Having a Virtual Lunch, Table for One

I made this suggestion last week, and put it into practice right away.  It was fun and did two things at once, supported a local family owned restaurant and made a nice connection with a good friend.  We had a nice chat, while we both enjoyed our meal.

Using a speaker phone took care of chewing in someone’s ear, and I set the phone up with a bookstand to hold it.  You can also use a video chat app if you have one.  I don’t yet, but am looking into Skype or Zoom particularly for my long distance friends.  Of course, you know me, I had to set a table for it!!

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I was planning on sushi, so I got out some of my Japanese lacquerware.

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

A gold tray will hold my lunch, with a soup bowl on the left, soy sauce dish in the middle and a green tea cup on the side.  These were all thrift store finds some time ago, and I think this is the first time I’ve used them all together this way.

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

A spring green napkin is held with a flower pot ring in yellow.

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I used a pretty yellow print plate under the gold lacquer tray.  I put a plant on the table, and two canning jar candles with yellow flowers in the base.

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Dragonfly chopsticks are added.  I don’t need the flatware, do I?  Force of habit when setting a table, LOL!

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Say hi to Helen at Champa, she had my meal ready for pickup right on time.

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Back home, I put my food on the table, and called my friend.

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Doesn’t this look yummy and fun?  Yes, I ate one of the sushi pieces before I could finish the pictures, LOL, couldn’t wait.  The won ton soup was scrumptious.

Virtual Lunch at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I had a lovely chat with my friend, and plan to do this at least once a week.  Share your virtual lunches in our Friends of From My Carolina Home Facebook group.  Share your Corona-cation Placemat Challenge projects too!!

If you missed this challenge on Saturday, I’m hosting a How I Spent My Corona-cation Placemat Challenge.  Make a placemat size mini quilt – 12-14 x 18-20, with any design you like that represents how you spent this time at home, and send it to me by the end of April.  Lightly quilted and folded in half, it should be able to ship first class mail, so not too expensive to mail.  You can also enter by sharing your creations on Facebook in our sharing group and donating to Meals on Wheels in your hometown.  If you spent your time gardening, maybe a nice floral design.  If you spent your time fractured with too much going on at home, maybe a pineapple.  Perhaps you finished a long time UFO, and can make a placemat with that block design.  Let your imagination take over. I’ll do a virtual quilt show with all the entries received, with a prize to be determined later, and then all the entries will be donated to Meals on Wheels.  Share your creations on Instagram and Facebook with #Corona-cationChallenge.  Let’s have some fun with our sewing time!  Here’s a button for your blog if you’d like one.

How about you, can you have a virtual lunch with a friend?

Make a fun card to send to a friend!  Right now Impression Obsession has 25% off until March 29th use coupon code TOGETHER.

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30 thoughts on “Having a Virtual Lunch, Table for One

  1. This is so creative Carole… I love it!
    I had to do some online research to see what the risk of transmission is for take out food, and at the moment it seems low enough for me to be willing to take that risk. I am really craving my favourite butter chicken from our local restaurant, so I’ll try to figure out a friend luncheon!

  2. Rosemaryflower

    I love the place setting. So nice to get take out, prepared and ready to go.
    We have not done that yet.
    I have been reading your blog just not commenting – the usually harried life going on here.
    Of course, now I cannot see my babies at all!! I have been going to daddy about three days a week, is the plan. Clean clothes and with provisions. His neighborhood is on lock down, so only the most important people, still, it is a huge operation. Everyone is just trying to learn how to be clean, This whole thing is so annoying.
    I hope both of you are keeping well and healthy.

  3. Sue

    I’ve started my first placemat from my orphan box . That box is an “interesting” assortment. I’ve been saving with intention of making a quilt. Placemats are a much better option. I plan to make for my town’s Meals on Wheels.

  4. Rita C.

    That’s a great idea. We had a Zoom conference call with some family yesterday to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 78th birthday. He opened his cards received and his wife lit candles and we sang HB to him. Keeping the distance, keeping the faith.

  5. The placemat challenge is a great idea! Maybe I’ll jump in once I get settled with my blog. Things are very close, but it’s been stressful. I have been sewing, just not posting. Today I’ll be doing a FaceTime chat with quilting friends. I can’t wait!

  6. Joan Sheppard

    Lunch looks absolutely wonderful and the tablescape is so elegant. Virtual Lunch is a great idea for all year.
    My Grandson’s 5th birthday is the 25th. We are having a Virtual Sing along on Zoom – not so sure about virtual birthday cake!

  7. Cindy

    LOVE the placemat challenge!!! Tried to get my guild to do this for Meals On Wheels years ago for Christmas and not one person was interested. I was very disappointed. Now I get to finally do it!!!!! Thanks Carole!!! Do you ever turn your brain off? : )

  8. Chopsticks and flatware = belt and suspenders. Ready for any eventuality!!! Your table is so pretty and calm. I;m trying to maintain “calm” with moderate success—keeping busy with cards and the Vintage Christmas blocks. Have the bell done, but I;m kinda stuck on the house. I keep thinking of putting Santa in the window, but I can’t find the Santa fabric I KNOW I have somewhere! We’ll see what I come up with. Not giving up yet!

    1. Joan Sheppard

      Can you print a Santa picture from your computer?
      When I need a specific size, I copy the picture onto regular paper. Check to see that it is the right size. Then securely tape your fabric (cutting the fabric about 2 inches bigger on all sides “in case”) over the paper photo so it’s in the right spot and print. I use June Tailor Photo fabric – print and go, or Bubble jet on the fabric, let dry, iron. It’s easier than it sounds. Then cut and use as usual.

      1. Thank you Joan, for this idea! I didn’t see your post until this afternoon. Yes, I would learn to do that, but in the meantime, I found my fabric! So no more excuses! Thanks again for the idea!

  9. Great lunch date. I have been using Skype, Messenger and FaceTime, but this week I started using LifeSize, which gives me a permanent link for my own meeting room, which is kind of nice.

  10. What an awesome idea! I’m going to face time with friends today from Ohio as I sit here in ARizona!

    I enjoyed your table setting! Enjoy and stay safe my friend!

  11. Carole you are always a breathe of fresh air! I found this post absolutely adorable….just thinking of you and a pal sharing your virtual lunch. I’m been cruising blog today and am surprised how many have slowed down…yet you’ve come up with an ingenious way to stay connected. :)Sending smiles and hugs. 🙂

  12. thedarlingdogwood

    Fun idea! My husband had sushi twice the week before all the stay home stuff started, both times without me, and he’s been rubbing it in! 🙂 We’re trying to do takeout once a week to help keep locally-owned places in business. Lovely table, as always!

  13. Joan Sheppard

    Today was our grandson’s 5th birthday and we had a virtual Birthday Party. The boys loved it because all the old people weren’t patting their head and telling them how big they’d gotten but they still got gifts and we all ate Virtual Cake together. Relatives from Washington D. C. to Boston all chimed in. Half hour and done. I love technology (today at least – tomorrow maybe not.)

  14. This is a lovely way to spend time with a friend. Lovely setting too.
    We are making the most of Skype to stay in touch with family especially, here and in the US.

  15. Phyllis Smith

    Hello there,

    Your table for one is just my style. Since my sons taste leans towards the warmer seasonings we don’t eat much of the same things. That being said you know I eat by myself all the time except for going to a restaurant with a friend, mostly to Red Lobsterwhen we have a birthday or something seasonal we might go to O’Charlies since we like it. I have a Ruby Tuesday, Applebe’s, Longhorns, and Olive Garden all within a 10 min. drive from my home and then there is the pavilion across the Ga.85 hwy. just off from the subdivisions entrance. It’s great to have so much at my fingertips.

    I have a question I am wondering if you miught be able to help me and other with. I wanted to make some mask for some of my friends and family and I came acrossthe perfect mask to use but the didn’t give the measurements and when I went to the interned to googlesome I could only find them in the cm and metric measurements Have looked through quite a few books and only found 2 conversions and neither of them

    Seem to match the numbers in the metric versions. Do you have any conversion charts you would be willing to share with the rest of us or could you share some info. as to where we could obtain the info?

    Found the pattern for the 3 fold mask in a small, medium, large and extra large sizes from Pinterest and its in a foreign language but is very well illustrated as to how to make them.

    Thank you so much if you are going to be able to help us.


    1. Joan Sheppard

      This is my favorite. It is a youtube video and she is very good with directions.

      The other one that I like also reminds us that the ones we make at home are NOT germ proof. They are a fence – not a barrier against the germs. We also must remember to use common sense and not touch the mask when we home, take it off with a bag, throw it in the wash.

      We wear them when we walk out the door to get the mail. We are in a hot spot. We do some gardening and can do more when it stops SNOWING. Just flakes today but I really done with snow.
      Stay well.

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