Slow Sunday Stitching #9

Week 9, hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  I had lots of turkey and Thanksgiving goodies, football and friends.  Watching holiday parades and an extra day of football meant I could get the stitching complete and block the piece.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 1

Here are the pins and button hooks.  The blue one is supposed to have a cameo look to the white emblem, but it looks more like a Star Trek communicator button, LOL!  Still, somehow that is more me, so I left it.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 7

I realized that I had left out the metallic threads on the measuring tape.  I thought maybe that is why it didn’t look like the picture, so I went back and added that shine.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 5

I filled in a bit more on the thimble, and now it looks more complete and smoother.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 4

The buttons are all done too.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 3

I steam blocked it as a whole piece.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 2

I started to cut them apart, then thought it would be good to add some stablilizer to the back so the edges wouldn’t fray while I assembled them.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 10

Here’s another pic of the kit photo, showing the bows on the ornaments.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 11

But, I thought they detracted from the stitching. I think I’ll leave them off. Even when I made them smaller than these pictures show, they just pulled the focus to themselves and away from the stitching detail.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 9

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 8

So I used the red ribbon in the kit for hangers, and stitched them in place.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 12

Now, what fabric to use for the backing? Decisions, decisions, maybe an assortment.  I do like that green fabric with the stars and buttons print.  But, any of them would work, don’t you think?

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 14

Getting close!  I think I will actually get them on the tree this year!

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12 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Stitching #9

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    They really came out nice Carole. You have great patience…. Your tree will look lovely or you will have some grateful gift recipients….

  2. Rosemaryflower

    Well, your stitching is very nice. If I made these, I would be putting little bows all over hahaha
    I love the brown fabric in the front. Very sweet. Any of these would make adorable backing.
    Smart to put interfacing on, fraying is so annoying 😀
    Happy Sunday, It is still raining here and SO drab. But I will make my dad’s 92nd birthday full of sunshine.
    I better get moving and procure the groceries for him and gather some balloons if I find some I like.
    Enjoy this day. Thank you for sharing your needlework. My mom was quite good at this, she was quite good at everything I still can’t get over that she is so amazing and did things being born with only one hand. God gave her only one hand. That is all she needed.

  3. Carole, I am applauding and giving you a standing ovation!!! Yeah, they are fantastic and beautiful! I agree with your choice of using the ribbon for a hanging device instead of the bow; the bows do take away from the pretty stitches and designs. Definitely a hard choice to make for backing fabric. Knowing my love of scraps, I recommend using a small amount from each of your favorite Christmas prints and cover each back that way. I also was thinking that I would want to go with a soft design that in no way distracted from the ornament. Yet, it is the backing and if you chose specific motifs it would have the effect of two sided ornaments. Christmas decorating is always so much fun, yet so ungoshly frustrating at the same time!! In other words, I am being of no help whatsoever and will stop rambling……giggling and giggling some more

    What are you going to chose for your next slow stitching project? With everything going on around our house, I still have not taken the time to get linked up. Hopefully, while my step daughters are here, we can get me all set up and going on a variety of linking sites. I finished quilting the quilt late last night, now today I hope to accomplish the binding. I honestly did not think this quilt would take this long. I really do not understand why either; I am just doing a zig zag stitch straight down each seam only going in one direction. My goal was to quilt both vertical and horizontal rows; but, I have run out of time. So, here in about an hour, when my pain meds kick in I will begin to bind it. I wish you a wonderful creative day sewing/quilting and hand stitching!

  4. You are nearly there….well done!! They are all beautiful! I love any of the tiny prints as the backing. You have done the most marvelous on all these lovely stitcheries, Carole!

  5. I did find the kit on ebay — for like $50!! It’s tempting . . . if I find myself at some point with a fist full of cash burning a hole in my pocket, I may go ahead and take the plunge, if they’re still available! 🙂

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