Landrum Quilt Show 2017

This past week I attended the Landrum Quilt Show, and what a great time!  Lots of quilts, wonderful vendors, a whole room of used magazines and books at ridiculously low prices, and raffles too!  Couldn’t ask for more.  The quilt show is held at one of the local high schools, in the gym, so I could go up the bleachers (only for you dear readers) to get a birds-eye view of the show. There just isn’t enough space to show you the whole show, don’t worry I won’t try! I will highlight a few of the quilts I found interesting. Every quilt there was applause-worthy, so choosing just a few was difficult.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

This quilt, called Blooming Hearts, was pieced by Joan Powell and quilted by Roz Hemberger. The heart blocks are set on point, then hand appliqued. The feathers around the blocks were really interesting, and I suspect are freehand quilted.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

This quilt called Bee Creative was adorable, with hand embroidered blocks, all with bees. It was pieced and embroidered by Karen Cummings and quilted by Lynne Hannant.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

A close up of one of the blocks shows the intricate detail, and wonderful cross hatched quilting.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

I am captivated with quilts like these with all different blocks. This one is pieced and quilted by Judith Kuntz and features not only piecing, but hand embroidery, paper piecing, applique and some fancy machine stitching.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Flame Bargello by Diane Hollis had wonderful flame quilting on the ombre fabrics, and note that the beaded blue ribbon of piecing is offset in the black border. The combination was so interesting!

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Curved piecing got my attention here, along with the interesting flower shapes embedded in the overlapping rings. The runner was made by Laurie Blair and is called Bejewed and Bedazzled.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Here’s a close up of the interesting custom quilting, note the different motifs in different areas, stippling too.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Another beauty by Laurie Blair featured beading in the center to add dimension to the iris flower in the quilt called Star of My Garden.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Rise And Shine was a lovely clock made by Sybil Radius. Note the radiating quilting in the rays, and texture in the center.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

The variegated thread really adds another dimension to this piece, along with some thread painting.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Jar Transparency by Diane Hollis showed a wonderful choice of fabrics to create the illusion, and dimensional flowers add texture.  Note the flowers in the quilting with the straight lines.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

I liked this rooster, beautifully done by Christine Wilde in a mixture of piecing, applique and thread painting. Note that she quilted the black border in white thread to create the chicken wire.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

The Landrum show is all viewer’s choice, no judging, and here was my vote for Best in Show. It is called The Circle of Life Unfolds As The Phoenix Rises, made by Ruth Pollow. The quilting on this piece was show stopping, absolutely gorgeous.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Ms Pollow created curved window panes, each with a different design, for an overall patchwork of quilting.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

Here’s another closeup of the upper right with the Phoenix head and the sun in the quilting. Note the tiny sections of different quilting patterns around the sun. Stunning.

Landrum, NC Quilt Show 2017

I took about 70 more pictures, LOL! It was so easy as the quilts were wonderful. It was just the thing I needed to get my creative mojo back. So much so that I whipped up a table topper and finished it in just two days.  It is a Patriotic Table Topper or Wall Hanging using the Tango pattern.

Like the little mini quilt?  That free pattern is available here – Patriotic Star Mini Quilt.  Thanks to sharp-eyed reader Janice that caught a typo – I have corrected it.

Happy Quilting!!

What are you working on now?

21 thoughts on “Landrum Quilt Show 2017

  1. Barbara

    Thank you for offering the updated Scrap Dance Tango pattern. I received the message from Craftsy for the update, but the revised pattern will not update from their pattern site.
    The quilts you photographed are inspiring.

  2. Sam

    Thank you for sharing!!! I missed the show and see that I really missed a lot! The quilting is beyond breathtaking!!!! That Phoenix quilt …. well there are no words.

  3. Rosemaryflower

    I love going to these quilt shows. We only have ONE here in Loudoun, at the expo center in Chantilly. I did not go this year.
    I should have. Some people are incredible. These quilts are masterpieces.
    Thank you Carole for sharing these. I am sure all 70 of those photos you took (I agree, it is so wonderful to have a camera these days)
    are memorable.

  4. Carole…what a fun, fun day!!! You highlighted a wonderful variety of quilty eye candy. That’s a great pattern sale…I hope your patterns fly off the shelf. 🙂

  5. The Phoenix quilting is incredible. Thank you for sharing it. This coming week I am going to Quilt Canada in Toronto, so I hope I am overwhelmed with inspiration there. Our guild is going along on a bus trip from Buffalo to the show.

  6. Have you ever been to the quilt Festival in Houston? It, too, is quite spectacular. By the way I like your choice for best of show. It is quite special.

  7. Looked like an amazing quilt show-loved the bead work and I loved the quilt with bike and the bees-that one took allot of work-good luck with your pattern sale
    Happy Sunday Kathy

  8. Rosemarie Shor

    Hi Carole, The farm girl quilt (with the cow) was made by Judith Kuntz. You have another name down in the description.

  9. I enjoyed your pic’s of the quilt show, thank you for the eye candy. I had me some eye candy this past week too at the MN quilt show. They are picky about posting pic’s which is disappointing as there were some neat ones.

  10. Really enjoyed this post. How could you not! Happened to notice the little ornate metal quilt stand in your last picture. Do you remember where you got this?

  11. Laurie Blair

    So glad you enjoyed our quilt show. The talent and creativity in this group never ceases to amaze! Come see us in 2019…there will be new wonders to behold.

  12. Thanks for wonderful comments about the 2017 Landrum Quilt Show. Our Landrum Quilters stage this show on odd-numbered years with an Airing of the Quilt on even-numbered years. The creativity of our members really shined this year. Check out our Facebook page and Website for more about our philanthropy efforts and work in the community.

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