Shelby Car Show

Last Saturday was the first car show of the year for our car club to attend as a group. Nine vintage cars, one new car, and 23 members met at Cracker Barrel at a wee hour to get to Shelby, North Carolina by 9:30 for the Broad River European Motor Club’s Annual Car Show. Arriving for registration, DH’s white Fiat was leading the group.  At the show, four more of our members came later, so our club had a nice showing.

Shelby Car Show at From My Carolina Home

All kinds of European cars were there, but the neat thing about this car show is the artist’s and crafter’s fair that is held on the courthouse lawn on the same day. This gives the participants more to do and enjoy. I usually buy another piece of pottery from one of the artists, but this year I didn’t see anything that spoke to me.  The tents on this end were behind the BMWs.

Shelby Car Show at From My Carolina Home

Two sides of the square, and a couple of side streets had wonderful vintage cars. Added to that, there is the historical backdrop of some marvelous architecture on the buildings around the square.  There were some gorgeous restorations of old cars.  These are MG TD series cars.

Shelby Car Show at From My Carolina Home

Some of the architectural detail is just spectacular.  This kind of workmanship is seldom seen in modern construction.  These are Austin Healeys.

Shelby Car Show at From My Carolina Home

There are lovely shops and restaurants on the square, so even if there isn’t a car show it is a fun place to visit.  These MGs are in front of the beautiful church with some spectacular stained glass windows.

Shelby Car Show at From My Carolina Home

I’ve been seeing these little free libraries pop up all over. Fun to have one in front of this historic church.

Shelby Car Show at From My Carolina Home

It is really a pretty square too, with trees all along the courthouse side, and many on the shops side too.  Lots of shade and a gentle breeze made for a relaxed day.  There is a gallery of 80+ photos of all the cars on the car club site Here.

Shelby Car Show at From My Carolina Home

Wouldn’t this courthouse lawn be a lovely spot for a picnic?  I love all the trees!

Shelby Car Show at From My Carolina Home

It was a very warm day, but it went very quickly with so much to do and see.  Several of our members won awards at the show, and DH came home with a first place in the Italian car division.  Kind of funny, as there were only two cars pre-registered, and the other one didn’t show up, LOL!!  But a trophy is a trophy!!

What are your weekend plans?



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13 thoughts on “Shelby Car Show

  1. Oh, my husband would freak out seeing those cars. What a terrific setting. He signed up to drive a car at the Lane Auto museum in June, but we are not sure we can make it to Nashville from Buffalo timewise with other commitments going on.

  2. Sue H

    My weekend plans start today with Mom joining me for a Cinco de Mayo celebration lunch. Saturday will be lots of handwork & snack prep for the Kentucky Derby! Mint juleps will also be made, of course!!! My husband was telling me last night that there is a horse named Patch running on Saturday that is blind in one eye. He’s currently 30:1 but I’d like to see him GO! GO! GO!

    Congrats to DH on his trophy!

  3. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    What a fun outing!!! In the fall, the next little town over has Pioneer Days. It starts off with judging the parade entries, then the parade. Lots of horses, too. DH had a 64 Ford pickup and always got a blue ribbon and now he drives his lime green custom built hotrod. It’s a ribbon winner, too. We also have an electric blue 1990 Ford Mustang with only 26,000 actual miles on it which he bought new. I drive it sometimes in the parade, but I’d rather be on the sidelines watching. Lots of booths of food and crafts and even cheap junk. Music by local bands and dancing in front of the band on the pavilion. Americana at its best!!

  4. What a great car show. I love going to them and that’s such a beautiful area to have it 🙂

    Loved the pictures of your trip to Myrtle Beach. I can’t believe I lived on that side of the country for almost 6 years and never made it there. Maybe one day 🙂


  5. a trophy, well done, no matter how many entries!! I can picture ladies in crinoline gowns, parasols, horse and cart waiting, men in suits and bowler or top hats, and in modern days a wedding, bride in a coloured gown, barefoot and a few flowers in her hair. This is a timeless place, and a beautiful setting for all those cars. Polished, cherished, and very proud owners. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks like fun! Shelby has a nice historic downtown. I was sorry to see the independent bookstore there close a year or two ago.

    We’re having homecoming at our church on Sunday, including Dinner in the Grove, so tomorrow we’ll be making deviled eggs, brownies, etc. I hope the wind calms down by Sunday!

  7. Sherrill

    A friend of ours had an absolutely GORGEOUS Delahaye come into the shop where he works a few months back..don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful car!!! There are some fabulous oldies out there.

  8. Chris

    We loved having all the great cars in Shelby. Did you stop by and see our Foothills Quilters raffle quilt? It is a beauty. Everyone worked very hard. The show is in Oct so do come back.

  9. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Another fun trip for us all to enjoy! Back in the late 70s when my husband and I were dating we borrowed his older brother’s MG Midget and thought we were really cool. We took it onto a crowded expressway with a lot of trucks and when I realized just how small it was compared to the big oil tankers and semis I started to get nervous! I think a quiet town or a country road is a much better setting for some cars. In the 80s we had an old BMW 2002 like one in your photos, and it was a very “bare bones” interior and ride, not at all the luxurious car the brand usually brings to mind – more like bumping along the road in a tin can and I wasn’t sorry when we sold it, although my husband was! My personal dream car was a DeLorean…well, maybe some day…I love to see the old and rare cars – so much fun!

  10. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Forgot to mention we have a Little Free Library right on our block – a neighbor built it himself from scraps and an old wooden crib – it’s so cute to see families stop by when out for a walk to find a book that a child can take home and read, even when the “real” library a few blocks away is closed, and it’s a great way to exchange reading material for adults for free.

  11. What fun! My 13 year old has recently taken an interest in cars so this sounds like something he would just love! How nice to spend a beautiful day outside! Thanks for linking up again to Take Me Away! Enjoy your weekend!

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