Winter White

Now that the holidays are truly over, I like to create a cleaner space after the clutter of the autumn season followed by Christmas.  For me, going to to an all white decor is a rest for the eyes before getting to the rich Valentine reds  and Mardi Gras colors of February. The snow over the weekend helped set the mood too, and our pub table is now decked out in all white.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

I found these darling little mitten ornaments with snowflakes at the thrift store, and they had four! So, of course they become napkin ring ornaments.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

The placemats are my vintage Battenberg lace ones, with the white French Country dinnerware. I added a little white sauce dish at the top. It can hold some teriyaki or horseradish sauce for a pork roast dinner.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

In the center, a white rabbit planter holds the white poinsettia from the holidays. It is still growing, and I turned the silver side of the wrapper out.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

On either side are white pillar candles in the cut glass holders I’ve had for many years. I found the white iridescent beads at the thrift store too, and lay them around the center for a bit of sparkle.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

Another thrift store find, this little snowflake candle holder is a perfect addition to the other side of the centerpiece.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

Here’s a wider view of the whole table.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

White is the theme all through the house, with this display on the kitchen counter. The white colander holds a new white candle in a lovely scent called Winter Garden. The white salt and pepper are within easy grasp sitting on a lace placemat.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

In the den, I put the White Mini Quilt on the stand, adding white candles on the side. My white reindeer stays out all winter, and this year he sits regally near the quilt. The little pine cone next to him is a candle with glitter, too pretty to burn.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

In a corner, the antique table usually holds a quilt, but for January it displays another Battenburg runner.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

On the coffee table, I placed the Snowflake runner from last year, with a Fenton candy dish, my depression glass American potpourri dish, and a book of Andrew Wyeth art. The cover shot is one of my all time favorite paintings.

Winter White at From My Carolina Home

Outside, the snow filled up the feeder Saturday morning so the birds were having a hard time. It was dark and the snow was still falling when I got up Saturday.

January Snow 2017 2

You can see on the top of the feeder how many inches we got, which is on the driveway too.

January Snow 2017 4

The blue jay managed to unhook the suet feeder from the clip, not on purpose, and it plopped into the snow. When DH saw that, he put on earmuffs, gloves, heavy coat and Wellies and got out the ladder to fix it.

January Snow 2017 7

He brushed all the snow out of the feeder, and replaced the suet feeder. I scattered some seed on the ground for the ground feeder birds and we went back in to watch. Very shortly, the cardinal landed for a bite, while a woodpecker went for the suet.

January Snow 2017 9

A titmouse on the feeder,

January Snow 2017 12

and juncos on the ground.

January Snow 2017 10

Everybody that wanted a meal got some food.

January Snow 2017 14

Later in the day, the sun came out. It was a beautiful clear blue sky.

January Snow 2017 17

Just look at the icicles on the roof!

January Snow 2017 19

Then, on Sunday, the boys were back for another handout. One was really strutting his stuff, cluck-purring and fanning his tail.  He was really preening for a tidbit.

Turkeys in the Snow 4

DH thought I’d lost my mind as I made them a peanut butter sandwich and fed it to them in small bites thrown onto the snow. They need the extra protein and calories when it is only 27 degrees outside.

Turkeys in the Snow 6

I’m still not going anywhere soon. The driveway is still several inches deep in snow.  Hopefully the sun will melt it before Wednesday as I have two meetings that day!

Turkeys in the Snow 5

In the meantime, I’ll be sewing and crafting!

What’s going on where you live?  Do you enjoy Winter White?



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30 thoughts on “Winter White

  1. I should know better by now than to think “that’s her prettiest tablescape yet—-(that’s what I say every time you post one….lol). The “winter white” is perfect for the new year….and it coordinates so well with you outdoorscape right now! The look is so clean and pure….just right for the hopes that come with a new year….Blessings from snowy southern WV—we’ve got about the same amount of snow but with temps in the single digits and wind chills of zero and below. (Weatherman say 57 by Thursday…yay!!!) I’m headed out tomorrow for lunch with a friend and a trip to the local Goodwill….hoping to score some goodies too.

  2. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,

    Snow is so lovely but like you I like to stay inside and admire it. Here where I live we didn’t get any snow but ice, It has been in the teens at night and its only going to be about 45 today and then on

    Friday its to be in the high 60’s. I to was feeding my feather friends and I have a troublesome squirrel that likes the feeder so I put some red pepper in with the seed and watched him try and get into the feeder

    But when he smelt the pepper he jumped down but kept trying to get back but he would get a whiff of the pepper again and jump back down. He finally gave up but I had some great laughs from watching him.

    Your table and dishes are lovely, I have a lot of Fenton that I have had packed away for years and want to get out and use again plus all my Jim Shore collectables and make some attractive arrangements in the

    Next few days but I have been trying to get some flat bottomed marbles glued onto some jars to make as candle holders or potpourri holders as gifts plus do some sewing so I’ve been busy like you. Need to think

    Of something to fix for lunch and supper so better get started on my day. Have a terrific day and stay warm.


  3. It does look lovely – so simple and calming. It’s always nice to get all of the holiday décor packed away again and get the house back to normal.

  4. Good Morning Carole! Your “Winter White” table settings are so lovely and relaxing. Those little mittens you acquired and used as napkin rings, such a great and adorable idea! The new Snowflake Candle Holder you bought is a very pretty addition to your table setting. The items you used in the den were perfectly selected and would continually be drawing my eyes in that direction just so look. I always find such beauty in your crazy quilt, in case I have not mentioned it. I can not use candles in our home because Chicca loves to put her nose right in the flame and then knocks them over or she stands by the lit candle and flicks her tail back and forth across the flame, yes seriously she does. As far as cats go, most of the time she is a fairly smart cat…so I think she does this just to get our attention or maybe likes the smell. Who knows. But, I would love to own your glittery candle that looks like a pine cone to me, it is so pretty and it does fit in so nicely with everything. You are a great decorator! Wow you did get quite a bit of snow; yesterday it started raining here and has not stopped so it is washing away quite a bit of the snow, but is already causing flooding. Carole, you are getting to be such a professional photographer, your photos are spectacular! I always enjoy watching the birds, my birds have been coming up on the porch and devouring the cat food that I put out for Zonker and Hunter. We have a bunch of Turkeys that come to the pond across the road from us, but they seldom ever come across because of the neighbors dogs. So what did you decide to name them? I enjoyed your table setting so much once again, always look forward to seeing what you will do and what will be added new. From reading other comments, I am not the only one who gets all tickled pink and excited like a school girl all giggly and such as soon as we realize what the post is about! Plus, we all are loving you photos and are falling in love with the PET turkeys!!! Have a spectacular day Carole!

  5. dezertsuz

    It’s amazing how many birds are fooled into thinking there’s no need to go further south. LOL Wonderful pic of the turkey and all the little birds, too. Your DH thinks your crazy for feeding them peanut butter sandwich, but he put on earmuffs to go out and get the feeders functional again. LOL Your winter white decorations are as fabulous as all your other seasonal changes. What does your DH think of all that?

  6. Sandy

    Your photographs of birds enjoying a winter’s meal are beautiful. The white mini quilt with reindeer and candles vignette is lovely. I would not have thought that white on its own could be so pretty.

  7. allisonreidnem

    No Winter white here in the south of the UK but we’ve just watched a news report of a big freeze across Europe including the south of Italy and some Greek islands. Thank you for sharing pictures of the birds visiting your garden. We are trying to encourage more birds to come to our little garden, I think we may need a spell of cold weather to entice them to our feeders.

  8. Sherry

    I love your Winter White! Especially that little crazy quilt! May have to try that myself. We got quite a bit of snow here in Greensboro. But next week it will be almost 70 again.

  9. Beautiful Carole! But keep the snow please 🙂 We had an inch of ice Friday which shut down Birmingham for the weekend, we don’t do snow well! It is fun being homebound though, with power. Love the turkeys!

  10. Carole, love the winter white tablesettings…so perfect with all your snow! Love the photos of the turkeys. We have resident turkeys and see as many as 20 at a time in our pasture! Stay warm

  11. Naomi S.

    I do like your winter white palette, Carole. I also liked seeing your bird friends. The snow looks beautiful. It surprises me that you get that much snow in the Carolinas. Up here in Michigan we tend to think you are more like Florida down there! But I see that we are wrong! I like it when it snows up here and stays, but often it snows, stays a few days, the temp rises and it all melts off leaving everything looking brown and ugly. I like it when it snows and stays frozen all winter lie it used to when I was a child. Global warming is a reality, I think. It has been raining here for a couple of days and is now freezing again with a heavy wind. Who knows what we’ll have by the next weekend.

    How fun to have the turkeys stop by. I really need to get more bird feeders out. I only have one right now. I love watching the birds as they come by for a snack or a meal. Your post reminded me to get some suet cakes out for them.

    Enjoyed the post. Happy Winter!

  12. Mary Jean Cunningham

    That white mini-quilt is just beautiful!!!! I have a stand like that; maybe some day it will get put to use in a similar fashion…some day… The winter white decor looks wonderfully clean and fresh and I love seeing your ideas. For myself, we keep our house so cold in winter (don’t marry an accountant, LOL!) that I feel like I need color to keep me warm visually. I feed birds although am not thrilled when pigeons show up, although certainly they get hungry, too – they’re just not as attractive to me. Mostly, I feed squirrels but I enjoy watching them – they’re my pets, like your wild turkeys, I guess. All our snow melted overnight and now it’s warm here – boots one day, flip-flops the next – I’d rather have it just stay cold in winter like the person writing from Michigan – things look ugly once the snow melts and all the gray and brown underpinnings of the city are revealed again, but of course everyone doesn’t feel that way and it is less dangerous and easier to get around without the snow – it’s just so pretty to me that I do enjoy it! Thanks for another beautiful post.

  13. Jann Olson

    I do enjoy some whites for winter. I usually throw in a touch of silver. You are a sweetheart and I’m sure the wild turkeys appreciated their sandwich! I love the little mittens that you found at the thrift. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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