Christmas Trip Around the World

Before the holiday season gets away, I wanted to show the completed quilt I did before MIL’s visit.  Remember, I wanted to get one done in 10 days?  Yes, I did make it!  She liked the festive look it gave the room.  To see the construction of the quilt, click on Christmas Trip Around the World.

Christmas Trip Around the World | From My Carolina Home

I think it looks wonderful with the deep burgundy on the walls below the chair rail.

Christmas Trip Around the World | From My Carolina Home

I added the Christmas toille pillows I made some years ago as an accent.

Christmas Trip Around the World | From My Carolina Home

Here’s a secret I kept until now. The quilt is quilted in red with hearts with a red binding, so I can turn it over after Christmas and have a Valentine redwork quilt.

Christmas Trip Around the World | From My Carolina Home

Quilted for Christmas!

Christmas Trip Around the World | From My Carolina Home

Hope you are having a lovely holiday season!

Spelling Bee Book by Lori Holt

Happy Cloud Quilt Batting by Fat Quarter Shop

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20 thoughts on “Christmas Trip Around the World

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    How warm and welcoming that looks. Perfect for North Carolina in December…. Great job Carole.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and may 2016 be the best of New Years…..

  2. Oh, what a great idea!! 2 holiday quilt!! Next table runner I make I think that is going to be my thought process, double sided. It was fun following the project as your worked on it, and I bet your MIL felt very welcomed by your extra efforts. Merry Christmas.

  3. Sharon Schipper

    Beautiful! and I love the toile pillows. I’m always impressed with your output! I’m half heartedly preparing for a move within a few months, so I’m only doing one project right now, have the components of the blocks done and ironed, but with all I have on my to do the next few days, it will be waiting until next week for more I’m thinking!
    Blessings to you and to your DH,
    sharon in Colorado

  4. Good Morning Carole! Your quilt is beautiful and it adds elegance to your room. Such a smart choice for the quilting design! So often, I think people do not use the flip side of their quilts as a focus; but very often they are just as beautiful. Very often, I try and make double sided quilts just for this reason. Especially , when I am going totally scrappy. I am sewing up a storm at my kitchen table this year and creating almost each and every one of our Christmas gifts. I am really having a great time, but this is the first year that I have done this and it will be the last. Starting after Christmas, I am going to be setting up a new blog and it is going to be devoted to stitching/sewing/creating Gifts all year long. I am really excited about it. I hope that you continue to enjoy your visit and holiday!

  5. Marion

    I love twofers, they make your work stretch just that much further. Your work is really pretty. I think I will get back to my ufo’s in the new year.

  6. JoanG

    I love two sided quilts. I must admit though that I never thought of using the quilting design to make that second side pattern. You can be sure I’ll be adding that to my quilting repertoire. Thanks for the inspiration.

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