Autumn In The Mountains Car Show

Yesterday was our big event for the British Car Club, our annual Autumn In The Mountains car show.  It is the last big event for me for a busy September.  I am president of this club, so the workload for me was increased this year.  Our car is the one on the right, a TVR.  The tents behind are the Silent Auction.

British Car Club AITM 2015 - 18

It was the worst weather for a car show, drizzle and rain all day.

British Car Club AITM 2015 - 7

We started off pretty slow, but did manage to get a fair number of cars to see before the day ended.

British Car Club AITM 2015 - 16

Two of our club members own DeLoreans.

British Car Club AITM 2015 - 9

More cars showed up later in the morning, a couple of intrepid souls came in from Tennessee.

British Car Club AITM 2015 - 21

The drizzly rain continued, and everything was wet by midmorning. We had some later entrants with some really neat things to see.

British Car Club AITM 2015 - 33

British Car Club AITM 2015 - 34

It was hard to bid on any items in the Silent Auction because all the bid pages were wet. But we did manage to get a some money raised for Meals on Wheels. All those tents had items for sale or bid.

British Car Club AITM 2015 - 22

I was happy to end the day early, hand out awards, help clean up and get home.  The good news with this rain is it should help keep the leaves on the trees so the fall color will be nice.  I’ll show you some of that soon, our area peaks in mid-October.

5 thoughts on “Autumn In The Mountains Car Show

  1. Sorry that it rained for your big car event. I know it has happened numerous times here in Southern Oregon when Dad was entering into the car show events. But glad that you raised some money and had some great entries. Sure wish it would rain here though. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful fall photos. Have a wonderful creative day!

  2. Hello Carole. Yesterday I found your blog through a comment that you left on someone else’s (blogspot) but i can’t remember which one it was now. Being from NC myself, I found your blog name of interest and thought that I would take a peek. I wondered where in the mountains you were, and imagine my excitement to find that you are in Hendersonville. Though we actually live northeast of Raleigh, we have a vacation home in your town and love it there. What a small world this is! I haven’t had a lot of time to spend reading your blog today, but have enjoyed what I read. I have a blog also and you can find me at: My Hendersonville posts can be found under the labels Birdsong Cottage and The Wren’s Nest. (I would have emailed you but didn’t see your contact info, so please don’t think that this is a publicity stunt for my own blog!) Nice to meet you! Sue

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