Christmas Breakfast and Tablescape

Christmas breakfast is a time for hearty but easy.  Something that can practically make itself while coffee and presents get the first attention of the day.  The baked egg casserole fits this bill nicely, you know the one that you make the night before and put into the oven cold.  I add some Cranberry Scones – made from a mix – to round out the morning.  So, everyone gets a full tummy, and can manage with a light snack to wait for the main dinner served around 4 pm.  Setting a pretty breakfast table makes the meal special.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Breakfast is on the pub table and starts with the green placemats and my casual Christmas plates.  Each one is different, with Peace, Joy, Love, and Hope.  The motifs on the plates are all different too with a tree, sleigh, stocking and a gift.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I found these black paper napkins at the thrift store, still in cellophane. They are black with green trees and a cardinal on the top. They go perfectly with the black background plates.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

One thing I like to do is use my Christmas spreaders for knives at the breakfast table. They do a fine job of spreading butter and I get to actually use them.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Juice glasses and my china coffee mugs complete the settings.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I put a small tree in the center, and surrounded it with sparkly little birdhouses.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

It sits on my Hexagonal Christmas Table Topper, pattern on that post.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I added two little Santa Claus figures I found at the thrift store this year.

Santas 1

Aren’t they cute? They are different from the Santas I found last year, and I still do not know where those came from.  Remember these guys I found at two different stores?  The best lead was maybe Hobby Lobby, but I have not been able to confirm that.

Santa 4

Anyway, back to breakfast!  We usually sneak into the stockings while the egg and sausage casserole is baking.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

There are plenty of recipes on the internet, just do a search for Breakfast Casserole.  I usually make a small casserole just for us, and I’ll be making mine tonight.  The quantities are variable, and it doesn’t matter too much if you have a bit more or less of this or that.  I saute onions and mushrooms with half of a roll of sausage until done and drain.  Combine with with 3-4 slices of bread cut into cubes, and 1/2 cup of grated cheese – I use a combination of cheddar and mozarella.  Put in a casserole dish sprayed with cooking spray.  Then beat 2 eggs with a bit of half-and-half, salt and pepper to taste, and pour over.  Top with a little more cheese.  Let it sit overnight covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator.  In the morning, uncover and place the casserole in a cold oven.  Turn on the oven, and heat to 350 degrees.  Bake casserole about 45 minutes total, or until puffed and golden brown.  Then, tent with foil while you turn up the oven heat and bake some scones or biscuits to go with it.

What do you like to have for breakfast on a holiday morning?



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11 thoughts on “Christmas Breakfast and Tablescape

  1. Rosemaryflower

    This table setting looks so festive. The plates are beautiful.
    I love the Santas.
    I made the egg and sausage casserole for a party years ago. Everyone loved it.
    Sausage does not agree with me for some reason. It would be great to try to make it with ham.

  2. Sharon Schipper

    Merry Christmas, dear lady! I’m making quiche for dinner tonight, there will be leftovers tomorrow morning, and I’ll make blueberry muffins as well. Traditionally, we’ve had either sausage and pancakes and fried apples, or the breakfast casserole, but my son now goes Christmas morning to his fiance’s home for Christmas breakfast, and then they’re not hungry until after 2 or so, which is typically when we eat the main meal, so now it’s pushed to about 4…

    Big long distance hug, love your tablescape. My table is covered with meal ingredients, a potted tree, some wrapping stuff… half day at work today, my decor is packed away, but my holiday dishes are at hand, so you’ve inspired me again!
    Sharon in Colorado

  3. Melanie

    What a delightful tablescape for Christmas breakfast. Loved the “finds” at various thrift shops. I am a thrift-shopper myself and love finding things. My egg casserole is usually made with leftover potatoes or those I have precooked for that purpose; I must try the bread idea. Our large family (5 kids) always enjoyed this dish, even for a breakfast dinner with ham or sausage. Merry Christmas!

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Good Merry Christmas Eve Morning to you Carole! Your Table looks so perfect for a Happy Christmas Morning Breakfast! I Love IT! You are so Great at this! When I lived at home, Dad would wake us up very early for opening stockings and gifts and then he and Mom would make scrambled eggs, fried ham and toast for breakfast. Now that it is just Hubby and I, we do not do breakfast and we get to my parents at around 12 to eat at about 2-3.

    I think these dishes are A plus awesome! They are a spectacular way to spruce up a table setting for this time of the year on any day! There is no way I could ever choose a favorite; they each one have something special about them aside from the message. It makes me very happy knowing that YOU were one of the grand people to own a set of these! The little spreaders with the trees are so adorable; Carole, you are really getting me hooked on this kind of collectibles…I mentioned in a conversation with hubby about things we needed to watch for in garage sales this up coming year and table setting collectibles was mentioned. I had to explain of course, which was fun and hubby just smiled and shook his head and said alrighty then!

    I Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy and Love Filled Christmas!

  5. Your cozy breakfast table is most attractive. I must prepare a breakfast casserole soon. It’s a good thing we always have Stollen from Germany on Christmas morning, because this year the refrigerator is bulging. There is no room for any other item, no matter how small.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. The breakfast table looks so inviting! And, I do want to mention also the Christmas stollen. Sooo good and always for that special morning, putting our order in early at the local bakery. I do like the idea of the oven on to warm up breakfast, smelling divine!

    Have a very Merry Christmas and may the new Year bring you many blessings!

  7. dezertsuz

    Your table is so festive and perfect for the holiday. Thanks for sharing those pictures! I hope you are enjoying it right now and that you have a lovely day.

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