National Quilt Day 2014

Today is National Quilt Day, a day to celebrate our love of quilting and the heritage we leave to the next generation of quilters.  You can read about the history, and download this year’s free pattern here –

On a quilting forum recently, a member asked us to show our first, best and last quilt.  National Quilt Day seemed the perfect day to share that with you, and reflect on how far I have progressed.

My first quilt was made in 1980.  I had been sewing clothes for years, but decided to make a quilt to take up a large wall space on the second floor of our home, visible from the living area.  I slapped this log cabin together, sewed around the edges and turned it (no binding, LOL!), filled it with high loft polyester batting, and ran some stitching lines through the sashing.  I called it good, hung it up, and it stayed there 10 years.


Oh, mercy, hideous isn’t it!!  When we moved, it came down, and is now used to pad furniture when moving, or other such thing.  I look at it now and am astonished at how far I have come.

My favorite quilt is the only king size quilt I have made.  It was made about 10 years ago.  I worked for months on making leaf blocks, 56 of them!  Then my friend Carin gave me the idea of putting random numbers of flying geese in the border.  Quilting it wasn’t possible as I only had a DSM at the time, so I sent it out to be quilted by a wonderful longarmer, Cotie Campbell.   The pantograph I choose was a swirly pattern that I hoped would look like wind swirling the leaves around.  It was entered in the local guild show and won an Honorable Mention for design.

October Mountain Breeze - HM OctoberMtnBreeze4 OctoberMtnBreeze7 OctoberMtnBreezeclose.JPG

My last quilt was the one I did that started out as a quilt, and ended up as three table runners.  I did three different binding colors and three different thread colors.   If you didn’t see those before, click on the Quilting category on the sidebar and scroll down.  Here are some finished pictures.

brownborder2 greenmatchborder whiteborder1 whiteborder2

Looking back these three quilts represent thirty years of progress!!  I have come a long way.  I still need to go further though, learn more custom quilting, learn to use rulers and do more marking for custom designs. I think I have pantographs down at this point.

So, are you doing anything special for National Quilting Day?  I plan to spend most of the day quilting!!  A special treat for those that read down to the end of this post, The Quilt Show website with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson is giving everyone a free weekend of their videos, contests and sales so check it out this weekend here.  Once again, I do not get anything from the websites I link to, just the fun of sharing.  Happy Quilting!!

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