Christmas Table Topper Step 3

Here we go! Since we decided to do the project as a Quilt Along, I am going to go a bit faster give you both units today.  We’ll assemble the blocks next week, so you will have the long weekend to quilt it and bind it, ready to go for December season decorating.

First unit

Using your black/neutral HSTs and the red squares, make this unit.  Make as many as you have elements for.  For the large topper, you should have 36. For the smaller topper, you should have 16. For the runner, you’ll have 20.


Here are mine, ready to assemble.

Christmas Quilt Along 5

I lined them up and sewed the HSTs to the red prints assembly line style, then pressed to the red so the seams would nest.


Christmas Quilt Along 6

Oops, didn’t get a pic of the completed unit.

Second Unit
Using the green/neutral HSTs and the black/green HSTs, make this unit.

Christmas Step3

Here are mine.  Once again I did the top elements as a group, then the bottom ones.  I pressed all the top green/cream HST units to the left, and the black units to the right.

Christmas Quilt Along 8

Assembled into units.

Christmas Quilt Along 10

For the large topper, you should have 36.  For the smaller topper, you should have 16.  For the runner, you’ll have 20.

Click HERE for Step 4!

Post your progress on Flickr –  Christmas 2015 Quilt Along

Are you quilting this weekend?

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  2. Carole, Hee-Hee After posting these units, then you ask if we are quilting this weekend! Oh Yeah! I almost have my Scrap Dance quilt quilted and therefore will be finishing it and binding it first and foremost. Then, I will be sewing up these sections and I discovered several projects online that I want to make for Christmas presents. Good thing my hubby is the main cook in our household; I may be breaking some speed records. LOL. I should call and ask my Dad to give me his old earplugs for when he was drag racing. He will get a good laugh and I love to make him laugh!
    Kevin and I plus one of my new quilting friends all have birthdays in November. So today we celebrated by making gifts or giving a gift that you have but do not use or want any longer (we all decided that spending money was not necessary when we can make much more cherished gifts ourselves) and we baked Enchiladas and had a scrumptous from scratch Chocolate cake with chocolate/cherry frosting also from scratch. We were all stuffed gleefully and headed over to a Community Craft Fair. We probably only made it to about a fourth of the booths in only one building. It was truly amazing the variety of crafts that people create. I only bought one item though, a little felt Santa that was glued into a pretty wooden frame. I bought it for my Dad. When we were not oohing and ahhing, we were talking to the artists/crafters that had created all of these wonderful treasures. We also managed to get several people interested in our Project Linus Guild and were handing out pamplets inviting them.
    After the afternoon activities were done and everyone had left, I started playing with an Accuquilt Go machine and dies that one of my friends has left here for all of us to use. I was skeptical on whether I would like it; I am hooked. In about an hour, I cut out over a hundred 3 inch half square triangles. So that is another project I will be working on over the weekend and well for as long as she lets me use it. LOL. Will get all of my scraps under control in no time. Well, I have rambled on enough…oh Miss Dodger and Mr. Shakes are sending some kisses your way. They enjoyed quite a lot of ear rubbings last night, sent especially from their dear friend Carole!
    Thank You for sharing this next step; I will post pictures sometime tomorrow or Sunday depending on if I can feel my fingers from the racing sewing machine! VVVVROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Off we go! Have a wonderful creative day!

  3. kaholly

    Am visiting from Red Letter Quilts. This looks pretty interesting! I’m off to step one to see if I have all the fabric requirements in my stash!

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