Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I like to set the table ahead of time.  It lets me know if I need to do any chores, like polish the silverware.  Usually I do need to do that.   This is the time to get out all the good stuff, the china you don’t use much, the special heirloom silverware, all the special cut glass dishes for serving, and not mind that some things need to be hand washed.  It is only a few times a year, and I don’t mind doing that.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Last year I saw these wonderful turkey salad plates in a catalog, and after the holiday scored them on clearance.  I was so excited, but had to wait until now to use them.  I got them out early in November and have been using them for breakfast and lunch all month.  Aren’t they marvelous?

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

I started with my damask placemats in off white to show off the rust color chargers. Then, white-on-white china plates are added and the turkey salad plates on top. This holiday meal calls for grandmother’s silverplate, rarely used.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

I put the Nutmeg Spice color napkins in the Happy Thanksgiving napkin rings, and set them on an angle at the top of the place setting.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Wine glasses are added.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

The centerpiece began with the Autumn Jubilee table runner, with my mother’s tall pilgrim couple placed back to back in the middle. I put two candles between them.  I usually like to keep the centerpiece low, but I do love these pilgrims and haven’t used them on the holiday table in some time.  I think we can look around them since they are in the middle.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Autumn leaf garlands were put around the bottom, and turkeys are put on the ends.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Each end has different turkeys.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Small pumpkins and the turkey salt and pepper shakers are put in the scene.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Another view of the table.  The turkey on the bottom right end of the picture is a gravy server.  I have wonderful memories of my mother absconding with it the year I bought it.  She was having Thanksgiving that year and said she’d wash it first before returning it.  I didn’t get it back.  Even though it made an appearance at every Thanksgiving, it always managed to go home with her, in spite of my best efforts to keep it.  Now it lives with me, and holds lovely memories of holidays past.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

I’ll add the individual salt and peppers to the place settings after breakfast, as half of them are on that table right now.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Even though the table is set for Thanksgiving, we won’t be using it until the weekend.  We usually spend Thanksgiving day by ourselves to watch parades and football games, and just enjoy the day without any stress.  I’ll be having a dinner party on Saturday, inviting a few friends over to an Italian dinner.  I’m making lasagne.  Everyone is usually tired of turkey by then, but we still like to be grateful for friends too before the weekend is over.  It will be cool enough to have a fire in the fireplace for dinner.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Are you hosting a dinner, staying in, or going somewhere else for Thanksgiving?



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18 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tablescape

  1. manasotavacation

    Absolutely impeccable tablescape! Love it.
    I am staying home. Since I am a caregiver for someone who is very ill, I’ll be cooking. I am not crazy about turkey (just the carcass for soup!) and she eats less than a bird (and does not like turkey). SO……for the first time ever, I won’t have turkey on Thanksgiving! I’m frying my beloved Southern Fried Chicken….and having rice and gravy w/ it. I will either have your broccoli/squash dish or asparagus. I’ll probably whip up a potato salad to have w/ the leftover chicken Friday and Sat.! Relaxing weekend ahead.

  2. Joyce Comfort

    Since much of our family could not come this year for Thanksgiving, my daughter’s family and my husband and I are hosting the a Thanksgiving meal at the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. Quite more of an undertaking than we were originally told (guest list jumped from 40 when we signed up, to 80!), but we are excited for the opportunity to be a blessing.

  3. Cheryl Buchanan

    Love the new runner you made this year!! Such a compliment to everything that is beautiful at that table. Hope you have a grand Thanksgiving.

  4. Such a beautiful table! I’m glad you set it early and have been using it. It shouldn’t be for just one day! I’m thankful for bloggers like you that take the time to share their lives & their talents with us all. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!

  5. What an amazing table you have set – it would be a dream come true if I could entertain at such a table! Thank you so much for sharing……………………..and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  6. Mary Jo

    Love your table! You are so talented in how you arrange things and I am jealous that you have room to store all of those great things. I’m afraid that I don’t have enough room for many seasonal items. Our tables never look as special as yours because when you are feeding 35-40 family members (and sometimes more) you don’t decorate so much!

  7. Melanie

    Your table looks wonderful…..the story of the gravy boat is wonderful, and I’m sure your mom is looking down and enjoying it, too! Happy Thanksgiving WEEK! Enjoy every moment and the special thanks we are so fortunate to experience.

  8. Your table is fabulous. Inspired by you, I did go out today and got some lovely Christmas plates, chargers and salad plates. I like using my glass or crystal serving pieces. Our son and daughter-in-law will be at her parents on Thanksgiving Day. They will be making the 2-hr drive to our home on Friday which we will celebrate Thanksgiving. Bernie and I will probably have spaghetti again this Thanksgiving Day, watching the parade and football, of course. I will bake my pumpkin pie that day as well and prepare for the following day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and enjoy your dinner party!!

  9. Your table is beautiful! Isn’t it fun to get out the good silverware and dishes! Love the turkey plates and the center arrangement is perfect! I enjoyed the story about the turkey gravy server! It’s those little things that stick with us! Thank you for coming by my blog today, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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