Lace Edged Skirt Re-fashion

This skirt has been in my closet for some years.  I did wear it a few times years ago, but even at the maxi length it is designed to be, I still had to roll the waist to get it shorter.  This year I decided to do something about it.  Lace is back in a big way in the fashion magazines right now, so the time is right to make it into a shorter skirt.


The lace edging made re-hemming it next to impossible.  So, the next best thing was to cut it off the top.


Start by carefully cutting off the elastic waistband close to the elastic.


Iron the skirt so the wrinkles don’t mess up the measurements. Measure from the bottom to get the proper length, add 2-3 inches for turning down to create a casing for the new elastic, then cut off the excess at the top.


If you have a serger, serge the edge to finish it off. If you don’t, turn down the edge about 1/4-inch and stitch.


Turn down the top edge 2 inches and pin.


Sew, leaving an opening to insert new elastic.


Here’s my tip for this post, use two pins together to mark where to stop sewing.


Do you have a bodkin? Believe me it will beat a safety pin every day!


Clamp it onto one end of the elastic and slide the little ring down to hold it in place.


Start threading the elastic into the casing.


Use a pin to hold the end in place while you gather the skirt around the elastic.


Pull the elastic out of both sides, and butt the ends together. Sew with a zigzag stitch with a small scrap of fabric under the joining point. This keeps the elastic from being too bulky at the seam.


Run two more zigzag lines on either side into the scrap fabric under the elastic for added security.


Wrap the scrap over the top of the elastic and run one more zigzag line.


Position the joining point under the seam, stitch with a straight stitch in the ditch of the seam to secure the elastic in place. Do the same on the opposite side of the skirt. This prevents the elastic from twisting inside the casing.


Sew the opening closed.




Ready to wear with my beige pumps, or burgundy flats.


Now, to find an ecru shell to wear with it.

Have you re-fashioned clothing, or altered something old into something new?

3 thoughts on “Lace Edged Skirt Re-fashion

  1. Thanks for the ideas for joining elastic. I’ve been making quilts instead of clothes for the last couple of decades, but I do have some skirts on which I can use these tricks. Thanks.

  2. Hello Carole,
    Nice job! The double row of lace is really pretty.
    I love hacking clothes about. I bought a skirt from a charity shop the other day. It is miles too wide for me, so I am going to cut it down its whole length, cut a section out, and make it button right down the front.
    Love from England, Muv

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