Quilt of Valor- Stars and Bars

When I visited the Grand Strand Quilters in Myrtle Beach, I agreed to be a part of their drive to get their backlog of 150 QOV quilts quilted and delivered.  I came home with 10 to do, and pulled out the first bundle. I like what they have done here, each quilt is tied with the top, backing and batting, ready to go. It has a label on it saying who the piecer was, and who quilted it. There is more information here too, and I think it is great to have a way to track where quilts have gone.  This quilt is 68×88, and I think they all are close to that in size.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Opening it up and laying it over the longarm, the piecing has nice stars and bars, with a gold fabric (shown on the left) for backing. I was thrilled to see a nice quality, wide backing with no seams, lovely!

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

So I got to work and loaded it. It has just a bit of fullness here and there that I could see at the beginning.  I believe this is Warm and Natural batting.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

I auditioned several thread colors and settled on the golden beige polyester thread that has a bit of sheen. It went great with the metallic golden stars on the fabric.  Bottom Line was in the bobbin.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

I think it did well on the solid blue and solid red, as well as the prints.  I used a pantograph that has mostly curves to soften the hard edges and angles of the stars and bars in the piecing.  The pantograph is called Fascination by Lorien Quilting for Willow Leaf Studios, designed by Hermione Agee.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

As the quilting progressed, there were a couple of pieces that had more fullness than the others, and a bit of wrinkling showed up. This becomes more apparent as I was trying to keep the seams straight.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

So, out comes my new iron. It doesn’t do the shot of steam nearly as well as the old iron, but it will stay on for 30 minutes before shutting itself off.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

This is the same gold section after steaming with the solution of 50% Best Press and 50% water, and smoothing.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Then after quilting.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Here is a blue section after steaming….

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

then quilted. This works many times when there isn’t a lot of fullness, and the fabric is nice quality cotton.  It doesn’t work on batiks.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

The borders seem to be applied correctly, and quilted easily.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Checking the back, no problems, whew!!

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Trimmed and ready for pickup.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

The pattern looks nice in either direction.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

I rolled it up again with the bits of trimmed backing that could possibly be used for binding, added my name to the ‘quilted by’ line, and attached the paper to the quilt. So, one down, nine to go!

Are you doing any charity quilting?



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35 thoughts on “Quilt of Valor- Stars and Bars

  1. Beautiful quilt Carole. Your quilting is also beautiful. Yes, I am finishing a charity quilt for the annual Hands 2 Help event. Quilting or sewing for charity is such a worthwhile task, isn’t it? Blessings to you.

  2. Cheryl Buchanan

    That was beautiful quilting work. One of these days I will own a long arm too. I donate a quilt every year to a charity here in town. The Historic Banner Elk School, an old rock WPA building, is in the heart of our downtown area. I was instrumental in getting the Town to purchase the property and preserve it. Currently it is in the process of being placed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings. Sadly, quite a few of those types of buildings in this area have been torn down. Once you loose that history, you can’t get it back. Another reason these valor quilts are so important, we need to document the important contributions of our service people. Great job on the quilting, it was a lovely quilt.

  3. Lovely job Carole – I am really interested to see that you are “floating” the top and batting, but the backing is on the rollers. My machine has rollers for all 3 layers and it is a pain in the neck to load everything. So far, I have only done 1 test run, but I am hoping to soon have time to learn to work with it a bit more. (Hey, it’s only been since January when I got a supply of needles & bobbins……) I like reading about your tips and techniques for fixing a problem. Did you spray the questionable area with the best press/water and then steam it? You really did a beautiful job on the quilt top with the quilting. 🙂

  4. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Combination of piecing and your quilting knowledge and work equals a lovely piece of work! Hope the next nine (!) go as well.

  5. Melanie

    Beautiful job on the first of the 10 QoV quilts. Yes, I make charity quilts, so rewarding and I learn from each quilt I make. Thank you for your tips and help with problem areas. :o)

  6. Susan A Grewing

    My guild, Irving Texas, donates 300 quilts a year to a local children’s hospital. Also sets for newborns.

  7. I haven’t done any charity quilt work but hope to do that in my retirement future. Your project reminded me that I have a 4th of July inspired quilt top ready for sandwiching and basting.

  8. Very nice QOV – love the column look! And good choice on the quilting. I’ll have to add Fascination to my panto library.

  9. lois92346

    It’s simply fabulous, Carole…the quilt itself and your quilting. Your choice of thread color and design was perfect. Someone will be very happy to receive it.

  10. It looks so beautiful! I recently got involved with an on-line Quilts of Valor group. I have been making red, white, and blue star type blocks to send to them. Love blessing our military!

    Crystal in Cedar City

  11. Terrific quilting to finish off a very attractive quilt! One of the guild’s I belong to makes many QOV and both large guilds have extensive outreach programs, to which I contribute.

    I regularly send blocks to Katandcatquits for the charity she supports, giving quilts to families of people who have passed away in the hospital, frequently make blocks for calls on IG for special projects and happily discovered that the quilters group here at Rossmore, where I am now living, make and donate quilts to the East Bay Crisis Nursery – I’ve already turned in 3 from my stockpile and have a few more in progress.

    If only I had a again machine quilting fairy in my closet, I could get many more finished – mq is admittedly not my favorite part of the whole quilt! @susansquiltstudio

  12. Beautiful Quilt of Valor. I had made some squares for Honor Flight quilts, but the group is very particular about their stars being perfect, so I decided to focus on other things. I just finished a baby quilt that I will donate to Lions Club or our Pregnancy Counseling Center. Great job; I love your stars and how easy they look.

  13. what a pretty quilt…i am hand quilting a QOV for our local senior center…other than that, taking a summer break from charity sewing to abolish some of my UFOs….

  14. That is a beautiful quilt Carole, well done with fixing up the wrinky bits, I haven’t seen that steaming done before. Love the thread you have chosen and the quilting pattern. I make quilts and laundry bags for Aussie Heros, smaller than yours 70 inches long by 40 wide and they go to serving military people overseas. Our local quild make quilts for the Childrens hospital in Melbouren and I hand sew vinding for them from time to time.

  15. Rosemaryflower

    this is a very nice quilt. So attractive and well done with colors
    Your quilting of course is beautiful

  16. Linda Wagner

    I have done 2 quilts for QOV, but they were quilted by two friends. At the time we had a grandson in the Army in Iraq…this gave me a feeling of doing something to serve the soldiers that were injured. Bless you for contributing to a very worthy cause. Linda in Colorado

  17. You and your longarm did a beautiful job! I have played with learning to quilt off and on for several years. To answer your question, a good friend of mine at church read about fidget quilts for Alzheimer’s patients and shared the idea with me. I had never heard of fidget quilts, so I went on Pinterest and found hundreds of examples. My friend is trying to find out how many in the congregation are interested in pursuing this as a project. I told her even if there are only three or four of us who are interested, I think we should give it a go. We hope to get underway within weeks.

  18. If you know me, you know QOV is near and dear to my heart. You have done a marvelous job here. A US Veteran is really going to appreciate this! So, I thank you for that!

  19. dezertsuz

    That looks lovely! I always like your steaming trick. Good one to remember in case I ever get a longarm again – for quilting for charity. Never doing a business again, so far as I plan now. That was so nice of you to volunteer! This is a lovely quilt which will be great for a soldier. I no longer do the quilting for charity, which I did when I had a longarm, but I do make a lot of tops for American Hero Quilts.

  20. Hi Carole,
    Lovely quilt and quilting job. It is so nice of you to volunteer your time and talent for such a worthy cause. You return them to the shop and then who does the binding? Just curious – I don’t know if we have a similar program near me. ~smile~

  21. Thanks for showing the quilting-in-process. And thanks for your willingness to quilt 10 of the QOVs! I have just completed 366 Ohio Stars and sent half the blocks to a QOV coordinator in Wisconsin and the other have to a QOV coordinator in Colorado. The setting and quilting will be up to them and their volunteers!

  22. Just wondering if you put the solution of water/Best Press IN your steam iron or if you sprayed it on the quilt and then steamed the area of the quilt that needed shrinking.

  23. Lovely quilting Carole! I am working on some charity quilts for a fellow blogger. I am enjoying all the mail from all over the US as blocks arrive. Thanks for sharing your quilt with TGIFF!

  24. somethingrosemade14

    Beautiful quilting Carole! Thanks for sharing your process of machine quilting because I am hoping my longarm quilter, Jan, doesn’t have these problems when she does my quilts. I had no idea this could happen. Fortunately, I quilt my own if it’s under a lap size and when I do my baby quilts for the blanket ministry at my Church. I donate twelve quilts a year, one for each month. It’s time for me to do the next batch.

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