Building a Brighter Year Quilt

Last fall during the Autumn Jubilee, quilter Diann won the prize of quilting a table topper.  She contacted me to ask if I would do a small quilt for a charity called Building a Brighter Year instead of her table topper.  This charity supports families with infants facing medical challenges and financial hardship in Colorado.  Of course, this was a no-brainer, I had to say yes to help this very worthy cause. She mailed it to me, and I set it up on the longarm with Warm and White cotton batting.

Diann's Quilt - Quilted by From My Carolina Home

Auditioning threads, there were several that looked nice. I decided on the brown on the left as it went well with the backing fabric she sent.  It is also polyester, so it adds a bit of shine to the work.  The bobbin has Bottom Line.

Diann's Quilt - Quilted by From My Carolina Home

Quilting it was fast, as it was small.

Diann's Quilt - Quilted by From My Carolina Home

I thought this sweet pantograph of hearts would look nice.

Diann's Quilt - Quilted by From My Carolina Home

The scale was good for a small quilt, giving a nice density to the quilting.

Diann's Quilt - Quilted by From My Carolina Home

I trimmed it for her, and shipped it back to her last week. She will add the binding, and then donate it to the charity for their silent auction, which will be in April. Thanks, Diann, for letting me participate with your charity! Her blog is Little Penguin Quilts, and I imagine she will show the finished quilt there when she gets it done.

Are you doing any charity sewing?



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22 thoughts on “Building a Brighter Year Quilt

  1. Charity quilting is my passion. I love making baby quilts for a local hospital to be given to Mama’s that don’t have a lot. My new opportunity is twin size quilts for a local women’s shelter. Love knowing that those that might need an extra hug can be snuggled in a homemade quilt…..made with love.

    Crystal in Cedar City

  2. Rosemaryflower

    …..not lately. I think it is a passion that we all share though. giving and participating in providing happiness.
    Lately I have been taking advantage of the nice weather and no bugs, working in the yard clean up.

  3. kathyinozarks

    Very lovely-in the past I made allot of charity quilts for soldiers returning from wars-charity is such a worthwhile cause and very meaningful too

  4. So pretty. I am in the process of making “2 giraffe” quilts. These are little 24 inch quilts that are identical. They go to families who have lost babies. One is for the baby to be buried with and the other for the families to keep. I hope to make several. Anyone else?

  5. In an effort to divest myself of a large container of accumulated flannel scraps I thought I would make a few lap/throw sized quilts for one of the charities my guild supports (Santa for Seniors for those living alone or in care without loved ones to provide things for them, etc,). Made three nice quilt tops but then had to buy flannel yardage for backs and binding and now with the last one about to be finished I have ended up with as much or maybe more flannel as I started with! Just goes to show if you cast your bread upon the waters it does come back as sandwiches!! On the other hand, these quilts turned out so nice and they seemed like just the right thing to be doing when it was very cold here that maybe I’ll try that trick again next winter!

  6. Pat Evans

    How nice of you to be flexible and agree to quilt the charity quilt for Diann, but being the gracious hostess you are, one would expect nothing less. Your choice of motif was perfect.
    My guild used to do Linus quilts. After the guild folded, I decided I needed to do some charity quilts on my own to help out others (and to reduce the ever-expanding stash). So last year I did one quilt for Hands2Help and hope to do at least two this year.

  7. lois92346

    Oh, my word! I love everything about this small quilt; the colors, the pattern and, of course, the lovely quilting. Bless your heart for lending your time and talent to another worthy cause.

  8. Melanie

    Diann’s quilt is beautiful, and your quitling added just the right motiff to it. Hope it brings a good donation to the charity she is supporting. Yes, I alwlays have a charity quilt in the works, either for children or adults. It is a great way to try new things, new colors, etc. and hone my much-needed practice of machine quilting on my domestic sewing machine.

  9. Hello Carole! You are such a wonderful person Carole! The quilt is lovely and adding your lovely heart quilting just made this special quilt sparkle. God Bless You for all that you do in the means of charity. Plus, of course, everything you share on your blog and I know that you are just that type of person; which is special all the way around! I do make quilts for Project Linus and have wanted to make some quilts for the local Humane Society for some of the special fur babies that they take care of and need that special quilt to love and snuggle with until they find their new homes. Today and most likely tomorrow, I am going to enter into the disaster zone and organize the Fabric Storage Room-which is Deanna’s room when she stays. LOL. She barely has walking room. Get all of my UFO’s organized and so forth and I bet I will discover quite a few projects that could easily be turned into those fur baby quilts. LOL. So off I go and you have a great day!

  10. Beautiful quilting design, it fits in perfectly with the quilt and where it is going. So generous of you and Diann. Charity of any shape or size is so worthwhile of giving to ,and our talents as quilters, sewers, or any other kind will always be so appreciated.

  11. Linda Wagner

    Your quilting is really good…probably been doing it for quite awhile. Thank you for sharing your many talents. Linda in CO

  12. My mom organized a huge charity quilt endeavor the year before last and we made and gathered over 100 quilts for the residents of two nursing homes. I pieced 12 quilts for that drive and quilted half of them. I usually donate one or two charity quilts to Happy Chemo each year and I donate small bags and baskets for local silent auctions. Diann from Little Penguin also sent a lovely quilt for my mom’s charity quilt drive–she is very generous with her quilts. The machine quilting you did for her gorgeous quilt is perfection!

  13. Carole, how fun to read your post and see your work in progress! I’m just finishing up sewing on the binding tonight and have really enjoyed the close up look at your beautiful quilting. The thread you chose is perfect, too! Since this quilt came to me from Cynthia’s Quilty Orphan Adoption, I’ll be writing up a final post about this quilt and sharing it on Oh Scrap this coming Sunday. Thanks again for your generous gift of quilting this quilt!


    Another Fine Collaboration! The majority of my quilts are donated. Friends and I were inspired over 15 years ago by project Linus. It is a way to be creative and generous at the same time.

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