Block of the Month – April

I hope you are quilting along with us for the Block of the Month!  This is April’s block chosen by the quilt store, called Lindy’s Plane. The pattern is on Quilt Blocks Galore at

This one was a bit of a bear, with all the seams and little 2 inch squares.


The kit had pink and grey batiks. My friend Karen gave me some size 10 needles, and I used the Aurifil thread she recommended.   I hoped these last two ideas would solve my batik puckering problem.

AprilBOM1 AprilBOM9

The instructions call for one long piece to be marked into squares then sewn in a zigzag to create the 20 HSTs. I do not like that method, as it is too many starts and stops to reposition, plus there is a lot more marking. I find it easier to chain piece in squares. So I cut 10 2-1/2 inch squares in pink, and 10 in grey, pairing the squares up.


Draw a single line down the middle, and sew 1/4 inch away from the line.

AprilBOM8 AprilBOM10

Turn the whole chain around, and sew the other side all at once.


Cut them apart and finger press.


I like to do this all at once with all the HSTs on the ironing board lined up for quick pressing.


Square up your HSTs.  If you need to have a refresher on this technique, see my tutorial on How To Square Up Blocks.


Cut 36 grey 2-inch squares by laying out your fabric doubled. Cut rows of 2 inch strips.

AprilBOM3 AprilBOM4

Then without moving the strips, cross cut into 2-inch squares.

AprilBOM5 AprilBOM6

Cut 8 pink 2-inch squares.  Now lay out the entire block. There are so many pieces that this is essential.


Sew one row at a time.


Press your seams opposite so you can nest the rows. I finger press first so I am going the correct way when I get them over to the iron.


Sew the rows together.  This block really has a bunch of seams. Looking at it in the store presentation, my friends and I discussed that some of those seams could be eliminated easily, like the six in each corner or the entire corner could be one triangle.


Anyway, here is the completed block. And notice that even with all those seams there are no puckers!! Yipeee!!


Aurifil thread and size 10 needles, a must for batiks. It was my turn to learn something new, and learning something new was the reason for choosing the batiks in the first place. I am beginning to see why some people like these so much. They are still a bit difficult for me to work with, I don’t care for the stiffness of the fabric, or the prints overall. But, they do hold a nice seam line, and crease nicely too when pressed.

If you missed the first blocks, you can catch up with us.  Just click on these links for the first three blocks.  Remember that I started late, so two are catch up blocks.

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I hope you will quilt along and show us your completed top at the end of the year.

Happy Quilting!!

5 thoughts on “Block of the Month – April

  1. Hi Carole! Stopping by from Marelize’s Anything Goes Mondays. It’s my first time linking up. Slowly I’m getting the hang of the blogging world! I really like this block, but all those seams!!! The first thing I saw was why not do a rectangle where those 6 itsy bitsy squares are, and, as you pointed out, the large triangle could be another easy large piece…but I guess it’s great practice for matching seams, with what, 64 squares & half squares in this one block?! You did a great job! Personally I love batiks! I also LOVE your view; if you check out my linked post, you’ll see we just drove through those very mountains from Georgia up to Ohio on our way home from wintering in Florida. And I fell head over heels in love with all the flowering dogwood along the way. And I made a tribute quilt…. 🙂

  2. Hi Sandra, thanks for stopping by. Will look at your link. There is more about this wonderful mountain area in the category Mountain Living in the right sidebar.

    1. Yes, there are really too many seams in this block. But, keep at it, Marcy! We learn by doing. Doing a block of the month is a great way to get in some practice. Thanks for your comment!

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