Christmas Dinner Tablescape

We are having our Christmas dinner with family and friends a little early this year, while my Mother in Law is visiting.  My Christmas Tablescape last year was a bit more casual with my quilted table cover, but this year I wanted things to be a bit more elegant.  We are planning to have a wonderful Baked Ham and my Baked Spinach, along with a second side dish I have yet to determine  Still, the table needs to be set, so I got out the Christmas linens and dishes. I decided more gold would look more formal for this year, so I went with that.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I started with the table cover, just to add a layer of protection for the table.  A green tablecloth was added, then a Christmas plaid square tablecloth was  placed on point.   I added red Battenburg placemats with matching napkins that have little green holly berries on them.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

For the place setting, I am using my Lenox Holiday Tartan china inherited from my mother. I put my gold chargers underneath.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

The red Battenburg napkins have holly leaves and jingle bell berries napkin rings.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Once again, I am happy that I started in advance, the silverware needed polishing before it went on the table.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

The setting is completed with wine glasses, small bowls and coffee mugs.  Each place setting gets its own salt and pepper.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

The centerpiece is low so people can enjoy it, and still be able to talk over it.  We’ll enjoy a fire in the large fireplace too, if it is cool enough.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I love this white reindeer that was a gift to me a couple of years ago.  It is perfect on the table, adding a focal point to the center.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

I added greenery, red and gold apples, and two unscented red candles.  As much as I love scented candles, I want the aroma of the food to take center stage at the meal.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Some extra holly and berries for the reindeer.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

All set and ready for dinner.

Christmas Tablescape | From My Carolina Home

Merry Christmas! How are your holidays so far?


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10 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner Tablescape

  1. Carole, Your table setting is gorgeous! I was reading and just slowly browsing each photo and detail even before I had my first cup of coffee this morning! For myself, your Mothers Dishes are my favorite accessories! It is that glorious ribbon encircling the entire plate and then being surrounded by the gold rimmed finishing. I have never seen any dishes like these before and think they are magnificent! Of course, each of your other accessories are beautiful also and all work together so magnificently creating another masterpiece of your table settings. Plus, I agree with you on a couple of your other choices…keeping the centerpiece low for everyone can easily see/hear one another and that the scents should come from the food.
    Again, I truly look forward to reading your detailed posts about table settings and get such a double bonus by seeing the photos. Thank you for sharing this wonderful part of your life! Have a wonderful creative day!

  2. Air Wick

    Oh your table looks Beautiful. You have done a nice job setting it. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas even if it is early. There is no rules that says you have to celebrate Christmas on December 25. As long as you know the reason it can be any day of the year you choose. Enjoy your dinner with your family and friends. Merry Christmas

  3. catsandroses

    Lovely Christmas table! But where do you put the ham platter and side dishes when ready for serving? I often have to move my centerpieces, when ready to serve dinner, to make room for the platters/serving bowls, just wondering how you handle that. Love your Mother’s dishes. I inherited an amazing set of dishes from my great grandmother, and they often make an appearance at Christmas and other holidays, too.

    Just voted again for The Christmas List — looks like the Smoky Mtn. one is back in first place, so hoping we can all get it back to first place; would love to see it! Merry Christmas!

    1. I put the serving dishes at the corners. If there are too many dishes, I use a side table. Sometimes I have people get the entree and hot sides from a buffet, have the salads (or cranberry sauce) already on the table in small dishes at each place setting, and only pass bread or rolls. No way am I removing my centerpiece, LOL!

  4. Lesley Gilbert

    I just voted 23 times to bring the number to a nice round 4,600 – top of the list is at 5,041 but we might catch up – love your table settings 🙂

  5. Jennie Rauch

    Beautiful! Loving the layers & dishes! I like my Winterberry stoneware, but it is pretty casual. looks good on my plaid tablecloth too! Wouldn’t have thought to put my fancy dishes on it, as they are more pastels. Regardless of whether we have ham or turkey for Christmas it isn’t a holiday without my cran-yam casserole I’ve fixed for 42 years! The other idea I had was baked corn casserole – because you need one more thing to try to fit in the oven!!

  6. sgrancio

    Lovely. Enjoy your feast with family and friends. We will go to my daughter’s, where the table will be set with the Wedgwood, Waterford and my mother’s sterling, but not until just before dinner, or else toddler Amy would have it all on the floor!

  7. Plaid is definitely in this year Carole so you are right on trend! I love all the greenery and traditional colors with elegant golden touches…I love baked ham, I hope you enjoy a long and delicious holiday meal in this beautiful setting~

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