Early April Garden

More things are beginning to bloom, but we still have not passed our last frost date of May 15th.  I am really eager now to get the planting started.  So much so that I went by Raymonds Garden Center to get my torenias, and Christine told me to wait and pick them up in another month.  It is 71 degrees outside, and a frost seems really unlikely, but this is the mountains and you just never know.  I have seen snow on Easter in years past.  But, you know, one just needs to dig in the dirt now and then, so I did get some pansies for a container.  In the flower bed, I have these lovely tulips that came up again.

Tulips 2015 -3

A late March freeze had me covering them up for a couple of nights. I had to improvise a bit to keep the tulips from being weighed down by the cover.

March freeze

But they did fine, and now are coming along. Two pink ones are up, and a purple is on the way.

Tulips 2015 -1

Out in the yard are what I thought might be bluebonnets, but now not sure. Update!  Thank you, Shane!  These lovely purple-blue flowers are ajuga.

Purple flowers

They are right along the sidewalk in front of the house. I have to enjoy them now, as they will get mowed down in another week.

Purple carpet of flowers

I think the peaches got frostbitten, will see if they give me any peaches this year. If they do, maybe I’ll get them picked before the bears get them.

Peach tree flowers

These look like I might have a few peaches. Will have to wait and see.

Peach tree

The pots are at the ready.

pots at the ready

Still have a some clean up to do on these.

pots at the ready 2

The redbud burst into full flower yesterday, I hope to get a good picture of the mountains behind it for a new header photo for spring.

Redbud April 2015 -2

There are several of these volunteers in the yard, lovely, all white flowers.

White bonnets

The little johnny jump up came up in a crack between the driveway and sidewalk. Intrepid little suckers.

Jump up April volunteer

I am thrilled the parsley came up again! Looking forward to some fresh parsley in a recipe soon!

Parsley 2015

The mountain behind the house is still covered in periwinkles. Looking forward to having a meal on the veranda, and hot coffee in the rockers on a lazy spring Sunday. Are your flowers blooming yet?

12 thoughts on “Early April Garden

  1. Mrs. B

    Always Love the first sight of new growth, made a boo boo last year😱 I have tulips planted around our ramp, forgot about them when I build a small deck around it so now I have tulips coming up under it, felt so bad I’m watering them threw the little space between the decking😳☺️, iris are blooming, peach, plum, and apple trees doing Great, mint and lemon balm are coming up, leaves are unfolding on the cottonwoods could go on and on, I’m a happy camper😉 Enjoy your photos always😍

  2. Mildred Plaskett

    Did you say bears? Spring is coming slowly to Pennsylvania. The tulips that were coming up looked good to the deer so they munched on them…will see if any survive. I am also so ready for Spring.

  3. I love the redbuds-ours are in full bloom now too. we got up to the 80s for a few days before the cold wave came in-I am not sure what blue bonnets looks like we don’t have them here where I live but they do grow further north in Missouri. we seem to get hit every year with a hard frost soon after the blossoms appear
    you have bears too? we have the little bears here along with cougar, bobcat and some others

  4. Susan Clarkson

    Everything is covered in blooms here. Since we got a little rain (I’m in California) the flowers have gone wild! Unfortunately it is probably the last rain we will get until fall, so not sure how long the blooms will last. We are on severe water restrictions, so it will depend on my saving a little grey water here & there to keep things growing.

  5. Jean

    We’ve had such up and down weather I don’t know if plants know what to do – ‘do I come up or hide?’ lolo My Hostas are fully out, so pretty. Iris are ready to put up blooms, and my Knockout Roses are beginning to bloom, so guess Spring is here. ;o) Your pictures of the back porch and mountains are so pleasing to the eye..thanks for sharing.

  6. Stephanie

    Today is cold and gloomy so your pretty blossoms were a blessing to see 🙂 Thank you, my dear, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  7. Beautiful Spring garden Carole.
    The border of blue is spectacular – could it be Ajuga, which I have in my garden and the bracts of flowers look the same.
    It’s such an exciting season for you gals in the northern hemisphere!
    I live in New Zealand, in the southern hemisphere so we are welcoming Autumn in all her glory just now – I love this season most of all!
    Shane x

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