Rose Angel Ornament

Christmas cookie cutters make wonderful bases for ornaments.  I made a lot of ornaments with buttons last year.  This year, I was at a local crafting store, and they had their big packs of ribbon roses on clearance for 50 cents.  Naturally, I bought about a dozen packs.  I thought about the Button Ornaments that I did last year, and thought I’d try the same idea with these ribbon roses.

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

I had a white cookie cutter in an angel shape, the white roses will go with it nicely.

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

Start by gluing them on with hot glue, working around the outside from the top.

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

Keep gluing them on all around the top and sides. Pack them together to fill in well.

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

I left the outside of the bottom clear just in case I wanted to sit it on a table.

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

Using a pair of needlenose pliers to hold it in place, I put the cording on the top with hot glue.

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

I made a loop, then added a jewel as a halo

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

I thought the bottom looked a bit unfinished, so I added three roses to the inside.

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

And, voila! All done!

Rose Angel at From My Carolina Home

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Did you craft anything for the tree this year?

10 thoughts on “Rose Angel Ornament

  1. Rosemaryflower

    very cute.They would make great neighbor gifts.

    I made some Christmas fabric and red felt pennants. Well, about 9 so far.
    I am not sure where I will hang them. but I am hosting the two gatherings this year. I am not putting up a tree!!!
    I know shocking, but it will look festive. I have 3M and I know how to use it. Daughter and Sarah were over yesterday
    Oh my I love that baby,….. anyway, I am having fun when I manage to have to time to play with my boxes of Christmas treasures and lights.
    Have fun!

  2. Mildred Plaskett

    The posts on Slow Stitching Sunday prompted me to finish the cross stitch on plastic ornaments I started a few years ago. I was happy I could finish them for the tree since my eyes have changed as I got older. Happy Holidays to all.

  3. Brenda Ackerman

    Good Morning Carole! After reading your post on making button ornaments and then on the rose ornaments, I know I am going to be on the look out for some cookie cutters to buy today. My Mother and I are going to go Christmas shopping for a few hours later on this afternoon. It is a tradition that we do every year together and we always have so much fun and usually also have lunch. After our exercise session, hee-hee, then Mom, Dad, Hubby and I spend a few hours playing a few games of Wahoo and usually order Pizza and just have a fun filled day. By the time we get home this evening, I hope that I will still want to do some sewing or crafting (maybe make some of the button ornaments) of the what still seems like dozens of gifts to make, but it really is not that much. We have been getting a lot of rain which is wonderful! Are you still staying warm and dry or have you gotten some rain or snow now? Have a wonderful creative day!

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