Moda Bake Shop – A New Recipe

I am excited to announce my latest design for Moda Bake Shop, that published on the Moda Bake Shop site late yesterday afternoon.  This is the third design that the Moda Bake Shop has accepted.  The fabrics are called Fern Hill designed by Jan Patek. The colors are similar values making a low volume quilt.  It uses a jelly roll along with yardage of two of the Fern Hill fabrics, one for the windows and one for the backing and binding.  I call it Garden Windows and the pattern is free on the Moda Bake Shop blog.

Garden Windows Title

Visit the post Garden Windows on Moda Bake Shop to see the step by step construction and download a free pdf with the pattern.  DH really liked it when he saw the finished quilt.  There is a lot of movement within the quilt, as the eye moves around.  The construction is really quite easy, just take a look at the pattern to see.  It actually goes together really fast.

Garden Windows Finish 6

I made another one with higher contrast fabrics, just to show a variation.  I’ll show you more of it soon, this is the piecing part, and I added a border.  I have been working on quilting it using more custom designs than I have ever done before.  I’ll show you some of those next time.

Moda High Contrast 6

Do you like the low volume or the high contrast version?


24 thoughts on “Moda Bake Shop – A New Recipe

  1. Judy Ries

    Hi carole,
    The quilt is gorgeous! I prefer the high contrast version, and in addition, this color combination is one of my personal favorites.

  2. I think the high contrast looks like the squares on top are floating. Almost like they are trying to find a way to get down and get “inside” the frames. If they were “wiggly” it be like they were trying to settle down. I’d say I like the low contrast best.

  3. Barbara Jenkins

    I like the high contrast one as well. My eyes can’t seem to “rest” at all on the other one….

  4. Margaret Nelson

    I prefer the low volume on this pattern. I didn’t notice the corner squares until I saw the higher contrast quilt and then i found that is all i noticed. Great job!

  5. Jennie Rauch

    High contrast version would be my choice – the other is a lot busier, tho I love those colors! CAN’T START ANOTHER PROJECT!!! MUST KEEP CLEANING FOR COMPANY COMING!! Hats off to you for superb productivity!

  6. I can see the floating squares on the high contrast one, but I prefer the more subtle low volume one. Apart from the fact that the red fabrics appeal to me more, I see the “windows” better in it.

  7. Cindy M

    Oh Carole, this is GORGEOUS!!!! I adore just about anything red and this one is just stunning. Love, Love, Love it!!!! Thanks for yet another beautiful inspiration!!

  8. Lesley Gilbert

    The red one is more my colour choice – the green one shows the pattern layout more clearly – I shall be downloading the pdf – many thanks 🙂

  9. Melanie

    Another BIG winner, Carole! I like both high and low contrast quilts, but think I favor the low contrast one best. The red fabrics are stunning. Way to go, champ! Looking forward to more of your designing and quilting. :o) m

  10. Red fabrics, subtle, almost alluring, perfect for your bed and if DH gave it a tick, well done, #2, that shows off the design more, and they are more of my favourite shades, but I still like #1 best.

  11. Pauline Cook

    I like them both. I love to see patterns in different fabrics. Using the type of fabrics that we love make a pattern our own.

  12. dezertsuz

    Both versions are beautiful. Normally, I’d pick the high contrast, but something about the colors in the low contrast one are so appealing. I guess I wouldn’t object if someone gave me either one! =) It looks like votes are pretty balanced on these two versions. =)

  13. My preference is for the low volume contrast. The difference between the low and high contrast is amazing. Congratulations on having this design accepted by Moda Bake Shop.

  14. Amazing how different they look . Fabric selection is so important. I like the high contrast best. I think it would be a great way to “focus” on a feature fabric that is just too pretty to cut into little strips. 🙂

  15. Paulette Voit

    Both quilts are beautiful, but I like the low contrast more. I love the fabric and plan on making that one. Thank you for the pattern.

  16. I like the low contrast one more, but I think that’s a more a function of the colors used in both quilts more than it is the difference in contrast. I just like the red, black and beige color combo better.

  17. Good Afternoon Carole! Sorry for being so late, but with trying to get things made for my Daughter’s Bridal Shower, assembling the Double Wedding Ring Quilt, plus Hubby even with not feeling so great is trying to can as much as possible and it is hitting over 100 degrees all week long again. The fires are raging in every direction it is awful.

    I am in love with the fabrics you chose for the Moda Bake Shop Recipe! But I do prefer the higher contrast in the spectacular green fabric quilt! It is the one that when I go and print out the pattern that I will really be focusing on to match that style. I hope I am not being a drag! Like I said, the fabric line that you used Fern Hill they really portray a magnificent realistic image of the ferns it amazes me. My Mother absolutely loves ferns, but it is a family joke that while driving through Oregon she is to keep her eyes shut at all times because if she looks at all those magnificent ferns growing wild they will wilt away and die. thus no tourists or Oregonians will get to enjoy them. She has never been able to keep a fern alive for very long. LOL. I am going to have to check this fabric out and make her something special with it!

    I am so proud of you, once again! Congratulations on your third honor! It surprises me that more of your quilt patterns are not picked up by publishers or do you yourself have to turn them in to each publisher? Could you explain some of the process that is involved? I am just very curious and maybe a few others quilters are. Me, pure curiosity, I have never really designed a quilt pattern. But am getting very interested in possibly doing some hand embroidery patterns. I also think it is going to be so exciting to see what your new quilting designs are going to be. You do such a gorgeous job now, I am anxious to see what special magic you will be creating.

    Well, my fabrics are not getting ironed or cut out sitting here on the computer. My break is over. Again congratulations! Have a fantastic creative day!

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