HSTeria Mystery Quilt

Over at Vicki Welsh’s blog, Field Trips in Fiber, there is a cute sew-along featuring half square triangles.  Vicki is calling it HSTeria!  See the button on the sidebar to view the sew-along.  I haven’t done any HSTs in a few weeks because of other projects.   I did finish this jewel a while ago, and have not shared it with anyone yet.  I am entering it in the Bloggers Quilt Festival as well.


Originally, this mystery quilt was done in sections with our quilt club.  We got the first HST block and made a bunch of those.


Then we got a second HST block to do, and made some of those.  I lost the picture of the second block, but here it is isolated in the quilt so you can get an idea.


Next we put those two blocks together in a checkerboard setting, and a tessellating design emerged.


Now the tricky part.  A border was placed around this section precisely half of the width of one block, so that when it went all the way around, there was a full block width added (two sides at 1/2 the width each) so another block could be added.


But we didn’t know that it would be a totally different block!  So we had to do more HSTs, arranging them in the blocks in a third design.  These were added to the outside of the inner border and another border was put on the outside.


The overall effect of the finished quilt was lovely, and I do like the scrappy look.  I bound it in the same color as the inner border for consistency.


I quilted it with a leaf pantograph with lost of different leaf designs.


Here it is hanging on my quilt display wall.  The light was a little bright so it washed out the colors a bit on this shot.  They are truer in the pics above.  Total size is 52 inches square (208 total circumference), just perfect for the card table in the den.  It will be displayed there in the fall.


Thanks for looking at my quilt!  Click on the links below to visit the Festival and see the HSTeria Quilts.

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12 thoughts on “HSTeria Mystery Quilt

  1. Nice choice for the binding – it makes the quilt very cohesive. I have really enjoyed mystery quilts in the past – isn’t it fun when they have you do something new and then you learn it makes something totally different than you were expecting (like your last border of blocks)?! 🙂

  2. It’s lovely. I’ve always admired those that can commit to a mystery quilt. Almost all my quilts are a mystery at the start but I’m the one controlling the mystery! You did a beautiful job.

  3. You’ve got my vote Carole — I’m always in awe at the beautifully pieced quilts – piecing is not my thing but I LOVE that others do it so well. And your quilting is perfect on it. Hugs, Karen

  4. Very pretty scrappy quilt and I love the way the mystery developed! Did you decide on your colors from the start or did that develop as you went along? Also were the fabrics all from stash or did the participants also swap as part of the mystery? A beautiful finish (love the quilting) and it will be great on the table but love it up on the wall too!

  5. I love this scrappy, HST quilt….the quilting adds the perfect Fall touch!!! (Don’t ya just love when ya find the perfect pantograph to finish the quilt!!) Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Archives!

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