A Trip to the Vineyard

Last weekend we took a little jaunt to one of our state’s premier wineries and vineyards. Shelton Vineyards is in Dobson, NC, just a couple of hours northeast of here.  It has 406 acres of grapes, making it the largest family owned vineyard in NC.

Shelton 2

Shelton Vineyards was host to a national Triumph event, and we went up to see some friends who had a Triumph Stag in the concours. We didn’t take our little British car this time, just went to enjoy the show and a barbeque dinner with our friends. This was about a third of the cars.

Triumphs 1

It was such a pretty venue, and the vineyards grow several different kinds of grapes.

Shelton white

I had to take several pictures of the views, grapevines as far as the horizon.

Shelton 1

This wildflower field is one of several greenbelts on the property to allow wildlife a habitat.

Shelton 3

This pretty little stream has a waterfall built out of local rocks, creating a pond behind it.

Shelton waterfall

We were going to take a hayride tour around the property but it started raining.

Shelton red

Still, we had a nice time. We had lunch at the restaurant there, and DH got a sampler flight of five different wines to try.  It came out on a holder like a spiral staircase with five wine goblets, quite impressive presentation!  We didn’t get any wine, it is something my husband enjoys but I honestly don’t care for.   It is wonderful to get away for a little while, and we have so many places for a quick trip close by. Shelton Vineyards is just one of many vineyards in the area.

We did do a little walking around, and realized that we haven’t been hiking in quite a while.  Looking forward to doing some in a couple of weeks when the schedules permit.  Now that I am done with the State Fair and the annual Friends of the Library Sale only has one more weekend, we might be able to find some weekend time.  I’ll be sure to bring some pictures when we do.  For now, I’ll be glad to get back to doing some quilting.  I have an idea for an autumn table runner and I want to get out the fabrics and play!!

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