foster care center, both large quilts that will take some time.  Luckily, they both will use pantographs too.  I’ll show those to you soon.

Have you finished a project recently?

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14 thoughts on “Quilting the On-Point Quilt

  1. Lee Brinkley

    I just finished a paper pieced quilt using the Lone Starburst patters from Six White Horses Patterns. I used pastel batiks for the stars and hot pink for the sashing and pastels and white for the posts. I created the backing with the left over fabric from the top. The quilt is made for my great niece who will be welcomed into the world in August. I created the quilt so that she could enjoy the quilt all of her life not just as a youngster.

  2. Shirley

    I like the pantograph you chose for this quilt. I just got my patriotic quilt back from the longarmer and hope to get the binding done this weekend. I envy your green landscape. We have only had .5 inches of rain here for June in our area of Michigan and everything is extremely dry. Hopefully we will get rain the next few days.

  3. Melanie

    Beautiful finish! The dark green binding is perfect from leftover backing. Can’t wait to see the next couple of quilts, esp. the QoV one. I need to make another of those. Well, a finish at my end??? LOL I do have a tablerunner pin basted and ready to do some free motion quilting….I am so rusty I thought it would be a good practice piece. You have inspired me to get to it and quit stalling. LOL

  4. A long arm machine, a dream for me, probably not a reality.Those pruples with the green is really lovely, and this will be a wonderful gift. Innovative to pin the spare piece in, and have it all trim and holding straight. Enjoy your days before it gets too hot. Down here, not quite 3 Celsius at a very early 4.30 a.m.

    1. Sam

      As usual, it’s lovely. Your expertise and commitment to excellence shows in all your work! You might want to pass on to Jean McKinstry that sometimes shops or longarmers will let you “rent” their long arms if you pay for a class to learn how to use it ….

  5. dezertsuz

    Finished the center of a quilt, borders t go. American Hero Quilt. Your quilting looks great on this little donation quilt, and either cause is a good one.

  6. You are really moving along on these charity quilts. This one is surely going to be loved. It’s such a soothing color palette.

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