Early April in the Garden

April is warm, and sunny, and I am really antsy to get into the garden. But, I know better.  The prediction for the next few days is to have overnight lows in the 20s!  The last frost date is still a week away, and I am not going to pick up my annuals until next week. The tulips are still pretty, the redbud is still blooming, but those bulbs in the brick planter haven’t yet bloomed so I still don’t know what they are.  The ajuga is still blooming next to the sidewalk, and in the back.

April Front walk 2

This cherry tree is on the way to my office, lovely isn’t it?

April Weeping cherry 2

At the office, these two-tone daffodils are blooming in front of the front door.

April Daffodils 2

Along with these yellow ones.

April Daffodils 5

These have a faint sweet fragrance, just lovely.

April Daffodils 4

This is a saucer magnolia, almost ready to spread out the petals.

April Saucer Magnolia 2

There are buds and one open flower as well.

April Saucer Magnolia 1

Back home along the driveway, two azaleas are starting their spring display, one pink and one white.

April Azaleas 2

Around the circle, this darker pink is almost ready to burst.

April Red azalea

This one little red tulip comes up every year, and I think maybe this year I’ll transplant it to the bed with the other tulips. The hostas are coming up around it.

April Red Tulip

The flowers are so pretty around here right now that I had to have a go at some artsy pictures with my still-new-to-me camera. Here are some golden forsythia blooms at the edge of the parking lot at the office. I love the way the background blurs.

April Forsythia 1

These are maple tree flowers. Yes the sky was that azure blue just a few days ago.

April Maples 4

Here’s a closer look.

April Maples 3

Sunlight through the pear trees.

April trees against blue sky

In back of the house, the clingstone peach has a lot of blooms this year. I hope that means peaches! Maybe I can get a few before the bear does.

April peach 2

How is your garden going?

12 thoughts on “Early April in the Garden

  1. Quilting Tangent

    Beautiful garden. My garden was just starting to show life, 1st drafodilles open, buds on bushes just starting to leaf out then 7 inches of snow.

  2. Your Spring is looking beautiful ♥ The apple trees are blooming here this week and smell so good.. hopefully I’ll be able to get some this year instead of the squirrels 😦

  3. Good Morning Carole! Your flower photos are beautiful! You are learning spectacularly on your new camera the features and how to use them; I think that is wonderful and hope that you continue to experiment and have fun. I believe many of your photos are already “professional” quality so maybe by fair time you can enter some of them into the categories and win some ribbons in that area also! I did finally get around to posting a post and included a picture of one of my bunches of daffodils in bloom. I sure do enjoy flowers and hubby is really getting into them also, which is very fun for the both of us. Thank you for sharing and I think your pictures are spectacular, plus the fact that you know exactly what they are makes it even more interesting. Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. Everyone Is anxious to get in the garden this year and cold weather just keeps popping its head back in to fool us. I think your mystery plants just might be iris. It’s fun to see what comes back to delight us.

  5. Rosemaryflower

    Spring is so beautiful. I love seasons.
    This has been a crazy Spring. I also have one lonely tulip that comes up every year. It’s a fighter
    I have a lot of iris. I do not particularly like iris, but I have my own field of iris, all part of the Otwell Iris family fields in Illinois.
    My hubbs’ great grampa.
    Anyway, I do not have a lot of time for gardening now, I try to do a little every week (small goals)
    I am digging a bigger garden for my iris.
    Other than that, I bought some cheap seeds at Walmart and I will scatter those willy nilly in the yard
    Your view is glorious! Your peach tree is a beauty!

  6. You have a beautiful garden, Carole!!! I am especially jealous of the tulips. I’d love to grow them, but it’s too hot where we are. They can be grown in cooler parts of Australia, though. Our Autumn has been unseasonably hot. Hopefully it will cool down soon, as it’s the season I love the best, with Spring coming a close second. Love your cherry and magnolia trees!!!

  7. Definitely a beautiful garden and area. I especially like the azalea, I don’t think we have those around here but we do get huge swathes of lilac blooming, just gorgeous. But as we had snow again yesterday it will be a few days before flowers come out.

  8. dezertsuz

    Beautiful photos of beautiful plants! We’re just about bloomed out. The dogwood opened early this week, and I think that’s the end of our season. I did notice on the drive to Nashville yesterday that the higher passes still have trees blooming, though!

  9. Sheryl

    What a joy to see such pretty colours. I love this time of year, thanks for sharing your garden. I still have the freesias in bloom and the camelias and wisteria.

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