Garden Jubilee 2017

Memorial Day weekend is the annual Garden Jubilee in Hendersonville, the largest annual plant show and sale in the western North Carolina area.  We go most years, and this year I was on the hunt for more perennials, and I really want a clematis for the lattice in the front garden bed. Local nurseries and garden centers bring their best and the displays are a delight for the eyes.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

We came up at the middle of Main Street, looking north you can see lots of plant vendor tents along with arts and crafts vendors. The crowds were substantial as the weather was wonderful, but it wasn’t hard to move around and see all the flowers, veggies, and herbs on offer. We were there in the morning before it got too hot. The large trees are permanent plantings, along with flower beds here and there. Note the wonderful architecture on the buildings peeking over the trees.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Looking south from the same intersection, lots more vendors, people, and gorgeous plants for sale, with a distant view of a mountain. Hendersonville sits in a valley between two ranges. There were eight blocks of Main Street blocked off for foot traffic only, vendors along the street on both sides and lots of things to see.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Lots of people were purchasing rolling carts, and filling them up.  I liked this purple flower, but I didn’t see where it came from.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

There were several vendors with ‘yard art’, I thought about getting one of these chickens, but ultimately didn’t.  Cute though.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Lovely selections of all kinds of flowers and colors were all along the street on both sides.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

These light purple verbenas are a nice pairing with the deep purple petunias. Every plant vendor had wonderful ideas for putting plants together in baskets and pots. Aren’t those hydrangeas gorgeous!

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

The next vendor had lovely red salvia flowers in pots.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

And one more down was showcasing pink and white.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

I came very close to buying this dalia. But the vendor was honest enough to tell me that it wouldn’t survive our winters without being dug up and stored. Not something I really want to do, I want to plant some perennials and just let them take over. But it is a beautiful flower.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

One of the craft vendors was offering barn quilts. These were so neat, some like this one were done in reclaimed wood. Others like the yellow, black and grey were made of tiles.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

I think one of these would be super over the garage door on our taller garage.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

There is a quilt trail starting in Henderson county, and I’ll try to get around to seeing some of those soon.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

The next plant vendor had a pink Mountain Laurel. I’ve lived here for years, and thought it only came in white! After I saw this one, I saw more growing wild. I just never got close enough to the wild ones to see they were Mountain Laurel.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

I was tempted by these foxgloves too, remember the ones at Brookgreen Gardens? I may try one eventually, they are biennials, reseeding every year, with new plants blooming the second year.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

I took a lot more photos of flowers, but I’ll close with this one of a huge display of hanging baskets.

Garden Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

So, what did I buy?  Only one plant, a Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato, and I hope grows well.  I picked up some coupons to visit local growers next week.  Being local has its advantages, I don’t have to walk around with a bunch of plants, I can get them a bit later.  What did you do over the weekend?



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23 thoughts on “Garden Jubilee 2017

  1. The purple plant is scaevola. I actually purchased one yesterday to put in a hanging pot with some petunias. This annual will handle the heat well and bloom until fall.

  2. Shirley

    I envy you restraint-only one tomato plant! Visiting our local greenhouses in the spring is one of my favorite things to do. I have a large perennial garden running the width of my lot in my backyard which is in the shade next to the woods. This limits what I can grow there but do have a nice variety. The Siberian Irises are blooming now. I spent my weekend piecing a quilt from my BOM group.

  3. Rosemaryflower

    I love the quilt patterns on the wood. That is a big deal along the mountains in MD and PA.
    I once wanted to make one, but ….. didn’t
    I love the chickens too. You can’t just buy one. You really would have had to have a whole flock.
    Then what?
    They are cute.
    Garden shows are so tempting and I am easily tempted.
    I love the mountain laurel
    I am glad you just got the tomato plant.

  4. Great plant photos!!!! We just hung around the house and did odds and ends jobs. Planted more plants and let out a bunch of butterflies. Your post reminded me I still have a box of Dahlias to get planted :-/ I forgot all about them with all of the butterfly craziness.
    So You know what I”ll be doing this week between rain showers.

  5. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,

    Oh my the flowers were beautiful and I’ll bet the fragrance from them was something else as well. I’m with you on buying perennials, a lot less work and beautiful flowers to enjoy just sitting on the porch with a glass of wine in the late afternoon and smelling the fragrances huh. Would like to see the quilts made with men’s ties since I have 4 tubs full of them, planning on making some into scarfs, have gotten a lot ideas

    On pinterest. About 20 years ago while shopping for Christmas gifts for my grand-daughter I was in Barnes and Knoble in the gift idea section and there were some puzzles and I spied a wooden puzzle of colored wooden pieces 32,in geometric shapes and the wood was non toxic in 6 colors, thing to myself what a find I bought it for her. Little did I realize what I was getting and now all these years later, what am I doing-QUILTING-and using this puzzle. There were 20 card patterns as well, what fun for me now it’s my turn to play with them.

    Must go now and choose some more things for the yard sale.


  6. Cheryl Buchanan

    I’m curious, did you end up with a barn quilt? Loved the reclaimed wood ones. We have many of them here in Avery County but over the past few years people have begun putting them on other structures besides barns. Don’t know how I feel about that. If you had one, what would your favorite block be?

  7. lois92346

    What a lovely day that must have been. Thank you for sharing your photos with the rest of us. I don’t think we have ANYTHING like a Garden Jubilee around these parts. I probably would have come home with a chicken or two – depending on the price.:)

    I just LOVE the red salvia. I was hoping to include them in my garden this spring but those offered at the big box stores look rather pathetic. I should grow them from seed as I did years ago when we lived in Illinois.

  8. What a great event, and the trolleys, a super idea to cart all the plants back to your car, and have it there in the garden for use later on, Beautiful combinations, and you were very “hands in pockets” contained in your buying. The purple flower in the blue barrow, my pick .And it is heartening to find vendors who are honest and explain what would suit your climate best.

  9. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Your plant purchasing restraint is most admirable!!! What a fun day filled with plant loveliness. I’ve finally figured out that a person can only have so much cuteness (yard ornaments and wood/metal quilt blocks) so I stick to beautifying with plants. It gives me much pleasure to browse through my perennials. Hope your tomato plant does well. As a side note, yesterday at Home Depot, I found a beautiful yellow echinacea called Cleopatra. Couldn’t resist it, so now it lives with me!! Will send you a photo!

  10. I would have loved browsing this event. About foxgloves….I like them very much except for the fact they get so top heavy they are hard to maintain even with stakes. Any clues?

  11. Mary Jean Cunningham

    What a nice event; so beautiful and fun! We’ll be having our local flea market in a small park a few blocks away this weekend and sometimes folks bring extra plants from their gardens to sell, usually perennials, which is great – I like being able to “set it and forget it” with perennials for the most part although I always fill in with a lot of annuals, and of course, watch out for some perennials that like to reseed and take over the yard. This past winter was so mild some of my verbena from last year wintered over (because I didn’t get them out of the ground and decided to just leave them there until spring – laziness paid off for once!) and is blooming now, so that was a nice surprise that saved me time, effort and money. The past weekend was cold, gray and rainy around here but I planted my tomatoes as Memorial Day is usually the customary date for doing so up here in Philadelphia – they look so small right now that it’s hard to remember I need to leave plenty of room for them to grow…but I did, trusting they will, and hopefully we’ll be eating caprese salad before too long.

  12. What a wonderful way to spend a lovely sunny morning wandering through all those plant vendors. Love the Mountain Laurel; such a pretty flower. Yes, I think one of those barn quilts would look perfect on your garage. I love the sound of the quilt trail.

  13. What a wonderful way to spend the morning, so many lovely plants and flowers. The chooks are very cute and love the barn quilts, are you getting one?? Hope your tomato grows well, nothing better than a home grown heirloom tomato for taste.

  14. There were so many beautiful flowers, I would have had a hard time passing them up!

    I had a wonderful time catching up with you. Thank you for the quilt repair post. I have one that I’m hoping I can fix.

    I really want a tomato sandwich right now and speaking of… I hope your tomato plant does well 🙂


  15. Wonderful way to explore a lot of varying garden centers, but only having to park the car once! I saw lots of those collapsible wagons in the photo’s which would be perfect for shopping a fair such as this. LOVE the barn quilts done in tile. Makes sense when they are going to hang outside. I made 4 barn quilts 2 years ago; in a class and then demo’d the process at our quilt show. They are all “sitting” in the garage, just waiting to be hung. I like the frames the seller had around these. I painted mine with acrylic house paint, and know exactly where they are to be hung…later this summer AFTER the quilt show. I spent most of my weekend working on my Talkin’ Turkey quilt while it rained like crazy! Today is going to be steamy. Crazy weather in So. Delaware.

  16. allisonreidnem

    What a lovely, colourful event. We visited a local country house that is having it’s roof renovated (some parts are over 500 years old). Walkways have been constructed so visitors can look down onto the roof as the work goes on.

  17. Jann Olson

    Oh, I would love attending an event like this! I love Foxgloves, but don’t have much luck with them reseeding. I bought 3 small ones for $1.50 each and planted them in containers. All are in bud now. I can’t wait to see them! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Aughhhh I love those barn quilts…they are so cool. I’ve always thought of getting one for our backyard. I love the variety of flowers….just so pretty. (I skimming you blog and getting all my mystery directions printed…LOL!)

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