Shabby Chic Pin Cushions

I’ve been crafting again, this time with velvet and pearls.  These wonderful silverplate pieces were found in a thrift store, and I have been busy making them over into luxury pin cushions.  While cleaning out, I found my stash of velvet bits, and used them to turn ordinary items into handmade, unique treasures.  Some readers may remember this little beauty, that I have been informed was a salt cellar.

January Clean Out and Thrift Store finds

With the addition of a velvet pin cushion, filled with cotton and poly fiberfill, and a vintage clip back earring, it became a fabulous treasure.  All the elements are glued on.  These lovely creations will be sold in my Etsy store.

Vintage Upcycle Pincushions ~ From My Carolina Home

This small, tarnished silverplate urn became a shabby chic treasure.

January Clean Out and Thrift Store finds

I added the red velvet pincushion filled with poly fiberfill, and added off-white color roses around the edge.  It stands about 3 inches high with the pincushion.

Vintage Upcycle Pincushions ~ From My Carolina Home

I was really excited to find this gorgeous sewing basket.  It is ceramic/plaster with lovely painted details.  It is huge, 5 inches across and a smidgen over 5 inches high.  It is also heavy!

Vintage Upcycle Pincushions ~ From My Carolina Home

It had one chip on one of the sewing machines, that I was able to disguise with the careful application of some black paint. The inside was filled with fiberfill, covered in dark red velvet and a corded trim was added to finish off the piece.

Vintage Upcycle Pincushions ~ From My Carolina Home

This small porcelain vase became a pincushion using deep blue velvet.  It is about 3 inches across.

Vintage Upcycle Pincushions ~ From My Carolina Home

I thought a pearl accent looked good to finish off the top edge.

Vintage Upcycle Pincushions ~ From My Carolina Home

I have a few more little things like these to turn into pin cushions next, if the ones I have listed so far do well.

I have decided to refocus my Etsy store away from supplies like fabrics, threads and buttons as they don’t really sell well.  My new focus will be on handmade creations and I hope that the store will do a bit better.  All the items shown on this post are available as of this writing plus a few more.  I hope they will all be gone shortly. I did do some research on this kind of item to begin pricing.  Know that I am trying to find the sweet spot, not too high, but not short-changing my time either.

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to have available in the store, please let me know.  There are also some neat vintage items for sale now too.  Visit Craftnut’s Studio to see all the goodies.

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14 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Pin Cushions

  1. Linda B

    Very clever repurposing, Carole! I have some vintage family china pieces that are not complete, and have liked finding ways to turn them into something for Christmas presents for the girls in the family. About 2 years ago I saw a Martha Stewart article on putting (glueing) a saucer or shallow bowl on top of an upside down tea cup for a little dresser dish to put earrings in, etc.. Made one for each of us girls and they were a big hit. Have some interesting chrystal cordial glasses…wonder what could be done with those? I have a bunch of wool felting scraps. Hmmm.

  2. Hello Carole! Each item you have shown here and the items on your store are so pretty; I would buy several items if I had any extra money! I tell you that all of the time, I know, but seldom do we have much extra money and that is true. Plus, because of my memory issues Hubby has to be in charge of the money and he per say gets to say yeah or neah on what I get to purchase also. I especially love the blue and white piece and think the pearls were a fantastic choice. These items should all sell quickly on your Etsy store. I am working on some very large quilt blocks today, they are one of my UFO’s. I think they are going to make a very pretty Queen sized quilt with some added applique. Have a great day!

  3. Very clever repurposing. I have a piece just like the urn (or toothpickholder as I like to think of it). But it’s staying as is for now. I’ve also seen cute pin cushions made from old glass salt cellars. Good luck with the Etsy shop.


    I think your pincushions are neat but priced rather high for a quick sale. Just my humble opinion. Good luck!

  5. Mary Jean Cunningham

    I like the way you made use of the clip-back earring; I see a lot of them in thrift stores as these days so many folks have pierced ears and some of the old earrings are really interesting – it also shows there is a use for a single earring when the other might be lost . I always tell people asking about donating things to never hesitate to donate bits and pieces – clever people like you can find uses for all kinds of things that others might overlook – I hope they sell well and quickly!

  6. dezertsuz

    Those are amazing! So pretty. I hope they sell well for you, because I suspect you are having fun making them.

  7. Jann Olson

    Hi Carole, your pincushions turned out so cute. Each one has such great personality! I picked up a couple of velvet pieces from the estate I am helping with. Thought I’d make pumpkins, but this might be an idea for a gift for my stitching friends next year. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Phyllis Smith

    Good Morning Carole,
    Well, you have now added 2 more projects to my list of to do. Read your pincushion e-mail and liked the sewing basket so now I’ll be using a pretty basket I have and decorating it with all the embellishments that were on your ceramic one to keep in my sewing room. The blue and white dish I have several pieces of this so there is the second project, you have a way to keep all us ladies busy so thanks for sharing your ideas, its fun time again!

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