The Last Bit of Autumn on the Mountain

Autumn is breathing it’s last now, the leaves are almost gone. The smoke was thick on Thanksgiving morning, and the pictures were just so interesting, I had to find a time to share them with you.  Usually the only time I can get a good picture of all the layers is when there is fog, but the smoke was settling in the valley so the hills were more apparent.

Thanksgiving 2016 Wildfire smoke 2

Beautiful and frightening at the same time, isn’t it?  Thankfully, the rain this past week helped to get the North Carolina wildfires contained, and the air a bit clearer. The fires aren’t threatening homes or businesses at this point, and will burn themselves out over the next couple of weeks. Although I lament the loss of the gorgeous forest land, we have been lucky. The wildfires in Tennessee have been much worse, and our thoughts are with the families of Gatlinburg.

Thanksgiving 2016 Wildfire smoke 1

It has been pretty cold in the mornings, and this little dove is twice his normal size with his feathers all fluffed up.  DH put up a cage feeder to keep them out because they are pigs and will drive off all the little birds.  It is OK with me if they want to feed off the ground.


I decided to put out a suet cake using my Suet Recipe to help the little birds stay warm.

Bird feeder November 1

There are so many different birds visiting the feeder, they are emptying it completely in just a few days. DH filled it up while they all waited in queue in the trees. They descended on it in full as soon as he put the ladder away.

Bird feeder November 3

The last bit of color on the driveway on Thanksgiving was lovely with the morning sun.

Autumn 2016 November 3

One last look at lovely leaves in the sunlight, before the trees are bare for winter.

Autumn 2016 November 5

Sunrise over the neighboring mountain to the east last Sunday.

Autumn 2016 November sunrise

I’ve been decorating, baking and crafting in anticipation of my MIL being here this weekend.  We are having a nice visit, and I’ll share some of the fun next week.

What’s going on around your place?  Do you still have fall color (those in the northern hemisphere)?


18 thoughts on “The Last Bit of Autumn on the Mountain

  1. Melanie

    Always enjoy your photography. We still have autumn color here in southern OR, but expecting temps to drop severely M or T with possible snow, so our colorful leaves will be gone soon. Enjoy your MIL’s visit. :o)

  2. Hi Carole, I am a new visitor to your website and am enjoying your pictures and postings. Love to see the pictures, although as a Californian we look on with concern when it comes to fires–we are no strangers to them, unfortunately. I look forward to reading your next posts. Have downloaded the hexagon quilt pattern and hope to get started on it soon!

  3. BJ

    Your photos are stunning – what a beautiful area you live in! Here in MT we’re already experiencing snow and single-digit night temps, although both are late this year. Love that you can feed the little birds. When we lived in CA we attracted dozens with our feeders. Here we get bears, so we’re reminded every year to not feed the birds. I miss them, so thanks for sharing!

  4. I just filled our feeder yesterday. Maybe I was remembering that it took days for birds to find new feeders in NY and here, so I didn’t expect them quickly. Within minutes titmice were flocking to it. They were followed by finches – house and golden – and chickadees. This morning I saw a red-bellied woodpecker close up. I had never been that close to one before. I have nothing to equal your turkeys, though.

  5. Good morning! We had a very light snowfall the other day, but it didn’t stick and quickly turned to rain. Amazingly, the daisies are still in bloom though most trees are now bare. (Salmon Arm, British Columbia).

  6. Hi Carole:) Thank you for once again sharing your beautiful views. Fall had been gone and we too had our first “skif” of snow this week…with more in the forescast. Continue to enjoy your visit…and baking:)

  7. Beautiful photos of the mountains. The wild fires have been so terrible this fall and my heart breaks for the loss. I’ve put out the suet feeders but haven’t started the seeds yet. Have to go out and buy some yet and I have to wait on the hubby to go with me as I can’t carry the big bags right now as my back is acting up and now something is going on with my left foot. UGH! This old body is not my friend right now. Lots of crocheting going on though 🙂

  8. the wildfires are horrible this year aren’t they – so much smoke in your photo – we have been lucky and none here this year so the air has been clear. Last of fall too – this week will feel like winter by Wednesday I hear. I have filled the bird feeder too and they are going crazy and the squirrels gather around the bottom of it to get what drops to the ground the fat little things are an pest. The doves come but we only get two or three pair each year so are ok here and they eat mainly what gets dropped to the ground as well.

  9. Linda Wagner

    Love to read your posts. My hubby & I lived in Acworth, GA (north of Marietta) for 8 years. We were very happy living and exploring the Southern states, so much history on the East/South side of the USA. Thank you for sharing your gracious ways of living.

  10. karen

    Beautiful pictures! Wildfires are deadly. No wonder you have so many birds needing food this early in the winter. Fire has destroyed a huge swath of territory they feed in. If you are running short of your suet supplements for them, try peanut butter, rolled in bird seed. The high vegetarian type fat is suitable for carnivores/insectivores and grain eaters.
    We don’t have to discourage doves in our area, mostly squirrels. Thank you for the picyures.

  11. Linda Wagner

    Carole…I shared your story about the wild turkey’s and the mailman, my hubbie & daughter started laughing, then the more they envisioned it the more they laughed, what fun that was. Thank you for that. Linda

  12. Stunning photos, but yes, a little scary, and sad to think of the destruction. I love seeing photos of your Autumn trees – the colours are so bright. I think due to the lack of cold, our leaves are never that bold. Higher up in the mountains they colour up more. I noticed you called the post Autumn, but thought you would have used the word Fall. Is this specific to different parts of the country?

  13. Beautiful pictures. Our fall has been done a few weeks now. Snow on the ground as of Saturday night, three inches. No big deal for us Minnesotans! It was pretty out yesterday with the trees thick with snow -wet and heavy.

  14. allisonreidnem

    Here in the south of the UK Autumn has gone over. We’ve had several hard frosts in a row and the colours have changed from glowing to cool in the space of a week – even the sunrise and sunsets have a very definite wintery cast now. It is beautiful but cold! Lovely to see your photos, especially the birds. Wood pigeons are the greedy ones in our garden, it is a constant battle to keep them away from the feed intended for the little birds.

  15. dezertsuz

    What gorgeous pictures. I always love the Smokies all misty and cloudy. That’s how I first saw them, in 1996. I should think about getting one of those feeders. We have a lot of ravens and mourning doves, but lots of robins and little grey birds, too. Thank you for sharing your views, so pretty! We still have leaves on our trees! I noticed yesterday coming up the hill that a lot are bare, but almost as many still have colorful leaves and some of the smaller ones are still green. I expect the dip into 18 this Thursday and Friday night will fix that!

  16. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Beautiful pictures, although sad the smoke isn’t just picturesque. You are so lucky to have the views and wildlife you enjoy daily!

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