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Thanks to Beth over at Plum and June for hosting the annual New Quilt Blogger’s Blog Hop.  I am thrilled to be participating!  It’s my group’s turn to talk about our blogs.   I have a lot of interests, and I blog about all of them.  I am a quilter, crafter, sewing enthusiast, wool worker, stamper, gardener, hiker, reader, photographer, and I like to cook. Let’s just focus on quilting for a bit.


My grandmother taught me how to sew on her 1950s-era mint green Singer ‘portable’ (yeah, right, it weighed about 40 pounds!) sewing machine.  We made doll clothes, and a vest for my favorite teddy bear when his stuffing was coming out.  Over the years, I would fix my mother’s clothes repairing rips or putting in hems by hand as she couldn’t sew a stitch.  I bought my first sewing machine when I was in college, a workhorse Kenmore that I still have today.  For years I made my clothes, as well as my purses and accessories.  Sewing and quilting are my therapies, a way to take a break from the stress and pressure of work.  I currently own 10 sewing machines, some of them antiques and pictured in my article on the History of Sewing Machines.  I do my main sewing and piecing on a Brother PC7500.  I also use my Pfaff 7550 for its decorative stitches and a Janome Gem Gold for classes.  I quilt on an A-1 Longarm for myself and charity.

We were asked to show three recent finishes, so here are mine.  I had loads of fun doing the Picnic Quilt Challenge.


I went insane for a short time and did this miniature Mariner’s Compass, all paper pieced.  The center is only 3 inches!!


I am thrilled to have one of my quilts in the American Quilter’s Society Show in Charlotte, NC at the end of July. Purple Summer Bliss made it through the jury process.


Many of my posts are actually tutorials.  I really enjoy doing projects and sharing how to do them.  I am posting a Block of the Month so you can quilt along, and I have my tutorials gathered together on a Quilting Tutorials page at the top of the blog so you can find them again easily.

I enter quilts and projects in the Mountain Regional State Fair every year, and have won a number of ribbons there, as well as two ribbons at local quilt shows.


And I am so excited to be the newest quilt designer on the website Fave Quilts.

There are so many wonderful bloggers on this hop, and Beth set us up with a google group so we could do critiques and ask questions of each other.  Readers of my blog may have noticed that my blog pictures got larger and the whole look is cleaner.  This is due to advice I received, new things I learned, and general support from the group.  Thanks ladies!  So my blogging tip is from a critique of my blog, make your pictures full size.  I will add to that to go back and resize pictures from older posts as well especially tutorials and posts you link to.

My quilting tip is measure your borders, don’t use the slap and sew method.  Want to see the reasoning and proof?  See my tutorial on Quilt Borders.


As a ‘get to know you’ question, we were asked what our dream vacation spot would be.  I have traveled all over the US, been to Belgium, France and Holland, and I have to say, I live in my dream area.  I love the mountains of Western North Carolina, and share the mountain view from our Carolina home on the header.  We often go hiking or driving in these gorgeous mountains and woods, to see local waterfalls or other scenery, or just to get out in nature.  I share those trips and my garden flowers too, in the category Mountain Living.  I hope you will look around and check out the categories, tutorials, recipes and visit my Pinterest page and Etsy Store.  Then visit these new quilt bloggers, you’ll find some amazing projects!

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Thank you for visiting From My Carolina Home!

24 thoughts on “New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

  1. Hi, stumbled on you blog. Saw the post on Brevard. Is that where you are? My son went to college at Brevard. And is working at Camp Highrocks this summer.. He would love to stay in that area.

  2. Your quilt style is beautiful, your talent shows in each of your quilts. Nice to learn a little more about you

  3. Ten sewing machines!? Wow!

    Those tiny flying geese are sooo tiny and sooo cute!

    I just read your border tutorial. Great tips! I think I’ve been doing a combination of the two methods. I’d cut a large strips, find the middle and pin etc. etc but have tails on either end to trim off.

  4. Wonderful to get to know you a bit better, Carole. I think it is awesome that you are so happy with where you live! Congratulations on your quilt being accepted in the AQS show, and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

  5. I also love being surrounded by mountains. It was fun seeing some of your different projects. I think I would have to be insane to paper piece something that small, but your little quilt is absolutely amazing!

  6. Shauna

    I love your quilts the purple one really is beautiful. I can’t even imagine paper piecing those tiny pieces!! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

  7. I agree, the miniature is incredible – beautifully done! Congrats on your quilt being juried into the AQS show! Good luck 🙂

  8. I once had to operate on my favourite teddy bear too – the one I was given the day I was born and still have. It must have been uncomfortable for the poor chap as I was repairing his split groin seam!
    I love your moment of insanity. That mariner’s compass is amazing.

  9. Hi Carole. The view from your home is amazing. So are all those ribbons you have won at competitions. Well done. I think my favourite quilt above is the purple one – it must have taken many hours of work.

  10. Being a long arm quilter as well, I know the important of measuring the borders! Last week I had a quilt that had slapped on borders and I used a lot of Best Press trying to flatten them-LOL. Congratulations having your purple quilt juried into the show!

  11. barbarakonkle

    I too love the mountains! I am in Colorado and there is nothing like living next to these giants! Nice to meet you!

  12. Your quilts are so cute! That Mariner’s Compass is insane, and I love the picnic quilt! Nice reading your intro post and learning so much about you!

  13. I like the view, and the mountains! I’d love to live by the mountains again. I love your purple summer bliss quilt, congrats on getting it into the AQS show.

  14. Hi Carole, great blog hop post. I love, love, love Purple Summer Bliss quilt (even more than the one on the magazine cover!). Thanks for your link about borders. I admit that I’m a slap and sew sort of person. Part of this I’m sure has come from being a beginner and my quilts never squaring up nicely. All 4 sides would be slightly different so I’d just slap it up there. For my next quilt, I’ll do my best to measure up!

  15. I think you win for being the person with the most sewing machines! 10! I love it! That mini mariner’s compass quilt is awesome, I can’t believe how small it is- well done!

  16. What a gorgeous view! And I could have written your tag line about me. Your passion for creativity comes through. 🙂 I’m a Fave Quilts designer, too. I’m glad you took the photo of the mariner’s compass mini on top of your cutting mat – you must’ve used a magnifying glass to go that small with all those geese!

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