Slow Stitching Sunday #11

Slow Stitching was a success as I finished the little sewing ornaments this week.  Participating with this group has really helped me to stay motivated to make progress each week.  Sometimes it wasn’t much, but every week had some progress.

Slow Stitch Finished 3

They looked a bit unfinished when I got them all stuffed and closed this week.

Slow Stitching #11 - 1

I had a lot of red yarn left from the kit.  The kit wanted to have me twist the yarns into cording and glue it around the ornaments mounted on cardboard.  Since I decided to stuff them instead, I thought that would do.  But, I decided that adding the yarn by couching it in the seam ditch would help to make them look a bit more finished.

Stitching Ornaments Week 10-3

So I did that to see what it would look like.

Slow Stitch Finish 11

This made them look more finished. I did them all. Here they are, on the tree!

Slow Stitch Finish 13

Slow Stitch Finished 2

Slow Stitch Finish 14

Slow Stitching #11 - 6

Back to quilting, the past two days have been dedicated to working on the Christmas Trip Around the World.

Christmas Trip 33

Quilting is done, and binding was sewed on.

Christmas Trip 36

Today I’ll be slow stitching the binding to the back.  I’ll show the finished quilt in a few days.

Christmas Trip 37

The drawings for the Holiday Fabric and the Crewel Yule book will be later this evening. Winners will be emailed, and I’ll let you know who won tomorrow. Gotta go, football game is coming on soon!

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20 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sunday #11

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    I just voted 10 times for you, even though I don’t know what the film is about (must be a wish list but I’ll google it later) – I’ll try to remember again tomorrow – hope you get your wish 🙂

  2. Melanie

    The ornaments are beautiful and a lovely addition to your already beautiful tree. What a treasure they will be year after year! And I love your Christmas bed quilt. Your MIL will love it, too. I intend to vote and keep voting as long as we can here in Oregon where we awoke to 2″ of snow and it continues lightly. We got none last year, so we are enjoying this as long as we don’t lose power! And thank you for the nice comments back to me last time. Enjoy the game! :o) m

  3. Linda W

    Let’s just say I voted a “few” times! Your Christmas Trip Around the World quilt inspired me to do one on EQ7. I’m running out of time to sew it this year, but it’s on my list to make it for my dad by next Christmas.

  4. Rosemaryflower

    I will vote right now.
    The ornaments turned out very very cute. I really like them stuffed. They look like yummy cookies!
    I love the quilt.
    I agree, there are way way way too many bad movies on tv.
    Have a happy Sunday

  5. Marion

    I love your ornaments and your MIL’s quilt. Ian such a beginner I haven’t finished my first project yet. I too love the couched yarn on the ornaments.

  6. Barbara Jenkins

    Fantastic Carole – both the ornaments and the quilt. I love the red around the edges too. Makes such a nice finish to them. The quilt is outstanding and in such a short amount of time!!!! I’m sure your MIL will just love it on her bed….

  7. Carole, I finally made it! Oh, I know….you are going to tell me that I do not have to comment on every post…..but Carole, You are my best friend on line, for sure and second I love reading each and every one of your posts…although, with everything that has been going on I have not been doing much of back reading; since I love reading your posts, I definitely love to write comments because we all know that Brenda lovvvvvesss to flappp her lips and talk up a storm! LOL! Come on now everyone, I know you are all shaking your head yes and a laughing at that one! Then again maybe not, cause I am a few days behind the boat in this comment. Oh drats, I was trying to make everyone smile and have some fun. At least, I bet I have you a smilling and a giggling Carole!!!

    So, Your Hand Stitched Ornaments are absolutely beautiful! I do totally agree with adding the decorative red yarn around each of them; it really did make them stand out that much more. So great choice for a finishing touch. For special ornaments/decorations such as these, I like to hang them in a variety of places around the house each year to show case them. Do you ever do that?

    You have put this quilt together so quickly and it looks so perfect! I really wish I could see it close up, I think just cause I would really like to get to meet you and get to make/learn quilts with you! I think your MIL is going to just love it! Someone made the comment that she might sneak it home with her in a bag; I know I would be tempted! LOL. Have a great time sewing on the binding and spending time with her. I am taking the evening off, well maybe…I may end up trying one of my easier projects. At least that is what the instructions say! Have a wonderful creative day!

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