Scrap Dance Quickstep Garden Maze Quilting

After looking at the pieced Quickstep Garden Maze top for a bit, I considered adding a border of brown or looking for a rock or stone print to mimic a stone wall around the garden.  Ultimately, I decided it would look best with borders of the same green.  So I added those using the proper border technique (see my quilt borders tutorial for details).

Quickstep borders

Loading up on the longarm, those wrinkles you see in the top smoothed out with just a bit of Best Press/Water spritz and a little steam.

Quickstep on longarm

Amazingly, even with the bias edges, I think the way the sewing was done using the HST technique kept the stretch to a minimum.  I didn’t see any B-cups on the quilt.  It flattened out nicely.

Quickstep Quilting 3

I decided to quilt it with my favorite dense pantograph, Plumeria Gardens by Lisa Calle at Intelligent Quilting.  The thread is a polyester in a taupe color, which adds just a bit of shine.  The bobbin has Bottom Line.

Quickstep Quilting 2

The pantograph is a large flower which fit with the overall theme of the quilt as a Garden Maze.  I used my favorite Warm and Natural Batting.

Quickstep Quilting 1

When the quilting was done, I decided to bind it in the same fabric for continuity.

Quickstep Binding

Working on the binding during Slow Stitching days.

Quickstep binding

All done!

Qucikstep Finished 2

Qucikstep Finished 1

I haven’t decided about putting it in the Mountain Regional State Fair.  I just got my entry catalog in the mail this week, and the categories have changed a bit.  It looks like a change for the better too, with the largest category split into two sizes.  But the way the quilt is made cuts off some corners on some squares, and I think that will not sit well with a judge.  Since I cannot explain that the corners are a consequence of the technique, I’m sure it will get points off.  Perhaps I can put it in the crafting section under Senior Quilted Item, and save the quilting category for Scrap Dance Tango, will give that some thought.

Any finishes for you this week?


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9 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Quickstep Garden Maze Quilting

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    It’s a beautiful quilt and I liked looking at the flowers on the 4th photo – some look like photo’s of real flowers – hope you’re enjoying your break 🙂

  2. Good Morning Carole! This quilt is lovely! I really enjoy the piecing design with the bold and fancy flowers along with the solid green that keeps it from being to overbearing. Your quilting design choice is superb and wonderful! Sure wish that I had a long arm and could accomplish those types of designs to really make a quilt sing with triumph the way you can. Until then, I will continue to rave about each one you share with us., I hope that you can figure out how and which category to put all of your entries into and that you receive loads o f blue ribbonsj! I also hope that all of your studying is going well along with the many tests you are having to take! I hope that you have a fantastic creative day between all of your commitments!

  3. dezertsuz

    I think it’s gorgeous, whatever judges might think. =) Thanks for showing the quilting. That’s a nice panto for a floral quilt. Your pattern sounds like it will be well worth buying.

  4. Love this quilt Carole. I have been knee deep in strips, and was a bit worried that the chaos of scrappy colour in mine would be just too much, but since I added the plainer half of the HST I have decided I love it. Trouble is, I haven’t used any where near enough of the pile of strips I have put together! LOL. I’ll be uploading a photo to Flickr shortly. Also planning a blog post about it. Enjoy your break.

  5. liz brown

    Really love the pattern. Will buy it when it is available. I have some flower prints. Thanks.

  6. I’m green with envy at your beautiful finish! Seee…..this is why I like Tuesday Archives as I missed this post….I must have been on vacation as I never miss your posts! SMILES!!!!

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