Planting the Pots

I picked up my torenias this morning.  They look hardy and healthy as usual.  It was like a holiday at the garden center with so many flowers and colorful displays.  I’ve been talking up the torenias around here for years, the hummingbirds love them and I don’t have to mess with a feeder.  I even talked another customer at the garden center into buying a few for a hanging pot.  I brought home a flat, along with some geraniums, superbells, lobelia and verbena.

So, here are the ‘before’ pics.  I worked the beds early this morning to pull all the weeds, and work in a bag of compost.  I didn’t find the plants I want for the bed, it is still too early.  Our last frost date here is May 15.  You can see the irises in the pic on the right.

Planting2 Planting1

The pots were filled with dirt next to the bed so any spilled could get swept into the bed.  No waste.  That’s my little foam knee pad, a real help on concrete!


Then up to the veranda to pot up the rest of the day’s haul.  Those light yellow petunias were brought home last weekend.

Planting5 Planting3

I put the geraniums in the big pot next to the door, with a torenia in front so it will trail down.  The superbell is the pretty yellow and white striped flower, but I realized it needs more sun, so will move it and put a different pot there.    As you can see, I need a few more plants.  There is a yellow torenia in the brass pot on the floor next to the little stone rabbits.

GeraniumsYellowbellflower potsplanted

There is a disease going through the impatiens, so the garden center suggested a new variety called New Guinea Impatiens.  They came in white so I got three to use in my little tables.  The tables are tile on top, so they are really top heavy.  I put  pots in the bottom and plant shade hardy flowers in them.

impatien4 impatien3

impatien2 impatien1

The sunny corner now has a colorful display of petunias, verbena, lobelia, and a pot of some seeds I planted  (but I cannot remember what they are!).  They are greening up and I hope will bloom soon.


And here are those torenias!  Four hanging baskets of Summer Breeze variety.  If you live near here, go to Raymonds on Kanuga, they have a lot now.  When they get bigger, I’ll get a shot across the porch of all of them together.

torenia4 torenia3

torenia2 torenia1

Two lobelias went into a cute clay oblong pot.  The verbena went into a pot with some jump-up seeds.

lobelia Verbena

Out in the lower front, the hostas are thriving, and the azaleas continue to bloom.  The day lilies are coming up and will bloom later.

hostas:azaleas daylillies

The iris blooms are gorgeous too.  The stalks have three buds each.

IrisMay3 IrisMay2

So the garden is well under way.  Now I need some vegetables and herbs.  I did plant the spaghetti squash that sprouted inside the one I was preparing to cook a few weeks ago.  See Planting from the Kitchen for the whole story.   The garlic and onion went into the bed too.  We’ll see if they grow or not.  I have one Early Girl tomato, and want to get some Romas and little cherry tomatoes.  I might get a couple of heirloom varieties too, will see what comes along.

It was a great day to dig in the dirt!!

Thanks to Kitchen Table Art for the Feature on Making Monday Count!


3 thoughts on “Planting the Pots

  1. Mary

    the torenias look great. I will look for some in Hot Springs, AR. I have to plant most plants in pots, since I live in a condo. The space outside my front door and the steps going upward to another condo, is MINE. LOL This is good news about the hummingbirds and torenias. If I keep my feeders, the d*** racoons have a party. They eat sunflower seeds and have hummingbird nectar for punch.
    I lived in NC & SC for about 4 years. Husband was traveling then and setting up & then GM for printing plants. We were in Charlotte and Tega Key/Kay on Lake Wylie for that time. Fun times on the lake. We are on lake hamilton in hot springs now.
    I do not cook much meat, especially pork. Dan is going to LOVE the pork in crock pot.
    Your fan,
    Mary S

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!! I have two more recipes to post to use up the last of the pork roast, and will get to those soon.

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