January in the Garden

January means little to do in the garden outside, but there are plenty of things to do inside.  I am my annual mode of reading my new Farmer’s Almanac, perusing the seed catalogs, and scrounging for gardening magazines at the thrift stores and library magazine exchange.  I already repotted my orchid, and I have needed to repot the African violets for some time. I actually did repot them in larger pots some time ago, but never could find another tray to put them on for watering. So, I put them back in the smaller pots, just a bit deeper and left them for the last year. Now they really are getting so big that I need to do something.  They put on a huge growth spurt after being outside in the warm summer and fall months.  Even now, they are putting out little leaves and still going.

Repotting Violets

While I was out in the thrift stores, I looked for a larger tray that both could sit on, but didn’t find anything. When I came across these deep glass dishes, I figured they could just each have their own.  The moon is full right now, and the warm temperatures this past week made it a perfect time to do a bit of digging in the dirt. I found two pots in the garage, larger than their current pots, and should do nicely for some time to come.

Repotting Violets

You can see under this one how much it has grown, all that stem will produce roots if I plant it deeper than it was before.

Repotting Violets

I did my coffee filter trick in the bottom of the pots too, keeps the dirt in while allowing the water to drain out. I water violets from the bottom, but proper drainage is still important.

Repotting Violets

Back in the house with their new pots, joining the rest of my little indoor garden on the pie safe in the kitchen.

Repotting Violets

I am thrilled that the amaryllis is putting out leaves once again!  This will be the fourth year it has grown and I am of course hoping for a beautiful display of the deep red flowers. It started like this, just a peek of a leaf, making me smile.

Amaryllis 2017

Then a week later it had two leaves.  I gave it a diluted feeding hoping that it has all the nutrients it needs to bloom.

Amaryllis January

Now it has three leaves and the flower bud is showing! The growth is excruciatingly slow, it has taken three weeks to get to this point. But it has been worth the wait every year.

Amaryllis flower bud

We had more visitors in January too, these deer came by before the snow.

Deer visit 3

And a group of Northern Flickers made a stop.

Northern Flicker 2

Thought you’d like to see the dawn view of clouds coming in before the snow. This is the mountain view to the east.

January Dawn 1

And this was over the valley the same morning.

January Dawn 4

I found these interesting wood branches with lichen in the driveway. They fell out of one of the trees that line the paved area. I have to think of something neat to do with them.

Lichen 1

DH put up a grow light for me in the basement workshop, and donated a bit of his workbench space for my annual seed planting fever. He put the light on a timer so I won’t have to remember to turn it on and off, and put a grow bulb in it that glows pink. I am fairly confident that with adequate light, the seeds will do better this year. I am planning get some herbs started soon, and a few other veggies a bit later. I’ll show you that in February.

Just to let you know what will happen in the next few days, tomorrow will begin a neat blog hop which I hope you all will enjoy.  That post will remain the latest one for four days while I have oral surgery again, hopefully the last time.  The previous one really knocked me down for several days, so this hop comes at a good time.  You can come back each day to visit the links to the posts for that day, plus there will be a giveaway to keep the interest up.  I’ll be back on Friday with the giveaway winner.  I may not be answering comments for those days, depends on how many there are and how I feel.  I expect to be parked in front of Netflix for several days while DH makes me soup.  I’ll be looking at my seed catalogs too.

Are you gardening or thinking about your garden?

26 thoughts on “January in the Garden

  1. Linda Hodges

    Carole, you really must have green fingers! All your flora looks lovely and healthy. Hope your surgery goes well. Will be thinking of you.

  2. I love your coffee filter trick with your plants. I have done that in the past and kept the “dirt and stones” separate. I have an Amaryllis that has not started any growth. I wondered about putting in a new pot with fresh soil to give it a boost? My poor plants all need a loving hand. My garden thoughts led down the pathway of weeding the mess that got neglected last year. My dear master gardener friend comes over and I tell her to CLOSE her eyes. She suggested a day of weeding with a bottle of Prosecco chilling nearby to encourage me. Once I get out in the garden I do ok, it is the “getting out” where I slow down and get distracted by other shiny objects! 🙂

  3. Linda B

    Great idea using the coffee filter, Carole. Had not seen that before. Thanks! I take cuttings of my scented geraniums in the fall, and root them inside. Now they are bursting out of their little pots and I need to repot them. And have cannas (yellow and red) in a big rootmass in dim light in the basement starting to send out some shoots. Just glad they are alive. We go through quart sized yogert containers here, and last year DH drilled holes in the bottoms of some, and they make great transplanting pots. Then I just put one in a container without holes and no water mess. Can even write on the side. (:)). Feel for you with dental surgery. Hope it goes smoothly!! Best, Linda

  4. Sandy

    Beautiful pictures! I, too, love the coffee filter idea. My violets are all starting to bloom. My Christmas cactus is getting ready for a second blooming (it first bloomed in late October) and my Amaryllis is now on it’s third flower stem. I buy a new bulb every fall, though.

    I just love having flowers in the house. Spring is still a long way off here in Southern Alberta.

    Good luck with your oral surgery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Karen Johnson

    Coffee filters! Brilliant…I never thought of that. I’ve also never tried an amaryllis but may do so next year. I did finally get one of those little blue/white dutch looking pots at a thrift store. The kind that have holes in the sides. I planted crocuses last Oct., put it in the crawlspace & just got it out yesterday. It has little shoots coming up, although none through the holes. Stuff like that is so fun to watch day by day. Good luck with your oral surgery.

  6. Pat Evans

    I use coffee filters in the bottom of my plant pots too. I have African violets and Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti. My orchids are budded which means they will bloom while we are in FL, but one of the smaller flowered ones is blooming now. And I just saw buds on the lipstick plant. Unfortunately, I just had to pitch a variegated ivy which up and died for unknown reasons.
    Good luck with the oral surgery.

  7. Jane

    Neat idea with the coffee filter trick, thanks. Will be thinking of you for your surgery and recovery. Hopefully you won’t be “down or set back” for too long.

  8. Jennifer Rauch

    Enjoyed seeing your plants – my violet took off blooming a huge clump of flowers before Christmas, along with the Christmas cactus that usually blooms Th’giving & Easter! It is blooming a big clump again, tho it also needs to be re-potted on the worst way. I started looking for a replacement pot too late, & even the thrift shops here had nothing I could use. Just left it alone & was rewarded with these 2 big bloomathons. Will start the search again soon as it looks like it might topple over if I don’t re-pot soon. It hasn’t bloomed this much EVER. And I have no idea what I’ve done right to make it happen! Best of luck on your surgery!

  9. Melanie

    Thinkng of you as you have oral surgery; prayers for a quick recovery. R&R with your seed catalogs, a good chance to take some quiet time for yourself. Thank you for all you do to keep us inspired! :o)

  10. Now I want some African Violets! I have a large window in my office and I think they would do well. I’ve kept a poinsettia alive for 2 years and my Christmas cactus from last year just stopped blooming. I think a violet might be a nice addition!

  11. Linda Wagner

    Carole…I’m jealous that you are planning for gardening already. The closest we can plant is usually Mothers Day….oh the trials of living a little north by the Rockies. It has it’s own beauty so we don’t feel too deprived..haha. I will pray for a good outcome to your surgery and a complete healing. Take Care of yourself. Linda

  12. Hi Carole, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
    How nice that you have been able to do some indoor gardening, while it is too cold to garden outdoors. Your “coffee filter idea” is very smart, I may try it myself.
    Love the branches with the lichen, so beautiful. I think they are great for some winter indoor decorating.
    Good luck with your oral surgery!
    Warm regards,

  13. Your plants look healthy and happy. I have started sorting through my seed collection and writing down what I need to buy this year. I have to figure out where I will set up my seed starting table as my normal spot isn’t available this year ,,,again. The basement didn’t work out so well last year as ours isn’t heated. I will have to so more of the “winter sowing” in milk jugs outside it appears.

  14. karen

    Carole, I hope you recover well from the surgery. Don’t try to overdo things. Netflix and soup sounds like a very good speed. Regarding flora, I decided to try the green onion root planting in a handy pot that used to hold basil. Guess what? It worked! There are currently 5 green onions growing. I might try the tomato seedling slices next.
    Looking forward to your feeling better.

  15. Lee Brinkley

    Carole, Good luck with your surgery. I had cataract surgery this past Wednesday and it really knocked me for a loop longer than I had expected!! I, too, am thinking of planting my mountain garden but holding back with the house construction still going on!! Next year though the gardening fun begins!!! Praying for successful surgery and quick recovery!!

  16. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Wishing you the very best with the upcoming surgery – hope you have a nice variety of soups in stock, and ice cream, too, if you like that! I need to do what you did with repotting the African violets – mine are blooming but a couple are sad-looking because of the long stems as a result of the bottom leaves falling off due to what I suppose is mismanagement on my part somewhere along the line…well, someday…!

  17. I have had good luck with Christmas Cactus until several of mine fell and broke off. Luckily I was able to get cuttings to root and I’ve still got a little cactus growing. I’m not much of a gardener but I enjoy the labor a of others. We are now in an area without deer so should be having lots of different day lilies this summer.

  18. Tirzah

    I hope you are recovering quickly from the surgery. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I’m thinking and praying for you.

  19. Naomi S.

    I have used coffee filters in the bottom of my plant pots for a long time. They work really well to keep the soil from leaking out when you water. I have a bunch of African Violets that need to be potted. I tend to stick broken-off leaves in little glasses of water to root and neglect to plant them in dirt until they are begging me for something larger to grow in! They do really well in the water, but sometimes don’t do as well after putting them in dirt. I usually dry the roots a bit before I plant them in dirt so that they will start taking up moisture right away. I’m surprised you put yours outside. I would be afraid of contamination with insects or other pests.

    I have been perusing the garden and seed catalogs, too. I am hoping to do some indoor seed starting soon. First, I have to set up my spot in the laundry room which means cleaning out a whole lot of “stuff” first. I can’t wait for warm weather.

    I don’t envy you your oral surgery. When I had my wisdom teeth extracted, the bottom ones were the most painful. The uppers not so much. I hope your surgery goes well and recovery is quick so you can get to plantin’!

  20. Naomi S.

    Oh, I forgot to answer the romantic dinner question! Actually, I can’t remember the last time I had a romantic dinner. Sad, huh? I remember one anniversary with my ex-husband during a snow storm. It took us about 45 min. to drive a mile to the restaurant! But we refused to give up and had our candle-light celebration! The “good old days”! Sort of!

  21. I can’t think what you could do with it, but the fallen branches covered with lichen are so interesting. We don’t have enough light inside to grow African violets. My Mum, on the other hand, has so many she doesn’t know what to do with them. She’s forever propagating new ones. I’ve been clearing a large area down the back for a new garden – when it’s not too hot. Tomorrow I’m hoping to start mulching. All the best with the oral surgery.

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