Spring Chicken Tablescape and some recipe ideas

I promised a chicken inspired tablescape using the neat chicken planter I got in Myrtle Beach, and here it is!  I did seriously look for some chicken plates, LOL, but not to be.  Still, the spring green placemats look good with the green on the planter.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I do have some chicken napkin rings, so they came out for the spring green napkins.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The magnolia plates were a thrift store score. With the red and green and the pine cone, they could probably be used on a holiday table, but I think of spring with the lovely magnolia blooms in the middle.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Magnolia salad plates are stacked on white dinner plates. A magnolia saucer serves as a bread plate.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

For the centerpiece, I placed a schefflera in the middle of my thrift store, giant cup, chicken planter. The plant was a gift from a friend, and I just set it inside the planter without loading it up with dirt and actually planting it. This way I can use it on the table without worrying about needing a saucer underneath. The plant is inside another planter that doesn’t have any holes in the bottom, so no worries about water leaking on the wood table. This side has a white chicken painted on the side. My grandmother’s white chickens are placed on one side.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

These were also my grandmother’s, a chicken salt and pepper set.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I’ve had these little tiny chickens for many years. I think I originally ordered them from a catalog.  The back side of the planter has a painted brown chicken.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Very simple, this table is relaxed and easy, yet fun for everyday use.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Outside the window is lush spring green too.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Are you lucky enough to remember your grandmother’s cooking? I did a post on National Fried Chicken Day in 2015 as an homage to my grandmother and her wonderful, not to be duplicated fried chicken.

Spring Chicken Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Did I put you in the mood for a chicken dinner?  Here’s a few ideas for you, all my original recipes. –

Garlic Chipotle Lime ChickenGarlic Chipotle Lime Chicken

Slow Cooker Bourbon Chicken with MushroomsSlow Cooker Bourbon Chicken with Mushrooms

Sundried Tomato Stuffed Chicken | From My Carolina HomeSun-dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken

Chicken Florentine Lasagne ~ From My Carolina HomeChicken Florentine Lasagne

Chicken in White Wine with Mushrooms | From My Carolina HomeWhite Wine Chicken with Mushrooms

ChickenAsparagus-12Pan Roasted Boneless Chicken with Asparagus

Butterflied Baked Chicken

Hungry yet?  Have you tried any of my chicken recipes?  Do you have a favorite family chicken recipe?


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21 thoughts on “Spring Chicken Tablescape and some recipe ideas

  1. Like the tablescape, but then I am a chicken person. I’m definitely going to try the Bourbon Chicken with Mushrooms. Thanks for sharing these. Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. Rosemaryflower

    Verrry cute. My friend Carly, up the road has a fabric shop that I use all the time. It is only 20 minutes from my garage to her parking lot. She is making this quilt http://webfabrics.net/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?cart_id=8929071.IP71.171.106.114IP.5369.s0&product=patterns_claireturpin&productid=henhouse&keywords1=+Claire+Turpin+Design+Hen+House&sales=0&lastmenu=
    It is so adorable as she is working on it at her shop on her break.
    I do not believe I have any chicken items.

    I usually just like grilled chicken with a little gravy. I have never tried any of your delicious looking recipies.
    I have a favorite I use now and then for fun fancy dinner parties. Chicken breasts in Tarragon and a creamy vermouth sauce.
    I have not made it in ages.

  3. Phyllis Smith

    Happy Mothers Day Carole,

    Yes you certainly brought back many a happy chicken meals from my grandmother Abbott. She would make me her fried chicken and dumplings and make the most delicious white gravy to put over it, yummy and we would have peach cobbler for desert. She would also make fried okra, creamed corn, and green pole beans, what a meal we would all have. I always looked forward to traveling up to their home in Ly man, S.C. for vacations just so we could have that special meal and go to the mountains later in the week. The chicken table setting is great, liked the cup planter you got in Myrtle Beach in the center, made the table with all the chickens. I use to collect salt and pepper shakers as a young teenager had so many I got tired of dusting them after a few years so I gave them away to others that wanted them. I still buy very special sets now if it is something I really would like to have. Bought a set of kittens from Jim Shore that have quilting designs on them and they are so precious. I shore would love to have a set of those magnolia dishes for myself and if I ever find them you can bet your dollar they are going to be mine in a heartbeat since my theme in the den is magnolias. What company made that set of china? Have a little of picking up to straighten the house before the family comes so gotta go. Have a terrific day,

  4. Melanie

    Love your tablescapes! And I am a collector of things chickens and roosters, too. My dear friend gave me a set of the chickens you have from your grandmother, although mine came from an antique store and not in as good condition as your set, but still treasured. I am looking forward to trying some of your chicken recipes; thank you for sharing those.

    Oh, my maternal grandmother didn’t cook, it was grandpa who cooked and taught my Mother! He was Italian and I make his spaghetti and meat-a-balls to this day and have passed that “recipe” on to my girls. My husband always compares restaurant sauce to mine–mine always comes out on top, OR he’s just a grand liar. LOL

  5. It’s a beautiful table setting. I really do love your MB find! And the chicken napkin rings and other chicks. You know, I think you might be glad you didn’t find chicken plates. I think they might have been too much. This way your eye really goes to the wonderful details of the planter, your gran’s chickens and the fun napkin rings that tie it all together. It looks like a warm and friendly table, the kind of spot where you could sit and chat for hours. Now tell me, did your menu include chicken?!

  6. A cute chicken tablescape and chicken with bourbon! I would be a happy camper. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope your week is going great.

  7. Jann Olson

    Very cute! The planter is perfect in the center and I love the precious pieces from your grandmother. Sadly, all of my grandmothers had passed before I was born, but my mother was an amazing cook! My family has two favorite chicken recipes. Sweet and sour chicken and chicken and dumplings. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Glad to see I’m not the only one taken with chickens. Thanks for the great looking recipes. I remember my grandmother made the best soup and still can taste it if I close my eyes. My other grandmother grew tomatoes and she and I would pick them and she’d slice them up and put sugar on them. The best! I’ve heard it was a German or American Dutch type thing to do.

  9. I love your chicken napkin rings and the chickens from your grandmother. The whole table is so pretty! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

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