Quick Method Pants Hemming

If you have a serger, you have a head start on doing alterations.  It isn’t just for sewing knits, you can do all kinds of finishing work and help with mundane tasks.  Almost every pair of pants I purchase is too long, so I have to hem them up.  I found two pairs in my closet clean out (What’s in YOUR Closet) that needed hemming, so to the sewing room they went.  I did these two pairs in under an hour.  Start by determining how much to take up.  I like a 2-inch hem, so I serged off the excess fabric, cutting and finishing the edge at the same time.

Hemming pants 1

Pin up the hem.

Hemming pants 2

Fold back the pant leg so the underside of the hem is showing.

Hemming pants 3

Put the blind hem foot on your sewing machine. It has a bar in the middle that will ride along the fold you created. This will create enough extra in the stitch to allow the hem to be pressed flat.

Hemming pants foot 2

The edge of the hem should be about 1/4 inch on the right side of the bar, with the fold up against the bar.  You’ll sew on the underside of the hem, and just barely catch the left side every three stitches.

Hemming pants 8

When you have finished the hem stitch, it will look like this, but don’t worry, it will press flat.

Hemming pants 5

The outside will have a bit of a crease…

Hemming pants 9

but it will press out and become invisible.

Hemming pants 7

All done!  An easy alteration that you can do in a jiffy.  If you don’t have a serger, look for an overlock stitch on your sewing machine to finish the edge.  Another way is to turn under 1/4 inch and stitch down the edge to finish it before you turn up the hem, however, I think this creates too much bulk unless the fabric is a dress weight.  There are also hem tapes you can use, if you can find the right color.  Whatever way you choose, hemming pants and skirts is an easy alteration.  Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “Quick Method Pants Hemming

  1. I hate altering clothing but it must be done sometimes and this method does make it so much easier. I ran across this method a long time ago and it really saved me time and cuss words when My tiny 4’11” Mother-in-law was alive . Now I have to do some hemming for a friend so the reminder is very timely 🙂

  2. Mary Jo

    You have inspired me to get busy on the three pairs of pants hanging on the sewing room closet door…even thought I would rather send them to you and let you do them! (lazy girl that I am!)

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