Weekend in the Garden

It was a nice weekend, and time to get some clean up done.  I pick up my torenias next week, and I plan to get some plants for both the garden and the veranda pots.  The azaleas are coming into bloom!  These white ones are my favorite, and are in the front of the house.  Lots of buds yet to bloom, so these will go on for at least two weeks.

whiteazalea whiteazalea-2

These pink ones are also in the front along the circle.

pinkazalea2 pinkazalea

These coral ones are in the back.  The last freeze got some of the buds, so they are a bit sparse this year.

azaleas2 azaleas1

Last evening, the setting sunlight was quite lovely in the trees, and the meadow where the fox likes to sun himself.

sideyard meadow

This dogwood stretches over the driveway, difficult to get a picture of the later bloomer.


Yesterday the iris was just a bud, today it burst into bloom.



And believe it or not, that little johnny jump-up in the driveway is still blooming its head off.



I cleaned up all the pots on the veranda, and my strawberries are greening up now.  I never actually get any fruit, the squirrels always get to them first.  I set out seeds for squash, and some flowers.

strawberrypottop strawberrypotside

Friday was the big Friends of the Library book sale, and I worked a double shift volunteering at the check out.   I did get to shop.  Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!


I got several novels on my Goodreads want to read list, five gardening books (one on North Carolina gardening), a bunch of paperbacks, five DVDs, four books on cd and a half dozen music cds.  The one and only Christmas with Southern Living they had just happened to be the year I needed!!  Plus I got a First American Edition of Larousse Gastronomique, published in 1961 for $6!  I have been looking for that one for a long time.   Look for more book reviews this year.


Reading and gardening, quilting and cooking.  More later!!