Hiking Graveyard Fields

Taking a break from everything is easy here, with the Blue Ridge Parkway just minutes away.  It took about 45 minutes to drive up to Graveyard Fields yesterday for a mind-clearing hike.  We are so lucky to live where a vacation set of mind is literally a short drive away.  We have wanted to hike in this area for some time, but it was always too crowded when we would come, so we would pass it by and hike elsewhere.

Graveyard Fields - 1

Yesterday morning was cool and clear, but the forecast was for heat, so we thought maybe a weekday morning would be better to try. There is a bit of mountain beauty that can be seen from the newly done parking area.

Graveyard Fields - 3

Graveyard Fields - 4

Graveyard fields is about pretty high elevation, so we knew it would stay cool longer in the day.

Graveyard Fields - marker

Here’s why it is called Graveyard Fields.

Graveyard Fields - exhibit

The redone paths were really nice, with paving at the first part, winding through an arbor tree path.

Graveyard Fields - 6 walking path

The rhododendrons were in bloom here, later in the year due to the cooler temps and shade. They were pure white, just lovely!

Graveyard Fields - 5

We reached the end of the paved path to find a wooden bridge over the stream.

Graveyard Fields - 7 bridge

Graveyard Fields - 8 stream

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Graveyard Fields - 9 rocks
Graveyard Fields - 11

Leaving that stream, we continued down a dirt path to one of the waterfalls.

Graveyard Fields - 12 path

This one is the lower falls.

Graveyard Fields - 13 waterfall

Graveyard Fields - 14

DH took a few really interesting pictures. I am trying to convince him to enter his photos in the state fair.

Graveyard Fields - 16

Graveyard Fields - 20

Graveyard Fields - 24

I won’t post every picture, LOL, we took so many!

Graveyard Fields - 26

We hiked up to the top of that waterfall, and DH took a few more photos from the top.

Graveyard Fields - 29

Coming out was tougher, as it was uphill the whole way.  Still, there were pretty little streams and small vignettes of leaves and plants.

Graveyard Fields - 32 forest stream

Graveyard Fields - leaves

We didn’t have time to go to the other waterfall, and it was getting hot, so we headed home. I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend sewing, I hope!

Do you have a spot to get away close to home?


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8 thoughts on “Hiking Graveyard Fields

  1. Such a lovely spot!!! We have a state forest not too far from here that has trails and a nice stream . I go up there and just walk the stream more than anything. It doesn’t have mountains but it has some pretty steep ravines and gullies. We live in Missouri at the very edge of the Ozarks. We have mostly flat land but just an hour away it starts getting hilly and small mountains. When I go for a hike anywhere I usually end up with a ton of pictures too. I want to capture every natural moment I can’.

  2. Michelle

    How absolutely wonderful!! I live in the UK on the edge of a busy town – not ideal – but at the moment convenient, we have four children who consume most of my time so your weekend sounds absolutely dreamy. Hopefully in the future when the children are older/left home we will move out into the countryside where I can once again enjoy the outside and all the crafty things I have saved up.

  3. Jennie Rauch

    Thanks for taking us with you on your lovely hike! Brown County, IN has some nice hiking areas.

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