January 2015 Garden

It is cold outside and not much is happening in the outside garden, but inside, there are new things happening.  The violets apparently like their new bit of soil and feeding, new leaves are appearing.

Violets Jan 2015

Violet Jan 2015

New leaves are shooting up from my sage plant too.

Sage Jan 2015 -2

Sage Jan 2015

I have high hopes for this amaryllis.  My mother in law gave me this beautiful flower at Christmas in 2013.  It bloomed with gorgeous, velvety red flowers.


A few days later, it put out a second flower spike.



Into February last year, it continued to look gorgeous as the second spike produced two blooms after the first spike was gone.


I put it out on the porch over the spring and summer, and it kept its leaves all year. The leaves finally started looking peaked around Thanksgiving, so I cut them off and put it on the sun porch where it was chilly. In early January, I brought it inside, and it started to put out shoots.  It most likely didn’t get enough chill time to produce another flower.

Amaryllis and orchid Jan 2015

But now it has five shoots!

Amaryllis Jan 2015 - 1

I don’t see any hint of a flower spike yet, but I have high hopes.

Amaryllis Jan 2015 - 2

Still no seeds in the stores, I might have to get some online.  I am anxious to get my idea of a miniature greenhouse under way to see if it will work.  These are bread and muffin containers from the grocery store.

Seeds stacked 2

This sunset was a few days ago. Sometimes I wish I had a better camera, but you get the idea!

Sunset Jan 2015

Are you ready to get planting?


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13 thoughts on “January 2015 Garden

  1. Oh I love the amaryllis flowers are beautiful. My MIL gave just me one in January, this is my first. My flower spike and leaves look great, it is supposed to be pink. I’m anxiously waiting for it to open up.

  2. So love looking at your plants 🙂 I’m itching to get into the seed starting too. I received my first herbal seed order this week and will be getting them started this coming week. I save those types of plastic containers too and they make wonderful little green houses ♥ Your amaryllis is beautiful. I forgot to bring mine back inside before the deep freeze hit so it has passed on…I miss it’s winters blooms so will have to pick up a new one.

  3. You live in such a beautiful part of the country. An amaryllis is such a burst of joy in the middle of a dead winter! I am happy about your success with yours!

  4. I’ve been search high and low for violets and have been unable to find them! Perhaps I’m looking durig the wrong time of year??? When would I watch out for them and where??? Love to dee all the winter “buds”. :V

  5. These violets brought back memories. I had so many of them I couldn’t count them and they grew beautifully but when we moved to our recent home the windowsills weren’t wide enough and the light wasn’t enough in the rooms for them to flourish and bit by bit they all died. So sad, I really loved them. Good idea about the muffin containers. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Sharon Schipper

    Beautiful! My paperwhite bulbs I thought were dead suddenly started coming up in the empty pot, only half of them, but looks like I’ll have them maybe next month! Funny.
    My dad was the amaryllis lover, we had them outdoors in So. Calif, but when he moved north to colder Oregon, I would get him one from Harry and David every year. He said I spent too much! but they always bloomed, not like the ones from the big box stores! I can’t wait for freesia’s in the stores, closer to Easter usually, they smell heavenly… Evelyn and Crabtree used to make a Freesia, and also a Carnation perfumed line that I can’t find anymore.
    Giving me cabin fever big time! last year I got “barn sour”, this year the winter is milder, so not as bad…
    big hug from sunny Denver

  7. A really lovely spring post, it’s so exciting to see the new growth and especially a new bulb spike – your flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with OBW have a lovely week Robyn

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