Peak Autumn Color and Thanksgiving 101 Winner

Fall color peaked this week in the NC mountains.  I took several new pictures at sunrise. The fog in the valley shows some of the layers of mountains and valley, lovely!  If you read the posts on email, pop by the blog and see the fall header, it is full of autumn color.


A storm and winds last week did knock down a lot of the leaves off the trees.  The next mountain can now be seen through the trees.


The morning sunlight just makes everything look luminous.


Looking up at the maples and oaks in the back going up the mountain.


Looking down into the cove between the mountains on the west side.


These maple leaves with their brilliant red color caught my eye in the leaves on the ground.


And now, on to the winner of the cookbook giveaway!

Th 101

Our judge has considered all the entries, and it came down to these two.

Here’s Connie’s story -“I have been celebrating Thanksgiving with my husbands family for many years. We always have their traditional meal which includes a Polish dish of mushrooms, onions, and sour cream, in addition to the gravy. My SIL does make a great stuffing with hamburger in the dried bread. But 2 years ago I looked at them over the table as we were eating and I said my family had traditions too. The looked at me with open mouths. So now we eat pie before dinner (you are too full after) and why eat breakfast or lunch, and have real cranberries. I am working on giblets and hard boiled eggs in the gravy, but not getting far. Connie in Austin, Texas”

Our judge also was quite captivated by Kathy’s story and image of the dog getting the turkey.

Kathy said “I think your judge would like to hear how the turkey fell on the floor and no one realized it until the dog had finished it up. That luckily hasn’t happened but one year we were baking the cookies and had one pan in the oven and the rest on the table ready to be put in. We came back out and the old dog who was barely able to walk anymore had licked the trays clean. Don’t know if he jumped on a chair or just stood up. I have also had 2 friends in different years that had their ovens break half way through the baking. When they went out to take the turkey out, it was still raw. So they ate all the trimmings while the rest was cut up and microwaved.”

Since a decision was just too hard, you are both winners!! I’ll be sending you both an email to get your shipping addresses and each will receive the Thanksgiving 101 book.  Congratulations!

Speaking of turkeys, the wild bunch came by for a visit.  They are difficult to photograph because they are very skittish, but I got a five of the nine that were here on their way around the garage.

November Turkeys

I had to be quiet, but I got a few more on the back side as they made their way up the mountain.

November Turkeys 2

Hope you all are having a wonderful autumn season!

4 thoughts on “Peak Autumn Color and Thanksgiving 101 Winner

  1. rosemarazzle

    Those were great stories. I loved them.
    I also love this turkey parade.
    congratulations to the two well deserving winners

  2. Mrs. B

    🎉Congratulations to the winners. Always love your pictures, right now I’m gazing out my windows watching the snow fall, a light snow ☺️miss the great big fireplace we use to have when I was a child. But I have my memories😀

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