Snow Day! Time to quilt

It snowed here all day yesterday, and kept on going overnight.  This morning the skies were dull and gray, and it was still lightly snowing.  I had to see how much, the total was 7-1/2 inches and still falling.

From My Carolina Home –
From My Carolina Home –


That scene on the right should be a small hill sloping down to the driveway, but the snow covered it up to where everything is level.  Surreal.

Well, not going to work today, that’s for sure!  So, snow day quilting.  I spent some time yesterday perusing the older magazines I have stored for the “I’d like to make a quilt like that” someday pile.  Maybe today would be the day.  As it turned out, I found an issue of Quiltmaker November/December issue of 2007 that had a wonderful toile quilt on the cover.  I liked the reds, and I think that is why I kept it.  I happened to have two toile prints in green, so I pulled them out to look at what I might need.

From My Carolina Home –


From My Carolina Home –


While my ace assistant snoozed in the sun, I got busy.  The pattern is called Anna’s Hands, made by Anna Dean and designed by Darlene Christopherson.  I decided to make it smaller than the magazine called for.  These blocks are rated as intermediate, but I would call them advanced due to the bias edges and the amount of stretch.

While cutting, I thought I would share a tip on cutting odd sizes.  While it is easy to cut 2 1/2 inch strips on the 2.5 -5 -7.5 -10 lines, it is not so easy when the size is 2 5/8.  I used a bit of painter’s tape to mark the line on my cutting ruler so I would get it right every time.

From My Carolina Home –


Then, with squares cut, I made 72 flying geese units using the no-waste method.

From My Carolina Home –
Flying Geese 2
From My Carolina Home –


Then I put the two flying geese units on each toile square, added the corner units and the final beige triangles.

From My Carolina Home –


Assembly is a simple checkerboard setting alternating the stars and toille blocks.  I got as far as getting all the blocks made – 18 pieced ones and 17 fussy cut toile ones.

From My Carolina Home –


Tomorrow, I will press all these blocks, trim them up and assemble the top.   Not bad for a snow day, huh?  Plus, I’ll have some yardage out for my friend Donna of the Stashbusters group on MQR, she said I had to have something out this week.  See, Donna, I did it!!  Click on Thread Color Experiment for part 2!

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  1. Donna James

    I LOVE those blocks, Carole! I may have to dig out my copy of that magazine, and give it a ‘go’, as well.

    Glad you’ll have yardage for Stashbusters, next week!

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