Forest Paths Mini Quilt

Next in the series of mini quilts for the table top frame is one that is inspired by the forest around our home.  I went looking for a 6-inch block design, and  I found the perfect pattern at Quilt Blocks Galore, a six-inch block called Forest Paths.  The forests around our home are so green right now, many shades and variations.  So, instead of using the two colors like the block calls for, I used all scrappy greens.

Forest Paths ~ From My Carolina Home 4

Here is my inspiration, taken from around our home.

Forest Paths 15

Notice how the sunlight makes the colors brighter.

Forest Paths 14

While shade deepens the green to almost black.

Forest Paths 12

So here are the initial cuts.  Using a purple flower print on white for the contrast reminds me of the periwinkles that cover the mountainside in spring.

Forest Paths 1

I chain pieced the HSTs.

Forest Paths 2

Then squared up the HSTs.

Forest Paths 3

I laid out the pinwheels to be sure I didn’t have the same print twice on a single one.  Also, I wanted to be sure they pinwheeled in the same direction.  Oops, need to fix those bottom ones.

Forest Paths 4

The pinwheel units were sewn, and the border units constructed.

Forest Paths 5

Then it was easy to join the units in rows as usual.

Forest Paths 7

Laying out the units, I wanted to make sure that the same fabric wasn’t too close together between units.

Forest Paths 8

Satisfied with their placement, they were sewn together.

Forest Paths 9

Now, quilting. This was a small quilt, and very doable on a domestic machine, but I still use the longarm. I wanted to do some free motion because I still need more practice!

Forest Paths 10

I think I went a little crazy and over-quilted it.  It has stitch in the ditch as well as all that surface fill.

Forest Paths quilting 2

But I did figure out to travel around the quilt so I wouldn’t have to tie off as often.

Forest Paths quilting 3

I auditioned the starting point on the binding so I wouldn’t end up with a seam in the corner. That happens more often than I want to admit.  I matched the binding to the backing, which gave another scrappy green to the front.

Forest Paths binding

As the binding was whipped to the backside, you can see the little hangers. I went over how to do those in the previous Mini Quilt finishing.

Forest Paths binding with hangers

All done!

Forest Paths ~ From My Carolina Home 1

Hanging up, with my little ceramic rabbit decorated in green too.

Forest Paths ~ From My Carolina Home 4

Another Mini Quilt for the collection!  I have added a category for these so you can find all of them together.  Just look at the categories on the sidebar for Mini Quilts.  If you left off the hangers, this would make a cute candle mat too.  I think if you made six and set two rows of three, they would be a nice placemat too.  A single block could serve as a mug rug.  OK, now I have to go make more, LOL!!

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17 thoughts on “Forest Paths Mini Quilt

  1. manasotavacation

    I just love this…..the quilt is so perfect, NOT TO MENTION THAT THE BUNNY MATCHES!!! Your quilting is so delightful for this little mini-quilt also. You have the patience of Job.

  2. Laura

    I really like your “Mini Quilts”. I purchased a stand for my girlfriend who has “everything” for her July birthday. The plan is to make her a series of “Minis”! Thanks for planting the seed for this idea! Have all of your Minis been 12 X 12 or have you made some more rectangular?

  3. I really like this and green is one of my favorite colors. Thanx for the inspiration, printing this pattern to make! L

  4. Judy Abernathy

    I personally prefer Mini Quilts for two reasons: They traditionally have all the components of larger projects, but I actually have a chance of completing them. That being said, I love your ideas for them and look forward to using your ideas. NOW, my question. Any ideas where we can find the lovely stand you have it displayed on? I’ve done a lot of searches, but to no avail. Maybe you have a secret source?

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