Scrap Dance Waltz – Trunk Show!

Doing one more update on Scrap Dance Waltz, to show you some wonderful finishes in lots of colorways!  I had such fun designing this quilt, and I now have the red and cream quilt I have wanted for some time.


One of the great things about doing quilt-alongs is seeing what other people do with the same design.  The color choices and borders make a quilt unique, and I’d like to share a few that were shared on our Flickr group for the quilt along.  These are new shares since the last update.

Needled Mom did hers in blue and white, and I like her border choice with small squares of scrappy blues.

Scrap Dance Waltz

Ila did two quilts in low volume prints. She realized halfway through that her blocks in the quilt on the left had two patches reversed. The quilt on the right is consistent with the pattern. Still, they are both beautiful and both have that circular secondary pattern, it is just stronger on the one on the right.  I am sure the sisters are thrilled.


Brenda did hers in two prints, I think she is going to use this as a Christmas quilt.  Beautiful fabrics, and lots of perfect points!


And here are a few you may have seen before, but newer readers may not have seen.

Tanya sewed her quilt with a wonderful grey background and lots of bright scraps.  This pattern really does chew up the scrap bin.

IMG_0360 2

Susan did a lullaby size in lovely blue and white.

Scrap Dance Waltz top finished, piecing the back now.

And Cheryl did a red and green Christmas theme.

Waltz Tango 2

Here’s one of Elaine’s two quilt flimsys, this one with a yellow border.


I hope all these participants who showed their finished flimsy will upload a photo of the quilted finish. I’d also love to see more, if anyone else that hasn’t shared up to now would like to share.  Please be sure that your pictures are set to public when adding to the Flickr group.  If you’d like to purchase Scrap Dance Waltz, see My Patterns page. Thank you to all who have purchased any of my patterns!!

And for those who are Scrap Dancing with our Two Step Mystery, be sure to share your progress on the Scrap Dance Mystery Flickr Group.  I plan to show some progress photos of that one soon.

One more quilt along in progress now is the Be My Neighbor quilt along, for those who would rather know what the final quilt looks like.  Join in the fun starting HERE, yes you have time to catch up!

What are you working on now?


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16 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Waltz – Trunk Show!

  1. Elaine Nemeth

    Disappearing 9 patch using shocking pink and florals with black backgrounds for a lady at church who has been released from her job.

  2. Lesley Gilbert

    Well done to all your ladies who created their own colour versions – you must be feeling really proud to see your design being recreated and shared around the world 🙂

  3. kathyinozarks

    all very pretty-it is interesting how the different colors change the look-the blue one really shows movement in the design

  4. Mary Jean Cunningham

    I find the border on the blue and white one reminds me of tiles and is an interesting idea, also love the understated elegance of the two “low-volume” ones – really quite different and unusual – well, bottom line, they’re all gorgeous! As for me, making another set of cloth napkins for March as the old ones no longer work with my color scheme – low-hanging fruit; much quicker and easier than a whole full-size quilt top and pretty much immediate gratification!

  5. johnsonkae

    I was a copycat & made a red & cream one. I love it & will try to figure out how to add it to your flickr group. Really enjoyed your instructions. I was tempted to start the Two Step but decided I have too many UFOs! Yes, there is such a thing.

  6. Hello Carole! Every one of these quilts are gorgeous! Seeing Ila’s quilts hanging up, really shows the circular pattern. I honestly had not noticed before and it is a beautiful addition to the pattern! Way to design Carole!! There is no way to chose one I like more than another, these quilts are all spectacular! Thank You so much Carole for designing another unique and magnificent quilt pattern that I know I will use again. I will also get pictures of the new Mystery QAL and post them on Flickr. Have a great day!

  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful mystery. I loved your red and white and decided to do the same. Not quilted yet though. Sorry I couldn’t attach a picture.

  8. It is such fun to see this beautiful pattern in the different colors. I like the idea of reversing a block for a different look – yet not loosing the circular effect. Thanks so much for the fabulous tutorial.

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