Last of the Garden

The days are not quite so hot, and the nights are definitely getting cooler, so the garden is winding down.  The torenias will continue to bloom well into October, but they are starting to look a little leggy.  The silver pot on the porch below is the amaryllis that rebloomed last winter.  Click on Reblooming Amaryllis to see that post.

Late August Garden - torenia

I was delighted that my heirloom tomato plant gave me at least a couple of small tomatoes before giving up.

Late August Garden - tomatoes

The little pink strawflowers finally bloomed, just one flower per plant, next to the basil that is still going good. I’ll pick all those basil leaves and freeze them for use all winter. That is after I enjoy some fresh ones with the heirloom tomatoes and some mozzarella cheese.

Late August Garden - pink flower, basil

The marigolds have kept the bugs off those little tomatoes, but they are just about done too.

Late August Garden - marigolds

Here are the last few geranium blooms.

Late August Garden - begonia

Impatiens are still going, but the cooler nights will soon take care of them.

Late August Garden - impatiens

These little petunias have bloomed all summer, but the plants stayed small.

Late August Garden - petunia

The variegated coleus finally got tall, and the begonias filled out a bit. They will last a while longer too.

Late August Garden - variegated green

Yellow torenias still spill over their planter.

Late August Garden - yellow torenia

Lovely cool mornings, with a cup of hot coffee, quietly beginning the day in the rocking chair looking at the late summer view.

Late August Garden - rockers

Looks like this photo I took last year, the clouds were prettier than the plain sky this morning.


Care to sit a spell? Is your garden still going?

6 thoughts on “Last of the Garden

  1. Our vegetable garden was not a good success this year, We did get some delicious corn, a few very small green peppers (seriously, the green pepper plants did not grow but about an inch all season) then a few tomatoes that are not turning and a couple of onions but that was all that came up this year. Flower wise everything did fabulous, like yours a few blooms are holding strong but before long the cold nights will solve that. Even my Rhubbarb plants did fabulous yet they are not in any way getting that beautiful red color they usually do. Have a great day.

  2. My garden is slowing down too… I’m really not ready for that yet 😦 It’s been a tough garden season here with the tomatoes being the only bi success. Even the zucchini were slow to produce this year. Hoping for better results next year.

  3. Rosemaryflower

    This year I was too busy to plant any flowers. I tossed some seeds in the garden but only the tough flowers came up.
    My rose bushes look just okay.
    We keep the grass healthy, but not by sprinkler system, hubbs enjoys watering.
    . I have been too busy.
    AND I made a nice garden for Christina and Jason in Leesburg, and the garden looks horrible. Well, they forgot they were having a baby hahaha. Good thing I only supplied the labor, haha
    Your gardens look SO good. I envy that porch, and your view. At certain higher elevations in Broadlands, I can indeed see the Blue Ridge Mountains. We also have those amazing puffy clouds. I told my parents they only have them in Virginia. So they are glad they moved near me. 😀

  4. Jean Taylor

    I love how you’ve had your ‘garden’ in pots – I think I will do that next year. I do have my Hostas in big pots sitting under the one tree that is from neighbor’s I did have some flowering moss that I put in my kitchen window box, they’ve done ok…my petunias are about gone. We had sooooo much rain thru Spring and early summer that my roses haven’t thrived too well, maybe as it cools off they’ll come back. My Knock Off Roses have done well out front, they’re hardy. Think I’ll try and get some BIG pots for next Spring and put my pretties in them so I can tend to them easier.. Love your postings. ;o) Enjoy your Fall..

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