Giveaway Winner and Mountain Living

One of the wonderful things about living on the side of a mountain in a rural area with lots of forest is you get to see a lot of wildlife.  This guy paid us a visit yesterday, thinking he might get the bird feeder.  I grabbed the camera and took his picture before I made a bunch of noise to scare him off.


I’m thinking he is about a year old, around 200 pounds.  I didn’t see his mama, thank goodness!  I do think that he has two brothers, if this is one of the cubs I saw last fall.  Mama came by with three cubs in tow and they all ran up the tree in the front right about dusk.

I finally got a pic of the sweet hummingbird too.  She has been enjoying the torenias.


Fast little thing, those wings are a blur!


Here she is over the word Home in the URL, I should have made this a puzzle, she is hard to see unless you know she is there, isn’t she!!  Since there isn’t any red on her, I am guessing its a girl.


But now, the part you are all waiting for, the Giveaway Winner has been chosen by the random number generator!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.14.08 PM

Congratulations to manasotavacation!!

Sent you an email to so I can get your book to you.  Thank you to everyone that entered!  Stay tuned, I have one more giveaway to do before the month is over – something else I received at the AQS show.    Plus, there will be at least one more after that, and a link to a manufacturer giveaway.  So, lots of fun to come!!

Happy Quilting!

5 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner and Mountain Living

  1. Love this post…thanks for sharing your adventurous wildlife visitors. I use to watch the hummingbirds for hours as a young girl when I visited my Granny’s. Congrats to the winner!! WootWoo!

  2. manasotavacation

    Winner here! YEAH! I am soooo excited! Thank you, thank you.
    Hummingbirds…aren’t they magic?
    Now a bear cub….well, that’s a great picture, but I’m glad you did not get to meet MAMA~!!! He’s cuter than cute.

  3. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary b here:
    Oh goodness, just a 200lb bear… and yikes. Good thing he wasn’t trying to chomp on your house.
    We have bears in Northern Virginia. They have been spotted walking on driveways and in back yards.
    I would say we are the suburbs of the Cesspool better known as DC. Just think how great it would be to send a few to the Cesspool hahaha
    I love birds. We usually have a fair amount of blue birds and finches. The past few years we have been slowly taken over by those nasty mocking birds and home wrecking sparrows.
    Enjoy your summer day!

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