Angel Quilt

Recently, a friend of mine gave me this sweet fabric. It isn’t a panel, but it has squares with angels playing in their gardens.  The soft greens and yellows with the printed purple sashing is just a charming color palette.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

There are three angel designs in the fabric.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Initially, I thought it would be a good time to practice some custom quilting, outlining the blocks and doing some feathers.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

But, loading it up, I decided just to do a pantograph and get it done for giving away.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The pantograph is a pansy with leaves, as it went with the gardening theme in the panel.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I used a light yellow thread by Essentials, with Bottom Line in the bobbin, also in yellow.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Batting is Warm and Natural. The soft colors will be nice for a little girl.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

It quilted up fast, and I was done in an afternoon.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I trimmed it so the purple sashing was relatively even.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Digging in the stash, this yellow rose fabric was perfect for the binding.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Hand stitched to the back was fast too.  The backing is a tone on tone ivory, and did well with the pale yellow Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All done and ready for donation.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I am not sure where this one will go yet. But, I am sure it will be loved by someone soon.

Angel Quilt at From My Carolina Home

What are you working on now?

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26 thoughts on “Angel Quilt

  1. I can relate–many times I have loaded a quilt for FMQ practice, and then just did a panto to get it done. They’re so quick and evenly spaced out. That is the perfect panto for that quilt. Great job getting it done!

  2. Cheryl Buchanan

    Such adorable fabric, love the yellow border and I too would have chosen the yellow thread for quilting. I am finishing up my Be My Neighbor quilt as well. I have all the blocks complete and have 2 rows sewn together with a checkerboard sashing in between the rows. I have two more rows to attach and then I’ll make my sandwich. I also have a panel I bought for the book and movie series Outlander that I want to try a window pane pattern on that. I think that would be appropriate for this series. I also have Pat Sloan’s I Love To Make Quilts Winter Solstice in the making and trying to get caught up with that project while working on her Children’s Library Mystery Quilt for 2017. I need to make a wall hanging for 4th of July and have my pattern ready. This won’t take long, just need a good rainy day to keep me inside so I can wrap a lot of these thing up. Makes me look forward to when I retire in the next 4 years, then I’ll be able to do all the things I want to. LOL

  3. Ruth Coleman

    Hi Carole, this such a idea. Can you tell me the name of the fabric? I can see it in one of the pictures but can’t read it. I belong to our churchs prayer Quilt ministry and this would make a great quilt. Love your ideas! I always read your blog as soon as I get it.

  4. Phyllis Smith

    Well girl, good morning,

    You have hit the nail on the head again for one of my collections.

    I have collected a lot of Jim Shore carved angels of resin and they all have a quilting design on them. His wife is a quilter and that’s what inspired him in his patterns. I’m sure you have heard of him.

    The purple sashing goes perfectly with it, you have a great eye for matching colors. My son loves to draw but he cann’t color anything in as he is color blind, he inherited that from me. My dad was color blind and only a female can pass it on. I remember mama laying out his clothes for him so he wouldn’t put miss matches together.

    Byron would have loved to work in a car painting job but being unable to match colors he couldn’t follow that area.

    I have some frog character fleece I think I’ll use and make some small lap quilts for the children, it has the bright green borders on it and I’ve been having problems trying to come up with an idea and you just gave it to me, thanks. My sewing machine needs to be put into the shop, my material feeder seems to have a problem so cann’t do anything right now, have to put onto the back burner for now.

    Still working on gathering up yard sale items o better run.



  5. Linda B

    Hi Carole and nice job, as usual…I was interested to see that you were not put off by having the sashing widths different inside from outside the design…and it looks nice…I have a couple projects like this and thought I would have to cut them all up to keep them the same size. I am struggling with two projects and mostly getting really familiar with my seam ripper!

  6. lois92346

    Oh, I just LOVE it! It’s perfect and some little girl will be delighted to have it. It’s a keeper in my book. I still have a tattered baby quilt my son cherished tucked away in a trunk.

  7. That’s a sweet quilt for sure! I love the pansy pantograph and the Rose binding. Yellow and lavender pair so nicely! I’m still working on the same stuff, my Vogue 1537 coat and dress, the Peace sweater, and every other day I pull out Splendid Sampler Lap Quilt C, but inspiration hasn’t hit my on how to handle the individual blocks yet. All in good time, I’m sure. The garden has been taking a lot of time…small seedlings, hot weather and no rain, so there’s been a lot of water to carry!

  8. catsandroses

    What a beautiful quilt; I’m sure it will be much loved! The only crafty thing I’ve recently worked on is making suncatchers or windchimes from melted pony beads; saw the idea on Pinterest — they are really beautiful! When my daughter moved out she left TONS of beads behind, so I haven’t had to buy a thing (and hubby donated fishing line and made the holes for me). Other than that, just puttering around the garden several times a day — so many roses blooming, had to pick some to put in vases to enjoy inside, too! My favorite time of year!

  9. Such pretty fabric and such a beautiful quilt. Love the sweet angels and the pansy quilting is perfect. Yes, a little girl will love this quilty hug.

  10. The yellow binding was the perfect finishing color! I’ve so done that before…had big plans for quilting but then decided to just get ‘er done. It came out great and will be cherished for sure! What am I working on??? Hmmmm…..I’m hoping to cut the sashing for my classroom quilt this week. Figures crossed.

  11. dezertsuz

    How sweet that is, and it will be well received! I’m working on another top for American Heroes.

  12. Hello Carole! This is such a darling quilt, especially after you did the quilting pattern you chose. This will make a little girl very happy! I am still working on several quilts….LOL. But having fun with all of them. Deanna finally got to come over for the weekend and we had a great time and got a lot of sewing done. Have fun with your next project and a great day as you chose it!

  13. Deanna Bishop

    I am so excited I got an email from you FINALLY! !!
    I dontvwhy all of a sudden one came through but I am beyond happy.
    I hope more come through. Hope your having a great summer day

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