Rayon Challis Projects

Recently I pulled out a bunch of stuff to take to a sale, and among the fabrics were several pieces of beautiful rayon challis.  I used to make a lot of my clothes, and these fabrics have been around my closet for years.  I kept thinking I would sell them, but no takers when I took them to the various sidewalk sales.  I actually thought about just donating them somewhere, but the last time I got them out, I was again struck by how pretty the prints are.  I was inspired by the Lace Edged Skirt refashion project too.  It is fun to have someone comment on a garment I am wearing, and be able to say “I made it”.

I have about five yards of this green challis and I think it will become a set of pajamas.  I do need some new ones.  There might be enough to get a sleeveless shell out of it too.  One thing my wardrobe needs is more prints.  Or should it be a skirt and top?  Decisions, decisions!!


I had about 2 yards of this yellow print, and I made the Rayon Challis Three Season Skirt from it.


There’s about 4 yards of this light purple.


I made a skirt and blouse out of this wonderful print years ago and wore them out. I still have enough of this to make a nightgown.


I like this floral on black.  Skirt or blouse, or nightgown?


I only had a few inches width of this one, but it is almost 60 inches wide.


So, the first project will be a quick scarf. I folded it in half right sides together and sewed around the edges leaving an opening for turning. I used my serger to sew it.


I used my ‘heads up’ pinning method to iron in the creases for hand sewing the opening.  Use glass head pins so you can iron over them.  Push the pins straight down into your ironing board to hold the fold in place, then iron.  The pins will lay on their sides when you do this, and the fold will be sharp for hand sewing.


Finished in less than an hour!


The other pieces will be turned in to skirts, blouses or pajamas.  I have patterns still, so all I need is some elastic for waistbands.  I’ll share those projects as I get them done.

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