Magnolia Attic Window

I really liked this large magnolia print, but I knew that cutting little pieces out of it would obscure the print.  I had been noodling around with some cake layers and jelly roll strips, trying to come up with another new design, when the Attic Window concept occurred to me.  The magnolia print was nearby, and I just switched gears and grabbed it.  I had this wonderful black with gold print, and found a green that would go nicely too.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

I cut strips of the black and green, measuring like I do for borders. Large squares were cut from the magnolia print.  You can make this any size you want, just cut the squares a size that makes sense for the print.  Then cut 2-1/2-inch shadow strips, one in the same length as your square side, and a second one 2-1/2-inches longer.  Then for your sashing, cut one strip the same as the second shadow strip, and another 2-1/2-inches longer.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Talk about lightening fast construction! Chain piecing each block with the strips went really easy.  Apply the shadow strips to two adjacent sides.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

In no time I had 12 blocks done with the black.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The green strips went just as fast, sewing them to the black strips.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Chain piecing both green strips just like the black.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Three blocks are joined for the first row.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Then all four rows are joined together.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Long green strips were joined together, then applied to the two sides to complete the sashing look.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Then a wider black border was added using the same print as the shadow strips.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Onto the frame to quilt.

Magnolia Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

I love the way the colors work on this one! After I got it to this point, it occurred to me that it would have made a wonderful valence for the kitchen. I still have the fall one up from the Autumn Jubilee, LOL!! Ah well, another project for another day. I’ll get back to the quilting on this one next week. Have a fun sewing weekend!!

What do you think of the green, white and black?  Do you have any large prints in your stash?

Click on Quilting Magnolia Attic Window to see the quilting and finish.


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31 thoughts on “Magnolia Attic Window

  1. sharon schipper

    Love the colors. I have stayed away from large prints for that same reason, you don’t quite know how to cut them up without messing up the pattern, or you end up just doing the fussy-cut squares out of them and saving the waste for scrap quilts. I have an americana print I bought the other day to go with some other red white and blue and I’m thinking you just gave me the idea for how to use it more effectively! perhaps navy for the shadow? I will still “fussy cut” it somewhat because it has a 1890’s girl and boy and some other scenic parts, but fell in love with it without being quite sure how I would use it. You are serendipity dear lady!
    sharon in colorado

  2. sharon schipper

    PS do you realize how 1950’s the large magnolias look? I remember the grasscloth curtains with florida theme so often seen, and my aunt had curtains with the large magnolias and ferns… same colors!

  3. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Being a Louisiana gal, I love magnolias!! I can image using that quilt on my porch swing with a good book, and a cup of Lemon Zinger tea!!

  4. Deb

    I really love your quilt.
    I also thought it looked like barkcloth from the 50’s.
    I’m a southern girl from SC.

  5. Sam

    Ooooooh! I have a large print somewhere in my stash that I’ve been waiting on inspiration on what to do w/ it!!! THANKS!! This is gorgeous.

  6. Pat Evans

    I have too many large prints to count; roses, iris, tulips, peonies, and even a mahnia somewher, I think. This is a wonderful idea and also something to give me a break from all the little piecing I’ve been doing. Rainy and dank here today. Playing with florals would be very pleasant.


  7. Wow, great use of all those fabrics, and the shadow one is superb. Wonderful finish, and for a roman blind? Wall hanging, or curtain that stays open all the time, to showcase all that beauty.

  8. Hello Carole! The fabrics you chose for this are gorgeous! I have never made a quilt using the Attic Windows, but have come across it several times lately while looking through magazines and have thought about making a quilt. With your spectacular quilt top and tutorial, I definitely will. Although, it will be awhile before I can get to it. No, actually that would make my Mother an excellent Birthday present. Time to choose the fabrics and get busy! Thank you for sharing this!!! Have a great day!

  9. dezertsuz

    Yes, those fabrics go together so perfectly. Having enough of the black for the outside border really makes it all stand out as a paned window. Another wonderful quilt, and not months of work. LOL

  10. Shirley

    What gorgeous fabrics! I do hesitate to cut into some of my fabrics because they are so beautiful and I just don’t know the best way to use them. Thank you for sharing a new way to use them!

  11. Martha Durick

    I think your quilt is lovely! I have many large print fabrics as I very much enjoy stack and whack. My problem is not having enough of the quiet fabrics for sashes and borders.

  12. Elaine Nemeth

    Beautiful. Love the Attic window idea.
    Working on a big pansy print and using the “walk about ” pattern by Ann Lauer at Grizzly Gulch Gallery.

  13. Judie

    Love your fabric ! Also, love making fast and easy projects. I have some beautiful tropical fabric I’m using in a pattern with some larger squares. It’s so hard to cut up big, beautiful prints.

  14. Though it is always hard to cut beautiful fabric into many pieces, your magnolia print pops with the two borders around it. This is such a wonderful quilt, Carole. Love the magnolia print.

  15. I wouldn’t have given that large print a second look on its own but I love what you did with it. It is not so overpowering (for me) now.

  16. Paulette Voit

    I love the quilt! This will be my next project. I just got a long arm. How did you quilt this? Over all pattern? I am heading down to Mooresville next week. Hope you are having good weather.

  17. Mildred Plaskett

    Love what you did with the large floral. Very pretty quilt. I never purchased large print fabric, did not know what I would do with it. You have so many good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Melanie

    What a gorgeous print, reminds me of gardenias, another favorite flower. And green being my favorite color, your design and combo of colors, very rich and beautiful. I am always hesitant to cut up those large, beautiful prints, too. They deserve to be showcased! :o)

  19. Chris

    Thanks for this wonderful idea! YES, I have a large scale print that I LOVE, but have been having difficulty finding a suitable pattern to reflect its beauty. This one will do the trick, for sure…….YEAH!

  20. Debbie Meyer

    This one is beautiful. I love the green, white, and black, absolutely gorgeous! Looks so easy too! Thanks, Carole! I may have to make one like this!!

  21. Once again, you inspire me! I have several large prints in the stash that would look good with your attic windows concept. I love the colors you’ve chosen. Hum, when will I have time to try this one???

  22. thedarlingdogwood

    I love this! Magnolias are a favorite of mine. Attic windows is a great pattern, very versatile. I have a wall hanging above my fire place that is attic windows with fussy cut wildflowers from a panel I found years ago. Your Magnolia windows are magnificent!

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