Reflections on an Early Morning

Sometimes I am up really early in the morning, and have the wonderful opportunity to witness the sunrise over the mountain to the east. There is just something about the light in the early morning that is different from evening. I’ve never been able to describe the difference, but I can see it. It somehow seems softer, more pure.

Early Morning 3

The torenia baskets seem to turn their faces to the morning light.

Early Morning 2

A view down the veranda. Quiet. Peaceful.  Only bird song breaks the silence.

Early Morning 7

Noticing the shadows of the railing on the flooring boards, a gentle breeze moves the leaf shadows ever so slightly.

Early Morning 1

Hot coffee and a cool morning, perfect to reflect on our many blessings, and enjoy the beauty of our little corner of the world.  It is also a great time to just think, and I have been doing some designing in these quiet hours too.  I will have a new quilt pattern for you soon.

Early Morning 4

The valley has a different look to the layers of hills and distant mountain ridge with the light from the east.  We face south so the east is to the left in this picture.

Early Morning 5

The bird feeder was seeing a lot of visitors on this day.

Early Morning 9

Here and there, dew drops had formed on flowers.

Early Morning 13

Interplay of light and shadow make interesting shapes.

Early Morning 14

I really liked the shadow on this lobelia trailing tendril, this may be a photo entry in the fair later this year.  The shapes are interesting, and the clear light made a sharp edged shadow.

Early Morning 17

Looking up, the clouds looked like flying visitors.

Early Morning 18

Light and shadow on the driveway down the mountain, in the golden morning.  Reminiscent of a time gone by, of a slower day, time to be still and breathe.

Early Morning 20

The blue jay calls, and the chickadees answer.  A titmouse, a wren and a nuthatch join the choir.  This is a morning for gratitude, for our lives, our freedom, our beautiful home and property, our family and friends, our many blessings.  Count your blessings today, and remember those who have protected our freedom.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day.



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34 thoughts on “Reflections on an Early Morning

  1. lindak21

    Thank you for the beautiful scene – enjoying coffee with you and feeling morning’s peace on this Memorial Day.

  2. Linda Sink

    What beautiful thoughts and pictures.Thank you for helping me feel the joy of our blessed lives.

  3. Diane Doppelhammer

    This was the first email I read this morning and it seemed to give me a calming peace. I have a word art, oak board on my kitchen wall that says, “Today is a gift from God..remember to thank Him.” We do have many blessings also. Enjoy your day, it’s a beautiful one here in southern MN.

  4. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Enjoyed the tour this morning as I drank my coffee. It’s a beautiful morning in the Ozark Mountains, too. God bless America!!

  5. I know what you mean about the early morning light. I always like sitting out on our porch and watching the sunlight illuminate the tops of the trees as it comes up over the mountain ridge.

  6. Mary

    Your words and pictures are so beautiful and uplifting. Thank you for sharing and the sweet, simple reminders of our many blessings.

  7. Your veranda looks like a perfect place to sit and enjoy the early morning light. The pots of flowers add such a wonderful spot of color too.

  8. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Sat on my porch this morning thinking about the freedoms we enjoy with my cup of coffee and my cat, watching and listening to the birds. I wanted to move to the mountains for a long time but don’t know if I will be able to with my son having so many problems. I just turned it over to the big man upstairs. Anyhow, I’m going thru some things for my yard sale, this stuff has gotta go! Have a great and terrific holiday,

  9. Mom

    Beautiful pictures and words as usual. I enjoy your posts and after seeing the deviled eggs I had to cook some for myself

  10. What a beautiful view. Your porch looks perfect for an early morning coffee. Today was cold and rainy so my front porch did not get any use. I hope it will soon.

  11. Early morning has always been my favourite time of each day, and to look at your views, and imagine myself there, very special. Memorial Day for you in the North, ours was Anzac Day in April. A quiet peaceful morning to have those special thoughts.

  12. catsandroses

    What lovely pictures and sentiments — I’m not a morning person, so I appreciate your sharing (tend to sit out on my deck to watch the sun go down, not up, lol). Thankful for all those who have served this country, sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice. And thinking of my son, in the Marine Corps., who is currently serving in Iraq, and whose compound was recently under attack by Isis. Very sobering when we pause to think about those who are on the lines fighting for our freedom on a daily basis — praying for their safe return home.

  13. It’s a beautiful day there, for sure. We took my dad, WW2 vet, to the American Legion program at the cemetery today. It has poured off and on all day, fortunately not while we were at the outdoor program!

  14. We love the sunrise, too, only we’re usually walking and not sitting and drinking in the newness of the day. I loved your peaceful photos. Our neighbors came for a cookout and seemed to enjoy themselves. We certainly enjoyed them.

  15. Love all the photos you posted. Gorgeous setting. I have to wait for vacation in the Adirondacks until I see such beauty outside my window. Not complaining, but you have a fabulous surrounding outside your door.

  16. Hello Carole! This was awe—inspiring from every word to every picture and every image that became a thought in my mind. I truly Thank the Lord for you as my friend and for giving you the talent to reveal these special moments. The photo you are thinking for the fair, good choice, yet I think you should also enter the one above with just the leaves and the lovely shadows it presents. I look forward to your new pattern eagerly, of course, I need to get myself going on the Mystery Quilt. Only it seems every time I begin working on it, one of my parents or even both of them get seriously sick and have even been put in the hospital. We are still not out of trouble with my Father, yet, he is trying to just go on with life as though his life is not in danger. His kidneys are not fighting back this time the way the rest of his heart and soul is. Enough of that, I am cutting out a quilt for Deanna today. I told her last night, I just might not let her know when it is all cut out and secretly put it together myself. LOL. She is also having health issues and has not been over for quite some time; first with helping with her middle daughter’s wedding and also with health issues. It is a bummer, but will be a blast when we get together again. Thank you for this fantastic post and spectacular photos. Have a great day!

  17. Margaret

    What a lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely photos and your thoughts of tranquility and beauty.

  18. How nice to slow down and enjoy the view from your veranda… and to feel the peace of the morning. Lovely pictures and thoughts 🙂 I shared this on 3 social media. A beautiful post.

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