How to Use Fussy Cut Templates

I was excited to be asked to review the Fussy Cut Templates from Prym for Fave Quilts.  They did not pay me for this review, but I did get to keep the templates.  They sent me several sets to try and I am a believer!  I have done a few fussy cut quilts, most recently a small quilt with little dogs, and trying to get those images the way you want is not easy.


Aren’t they cute?


Getting the images right is so much easier with these tools.  You never know what will happen with fussy cut quilts.  This little table topper won Best of Show in the Crafts category at last year’s Mountain Regional State Fair.


I had to figure out where to cut around the cornucopias by sliding a ruler this way and that, then praying it came out right.


The Prym Fussy Cut Templates are  simple to use, clear plastic templates allow the image to be clearly seen.


There is a cross-hatch mark in the center to help you center your image. The frosted edges are at a precise quarter-inch so you can see just where the seam lines will be. It instantly tells you if you don’t have enough fabric at an edge allowing adjustments before you start cutting.


The templates come in square, triangle, diamond and hexagon shapes. Each set has 3-5 sizes, just right for most fussy cutting needs. To use, just select the size you think you will need, and line it up on your fabric, centering your image using the cross hatch mark. You can quickly switch between sizes to get the optimum size for your quilt. If you have more than one template set, you can audition different shapes quickly as well.


Another great feature of these templates is the plastic is the same thickness as most rotary cutter rulers, so you don’t have to mark your fabric. Just place and cut! Of course you can use the templates to mark your fabric if you wish, especially if you want to see how the fussy cut area will affect other images.


Once you have positioned your first image, you can use wipe off markers to outline the shape. Dry erase markers or china markers work well. When the shape is outlined, you can very quickly line up the next cut, and the next one, and know that every one will be exactly the same.


Storing the templates is easy with the holes fitting key rings to keep sets together. Or put them on a pegboard. You can also store them flat.


Or put them in a binder with inspiration patterns.


Now, for the manufacturer giveaway I promised you! Prym is hosting a giveaway of all four sets of their fussy cut templates at this link – Fussy Cut Template Giveaway – you can enter once a day until August 20th.  Good Luck!!

I’ll get back to more from the show soon.  Hope you have a nice day quilting!  This rainy weekend will be full of quilty fun for me.

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  1. Mary stofan

    Thank you for your review! They look great. I love your tip of outlining the image with dry erase markers.

  2. Hi Carole, Congratulations on the award you won at the State Fair!
    Thank you so much for letting me know about the width issues of my new blog design. I had no idea. I changed it and hope my blog displays well now on most common screens.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I am all for fussy cuts…and I have never seen these before….sooooo yes oh yes love to have a chance…by the way fussy cut roooster…totally there..

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