Christmas in July! Sewing Kit Tutorial

Today I kickoff a Christmas in July Event at From My Carolina Home!  Get ready for 12 days of ideas, tutorials, giveaways, downloads and fun on my blog PLUS a quilt along over at a blog hop with more blogs to visit full of ideas.  On this post, I’ll show you a tutorial for a great little jewelry case or sewing kit, something to make in multiples for holiday gifts.  Are you ready?  Let’s get inspired! Read all the way to the end for a special surprise!

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

You’ll need:
1/2 yard of fashion fabric (in the tutorial, the snapdragon fabric) for the outside
1/2 yard of lining fabric (in the tutorial, the pink fabric) for the inside
1 yard cording, cut into two 18-inch pieces
1 3-inch plastic canvas circle
Optional – fusible interfacing 15 inch square

First make your pattern. You’ll need circles of fabric, so I begin with folding a piece of paper into fourths. Make 2. Measure out 7-1/2 inches from the center on the larger, and 4-1/2 inches from the center on the smaller, in several places. Draw a quarter circle line from edge to edge to make two circles, one 15 inches in diameter and one 9 inches in diameter.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Cut out your circles.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Using each pattern circle, cut one fashion fabric and one lining fabric.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Optional, if you like your case to have a bit more body, iron on fusible interfacing to the back of the fashion fabric.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Measure in from one edge on the larger 15-inch fashion fabric circle 1-1/2 inches and make a buttonhole one inch in length.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Make another one on the opposite edge of the same piece of fabric.  Cut both buttonholes open.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Place the large circles right sides together and sew all the way around the edge. Yes, all the way, do not leave any opening for turning. Repeat with the smaller circles, right sides together.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Fold the sewn circles into fourths to find the exact center. Mark a one inch line on the edge in the center (1/2 inch on either side of the center point) on the lining.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Cut a slit in the LINING ONLY. Don’t get scared, it will get covered up. Just be careful to only cut the lining. Repeat for the small circle.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Clip the curves on the edges all the way around both circles.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Turn right side out through the slit.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Smooth out the edges, I like to use a chopstick for this.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Iron both to sharply crease the edges.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Fold the larger circle into fourths and finger press to find the exact center. Place the plastic canvas circle in the center on the lining side over the slit, making sure the center of the canvas is on the center of the larger circle.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Fold the smaller circle into fourths, lining side out and place on the plastic canvas to find the center.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Open out the small circle over the plastic canvas, lining sides together, pin around the plastic canvas through all the layers.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Sew through all the layers around the canvas circle. Do not sew through the canvas, just around the edge of it. This will encase the canvas in the bottom providing a firm base and cover both slits in the lining fabric.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Beginning at the sewing line in the middle, sew spokes out to the edge of the smaller circle. Sew four spokes, one each pointing north, south, east and west (or like a clock face 12, 3, 6, and 9).  Do not sew through the plastic canvas.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Add four more spokes of sewing to make eight pockets.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

I hope you see the stitching here to create the pockets in the smaller circle.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Now, sew a line around the outer edge of the larger circle about 1/2-inch in from the edge to make the top ruffle. Be sure to keep this line of sewing to the outside of the buttonholes.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Sew a second line of stitching about one inch further in, this time going to the inside of the buttonholes.  This will create a channel for the drawstrings.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Using a bodkin, or other means, thread the cording through one of the buttonholes, all the way around the channel and back out through the same buttonhole.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Tie the ends together in a knot.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Repeat with the other piece of cording using the opposite buttonhole.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

I put a dab of frey check on each knot and clip off the taped ends.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Pull on both cords at the same time to close the bag.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Give it empty for use as a jewelry case.  Earrings are kept together in the pockets.  Since the bottoms of the pockets end at the plastic canvas liner, they are flat instead of cone shaped.  This makes it easy to reach in and get your items.  The sturdy base can hold several pieces as well.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Another idea, fill it with sewing goodies for a wonderful sewing kit.  For travel to classes, or just to keep on hand, a kit with the basics we use all the time will be appreciated.  Needles, pretty scissors and Aurifil threads are always welcome to a quilter or sewist.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

Even more fun, make one with sewing motif fabrics!

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

This one has a gold lining fabric.

Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

To win this set of 12 V&Co Simply Color Aurifil thread, visit the Aurifil website at, check out Auriworld, see the designers and collections, or visit the blog, then come back and leave a comment on this post with your favorite Aurifil thread collection or designer, or if you decided to follow them via any of their social networks like Pinterest.   International entries are welcome, Aurifil will ship anywhere in the world. You may leave a second comment and entry if you follow my blog and just say how you follow me. I’ll draw the winner on July 24th, so you have plenty of time to enter. Good luck!
Update – Drawing has been held and the winner has been sent an email.

SimplyColorful-Large-Outside SimplyColorful-Large-Inside

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And come back here for more ideas throughout the house tomorrow.  Linking up with some of the great parties on my party page.  Also sharing at …

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Sewing Kit | From My Carolina Home

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  1. shoshana vogel

    i don’t open most of the stuff that comes in on the computer but your bog i always look at. great ideas,and beautiful pictures of your home that remind me of the homne i grew up in! thanks for running all the drawings!

  2. Love your project, thanks! The Voluminous thread by Katarina Roccella looks yummy. I follow her and Aurifil on Instagram. @susansquiltstudio

  3. Oh, such a lovely project! Thanks for sharing! At the moment I really love the TINSEL collection by Cheri Good Quilt Designs. But Aurifil is just yummy anyway. I am a follower of the Aurifil blog and pinterest board too.

  4. tac

    This project will make a perfect Christmas gift or two. thank you for sharing it. I love the Tula Pink thread collection.

  5. Chris

    I love everything Tula Pink does so that would be my choice. This bag has given me Christmas ideas. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Hi Carole. I hope thatI can make some of these for Christmas gifts this year. I think they are just awesome and look pretty easy to make. Hoping that Brenda will want to make some with me for gifts.

    I went to the aurifil site and would love their Winter Essentials by Edyta Sitar.
    I love those colors. They do remind me of winter.

  7. don’t know how to make buttonholes yet, but this sure looks like a neat idea for gifts. Thanks for sharing. And I love Pat Bravo. Anything she does is fantastic in my book.

  8. This pouch is superb, and I have some silk that would be perfect for the lining. Kathy Engle, her thread collection Tide Pools with purples, blues and teal fill all the spaces for using with my favourite fabric colours.

  9. Thank you for a lovely tutorial, such a useful gift too. I love Aurifil thread, it was so hard to choose a favourite but `I think it would be Jinny Beyer Machine Collection because it is so usable, and that’s me, practical to a fault.

  10. Lisa Marie

    Lots of gorgeous choices at the Aurifil site! One favorite of mine is SEASCAPE by Sheena Norquay.

  11. kaholly

    Great tutorial! The button hole throws me, tho! I have always hated making buttonholes! My favorite collection, at the moment, is Aurifils Valigia. I just love the assortment of colors at your fingertips!

  12. Emily C

    I love the spring colors of Wildflower Meadow. I follow Aurifil on insta and facebook, along with feedly.

  13. Wildflower Meadow is beautiful…all of my favorite colors. Thanks for today’s tutorial. It is perfect for 3 people on my Christmas. Love, love, love Christmas in July!

    Crystal in Cedar City

  14. Julie in Ga

    I love Aurifil threads, and there are so many fabulous collections available. I enjoy making Quilts of Valor, so my choice would be the Portage Lake collection by Minick and Simpson.

  15. What a great tutorial, Carole! Thanks for kicking off the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop off in style!! I really appreciate all the hard work you did!

  16. Irene

    Great tutorial – I shared it with my local guild so will be looking for a flood of drawstring bags at our next show n tell. Visited Aurifil, very difficult to pick just one favorite — Winter Essentials by Eyda Sitar seems to have the most usable colors for me. Thanks for sharing your delightful instructions!

  17. Liz Horgan

    That’s a neat project! All the collections were wonderful. I think I like the ultimate collection best! I look forward to more projects.

  18. Great tutorial! I’m hoping to make a carry bag for my Featherweight and this little spool carrier would be a great addition to the set. Regarding Aurifil, I have a lot of their 50 wt but am actually considering getting a set of their 12wts for hand quilting and embroidery. Angela Yosten’s “Flats” set is in the palette I usually work with so might be what I’d start with but depending on the project there are any number of sets to choose from!

  19. I enjoyed your detailed tutorial this morning and this bag has so many possibilities! I went to the Aurifil website and felt like kid in a candy shop! I think Jenny Beyer’s collection would be my favorite. I’m glad to have found your blog and can’t wait to see what else you have to post!

  20. Nancy

    I have not tried Aurofil threads yet. Pretty well sticking with SoFine 50wt. as that works great in my machine. I would be willing to try it! I love any of the assortments.

  21. Diantha Howard

    Cute project! I like Sarah Vedeler’s “Transformation Warm” and “Transformation Cool” collections.
    Thanks for the chance to win thread!

  22. Jill

    I love the idea of putting aurifil thread in a jewelry pouch! I LOVE Aurifil thread, but I mostly purchase neutrals….would be overjoyed to win this pretty collection! I follow Aurifil on Instagram and FB….
    My MIL gave me a pouch like this in 1978 that I still use! It is not very pretty-gaudy oranges and reds… I feel secure in knowing no one would bother to take it if left unattended in a hotel room! Perhaps I need to update it width your great tutorial!

  23. Anne Dirks

    I have 10 granddaughters and can see them liking this! Love the way the second circle makes pockets inside. I’ve been quilting for many years but always on a tight budget. Have longed to try Aurifil . Think I’d like the Seascape by Sheen Norquay. Thanks.

  24. Renea Yarolim

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I love this bag and it would be great for traveling to hold all kinds of items. I really like all the sets of thread by Jill Finley. I have always wanted to try this thread. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  25. Chrysanthemum

    Just found your blog and am impressed with all the creativity! I have made many of these as jewelry bags: all my friends now travel with them, and my travel, in house as well abroad, sewing kit has a little fabric stuffed pin cushion bump, in the centre of the bag…. So handy! Thanks for the great refresher!

  26. I follow you via e-mail. Thank you so much for that tutorial. I may make one of these for my non-sewing daughter for Christmas just so she has some type of sewing repair kit with supplies. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  27. What a great tutorial! It took me a while and it was a tough choice but Pat Sloan’s Perfect box of colors would be fun to play with. Would love the chance to try a new to me thread =). I think I’ll have to try and make one of these when I get home from vacation.

  28. Such a cute sewing bag, never thought of giving one for Christmas. Thanks for the tutorial. I do follow Aurifil and my favorite collection right now is the Valori Wells Collection. A nice variety of vibrant colors.

  29. Lynne Stucke

    It has to be McKenna Ryan’s collection, though the choice was extremely difficult. Thank you for your blog . . . I always enjoy your table scapes! (lynnstck[at]

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  31. Loved the tutorial for the bag. I usually don’t have much success with what I call 3D sewing (anything non quilt) but your tutorial is so well written, I think I could do it 🙂 I follow you through Bloglovin.

  32. I love Aurifil it’s the only thread I use for piecing. but I haven’t used much Variegated thread so I would get the Tula Pink Premium Collection

  33. Quilting Tangent

    Cute organizer bag. Best selection for piecing is my choice. I like the colors in the giveway collection.

  34. Rosemaryflower

    hi Carole. I just got around to reading this and oh my what an adorable little make!!
    I think I will make one of these for my son-in-law’s brother’s wife (:-D) Her name is Christina Aliyetti just like my daughter, so we call her Cupcake, and my daughter Crafty. Anyway, Cupcake was just Dx with Crohn’s at the tender age of 26. Terrible. she even had surgery to remove part of her bowel.
    Anyway, I have been sew so busy, but i wanted to make her something out of Tiffany Blue Fabric bc she love that kind of thing. now I have a great idea. Thanks for your plan.
    This is just so adorable. Thank you bunches for sharing…. ( I just read there is a contest involved. haha, I did not read thoroughly just looked that the project. Truly, that is how I am. Good luck to everyone then. )

  35. carolyn montgomery

    i love the v and co. simply colorful thread collection; all my favorite colors in one box.

  36. Good Morning Carole! I am excited about your Christmas in July event! You started off with a great project and tutorial; I will be creating one today! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

    I follow your blog by email!

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  39. Dianne

    I love all the Aurifil threads..i started following them on Pinterest. I especially like the wildflower meadow collection by Katarina Roccella.

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    I’m SEW glad that you participated in the blog hop. I needed the reminder and I’m happy to be included in your drawing!

  41. Good morning, nice to make your acquaintance! Thank you for the darling tutorial! I’d have to say COLOR ME HAPPY by Vanessa Christenson would be my pick. Thank you to you and Aurifil for the great giveaway.

  42. Very cute! I’m thinking my little would love it for her My Life doll clothes and shoes. 🙂 As far as Aurifil, I’m a sucker for the Tula Pink Premium Collection because it is loaded with variegated threads. I’ve been following them on Pinterest, YouTube, IG and via email for a while now.

  43. Rebecca H

    I have never tried this thread, so would be fun to win. I love the wildflower meadow collection with the rainbow colors.

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    As for the Aurifil Designers Collections – they are all great! Since I have to pick one, I would say “Voluminous” by Katarina Roccella – love all the colors!
    I follow Alex Veronelli on all types of social media.

  45. Shelley

    Hello, FrommyCarolinahome,
    What a Beautiful Blog you have. I found you from a post on my Facebook. I have visited Aurifil Threads website and am folowing them on Pinterest. I LOVE ALL THEIR THREADS BUT, I would love love to win the Fancy Threads Collections by Jennifer Paganelli. I have Many of her fabrics and it will be FABULOUS TO HAVE HER THREADS TO MATCH! Thank you for your 12 days of Christmas in July Posts, I am excited to see all you have planned for us to See an Sew!

  46. ladydukes

    Picking a favorite thread collection is almost as difficult as naming a baby! lol It was so hard to narrow it down, I didn’t even WANT to…but I’ll go with It’s a Girl and It’s a Boy collection.

  47. Great tutorial! I will be making a couple of these for gifts. My favorite Aurifil collection is Mimi Dietrich’s. I’m just getting started on a small Baltimore Album quilt.

  48. Judi Creed

    Oh my goodness. Love the tutorial. I’m a North Carolina gal who follows you through WordPress!

  49. Judi Creed

    How in the world do you choose a favorite Aurifil collection. I love them all! I’ve lost myself in their website! Thanks for the give away!

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    I really like the little packages with 7 small spools, a mini charm pack, and a pattern for a mini quilt. Such a cute, fun little project! I’ve done a couple of them already.

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    Fell in love with the setting for the DOM in 2014 – creating spools and setting them on point inspires me to make a sampler quilt (although I usually don’t like them.

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  57. Nancy

    My favorite designer is Wendy Sheppard. Love all her beautiful quilting. I follow Aurifil’s blog and via FB. Thanks for a great tutorial for the jewelry/sewing case. Yours turned out great.

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    Love Lori Holt’s (Bee in My Bonnet) Happy Colors collection. I have just started following her, and already follow Lori Kennedy’s Inbox Jaunt – love her doodling lessons. Today I signed up to follow FromMyCarolinaHome via e-mail. Looking forward to reading more and playing along with Christmas in July.

  59. VickiT

    Great tutorial. Thank you. When I got my embroidery machine in late 2003, a friend online posted a jewelry carrier she had and was complaining that it was falling apart as she’d used it for so long. I know hers was made for a silky type fabric and I had some left from making some wedding purses for another friend, so I searched to locate a pattern similar to hers. I had no idea what I was doing at all. I sure could have used your tutorial back then for sure. The one I made turned out really well; or maybe I should say the 2nd one did. The first one was a mess I’d made very wrong somehow. oops. LOL The pattern I had found did not use the plastic you have shown so now I want to make more to see how that works. We’ll see when I get around to making them, just how many oops ones I’ll accumulate before getting a nice one. LOL

    I peeked at the thread and there are so many beautiful colors I’d love to buy. The one at the top of my list would have to be
    PRISM by Michelle Scott of The Pieceful Quilter Code: PQ12MS12. I like that because of the variegated threads which work so well to blend.

  60. Helen Glover

    Thanks for the Auriful giveaway. Love their thread. They have amazing designers. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite! Love the 50 wt for piecing as this is mainly what I do. Love Pat Sloan and Lori Holt and Camille Miskelly. All great! Thank you for the chance to win!

  61. Jan N.

    My favorite thread collection is The Ultimate Thread Collection by Tula Pink. I saw this collection at an Aurifil presentation by Alex Veronelli and the Thread Collection is out of this world.

  62. MoeWest

    Thanks for the tutorial. I bought one of these bags at a craft show once. Now I can make some for gifts. I like the Uppercase collection by Janine Vangool. I already follow Aurifil on social media.

  63. Greattutorial.There are many favorites and hard to choose only one favorite..I chose the yumiest Tula pink preimiun collection.

  64. LINDA

    HI,my favorite Aurifil designer is Wendy Sheppard, Subtle Strings collection. Thanks to you+Aurifil for a neat agiveaway!

  65. Kathleen

    I like Jeni Baker’s collections. And I absolutely love this pouch! Definitely going to make one of these, or two, one for each of my daughters. I know they will use them for jewelry.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  66. Linda Williamson

    I like Pat Sloan, follow her all over. I’m working on the Splendid Sampler and loving it. Learning tons from everyone. She has a Aurfil line for her Hometown Girl. Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. A very nice gift indeed! I have never seen the plastic canvas disc used for the base but it’s a fantastic idea.
    Thanks for the chance to win! I picked 2 favorites – Sewn Desert (gorgeous!!) and Small Kennel Quilt Thread Kit (it benefits Petfinder).

  68. Laura Flaviani

    I love the VandCo ‘s bright colors but I also like Wendy Sheppard’s soft colors. Actually I love them all

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  71. Melody Lutz

    I follow on email, happy to do so. Those Aurifil spools look so happy in their bag, this would work for my traveling hexies!

  72. Judy Zoll

    Kansas troubles quilter is my favorite..I love the warm colors. Thanks for blogging, I enjoy seeing what you are up to each day.

  73. Oh how fun! I love a “giveaway” drawing! Challenge to pick between some of my favorite designers, but I will go with Pat Sloan. I took 2 classes with her last fall, and she is coming to speak this month at a local guild, and I will be attending. I met her in person when I went to IQF Houston in 2012. The local quilt shop (Serendipity Quilt Shop, Dagsboro DE) uses her patterns and books for classes. When I took my first “official class” in 2012, I was excited it was a book by Pat that we would use!

  74. 2nd chance— of course I follow your blog!! (And Aurifil’s blog on wordpress too!) I’ve enjoyed watching the progress of Wendy Sheppard’s quilt along with Aurifil. She is an amazing quilter. 🙂

  75. Joy

    My choice is clear. It’s aptly named “Aurifil Best Collection” in 50wt. It’s a good start to an excellent collection of threads.

  76. Lesley Gilbert

    Wow – what a choice to choose from – I kept finding my favourite and then another and another – so difficult to choose just one, so my final choice ‘chipper’ by Tula Pink 🙂

  77. Lesley Gilbert

    I follow you by e-mail – so nice sometimes to read everything in the mail window and sometimes on your blog – every day without fail 🙂

  78. Donna Joy

    Oh I like so many threads but Tula Pink ultimate looks fun to sew with.
    I get emails from Aurifil.

  79. dezertsuz

    From the number of comments, I can see you have a very popular blog. =) That was a GREAT tutorial. I think I could follow everything to come up with a beautiful finish the very first time. Thanks! I love the idea of winning Aurifil Thread in all those colors. Transformation Cool is my current favorite set of threads. Thanks to Aurifil for the prize and chance to win.

  80. Janis T

    I love the McKenna Ryan thread set! I am going to put your thread sewing kit on my list of Christmas gifts-thanks!

  81. cdahlgren2013

    I love everything Lori Holt, especially the colors she uses! Looking forward to everything you post over the next 12 days! I’m a Christmas junkie, and have actually started making Christmas gifts early this year!

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  83. J’ai partagé sur mon blog français, avec un lien vers votre blog , j’espere que cela ne vous derange pas. Sinon j’effacerais. Merci du partage d’idées.
    Bel ete
    Isabelle Miaou

  84. I always use Aurafil for real sewing. It’s easy to thread in the needle, a lot goes on the bobbin, and I don’t have to clean the machine as often either! I liked the TINSEL by Cheri Good Quilt Designs box as it has different shades of grey and blue. Thanks for the chance.

  85. Karen Hickman

    I love the country colors in the Kansas troubles quilters collection- that’s my favorite !!!

  86. anudge

    Love Aurifil – use it for piecing all the time. Love the Aurifil Best Collection as they work with so many colors. Thanks for the chance!

  87. Susan Stanton

    I love your drawstring jewelry bad. Great gift idea! My favorite designer is Fig Tree Quilts.

  88. What a great tutorial! Thanks so much for it. As for Aurifil, it’s my go-to thread. A lot of the collections look great, and Tula Pink’s looks like a lot of fun. All those variegated threads to play with!

  89. Audrey AM

    I love Aurifill threads. The Basic collection from Mark Lipinski is my fav. The others all have beautiful colors that make you want to touch, but I love sewing with neutral colors.

  90. Karen

    The Tropical Collection appeals to me because it reminds me of summer and the colors are just gorgeous. Once I tried the Aurifil, I have used it solely!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  91. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I’ve seen these at craft shows but they are rather expensive, and it’s difficult to buy what I know I can make. I’ve just been waiting for your post! Oh, following Aurifil on Pinterest!

  92. GeeGee

    That is a great tutorial and will make nice Christmas gifts. I have never used Aurifil thread and would love to win to give it a try. Thanks also for the surprise recipe.

  93. Beth T.

    I love Aurifil thread. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite designer collection, but the SAQA collection uses colors I find in my stash so I’d quilt with that very, very frequently…thanks so much for the lovely giveaway.

  94. catskillquilter

    My favorite collection is the McKenna Ryan Tropical Collection – such wonderful colors!

  95. I like Jill Finley’s collection called “Sunday Best.” I almost always use neutrals, but lately have wished I had a good navy blue. Her collection looks great to me.

  96. Linda Hodges

    Just found your blog thru the 12 days of Christmas blog with Sarah. Will definitely be following you in the future. Love Aurifil thread, there is nothing to compare it to for me. Thanks you for the great tutorial of the gorgeous sewing kit bag. Will certainly be making this.

  97. Lee

    Thank you for the tutorial! What a cute project! I love Aurifil, the Sew Modern Essentials is what caught my eye!!

  98. jenetamasson

    My favourite Aurifil collection is UPPERCASE by Janine Vangool. Of course, I love all Aurifil threads!

  99. Sue Stubbings

    my favourite one is the new Sarah Fielke big stitches set. I love hand stitching and the 12wt is wonderful to stitch with

  100. I love your Sewing Kit! I can see myself making a lot of these to give as Christmas gifts. My favourite Aurifil thread collection is actually the V & Co Simply Color – so many beautiful colors! Thank!

  101. The ”Tropical Box’ by McKenna Ryan is my favorite! Such bright vibrant colors! Thank you for the jewelry/sewing kit instructions-so many uses-so many fabric choices-wonderful!

  102. Mary

    I loved Minnick and Simpson’s perfect box of neutrals. It would be perfect 🙂 for me!
    Thanks for the great tutorial.

  103. Phyllis Y

    Thanks for the chance to win some of this beautiful thread! I follow Aurifil on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 🙂

  104. Phyllis Y

    I’m a Carolina gal, too, currently living in Iowa but hoping to return home someday. 🙂 I’m following you via email and WordPress.

  105. I think I like Pat Sloan’s Perfect Neutral best , being that I would probably use them the most. I just don’t know how to pick a favourite so my goal is to collect them all. It’s always good to have a goal 🙂

  106. Such a choice of collections of threads, after careful consideration, I think my favourite (to go with what I am sewing at present) is “SURF SQUIRT” By Claudia Pfeil.

    I follow you via email.

    Thank you for a lovely bag pattern, which will be made for a coupe of gifts this Christmas, and thank you for the chance to win such yummy thread.

  107. Your tutorial is great and I can see this being a wonderful gift to open up Christmas morning. Thanks for your hard work in preparing this tutorial to share with everyone. Marsha@quilterinmotion

  108. Diane Beavers

    Sewn Desert by April Rhodes. Thank you so much for the make up/jewelery/ roll up tutorial. I’ve promised two friends that I’ll make them some accessories for an upcoming travel and this is perfect.

  109. Joanna

    I like The Basics Collection by Mark Lipinski because I know I use all of those colors in any of my quilts. Thank you for the sewing kit tutorial; That would make a neat gift bag.

  110. Pam S

    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I’m going on vacation soon, and I think I’ll make one of these bags for my sewing supplies. I love Aurifil’s Tula Pink collection, and I follow Aurifil on Pinterest.

  111. Can you believe I’ve never used Aurifil yet! GAGS! Soooo with that said, I think their new 2015 Bright collection would be the perfect collection to try them out with…esp. since my stash has sooo many polka dotted brights to match!! Cute little bags too!!!

  112. Ilana

    I love the Tinsel collection. Perfect colors for not only winter quilts but seashore/ocean quilts as well.

  113. I visited Aurifil and I like the Aurifil Best collection. I visit your blog about once a week and get caught up but do not follow through a traditional method because I like to chose when I visit. I have participated in both of your mystery quilts.

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